Meghan and Harry name baby girl after Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana 1

Meghan and Harry name baby girl after Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a daughter, the second child for her and Prince Harry. The couple said in an announcement that the baby girl is named Lilibet Diana, after Queen Elizabeth and Harry's late mother Princess Diana.

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    1. These are standard in our public hospitals, along with birthing pools family suites etc… must be an American thing that the basics are “upscale”.

    2. Cyoohoos, I was lost too I thought they changed the subject I was like … what and ????

    3. @Tania C its just the reporter throwing around adjectives to fill time. American woman don’t give birth in a gallery or shared room. See how easily you can be misled by the dishonest media?

    1. The blood is on the hands of the Demoncrates and their gods in the deep state and sick care
      Genocide on the elderly by those that only care about money

    2. such an obvious bot chain, these viral marketing systems are getting more and more nuanced every day

    3. @Anabel Smoove DO YOU KNOW?
      ASK ME HOW?

  1. I thought the grandma is the cause of the genetic cycle of pain n the head of a trapping n racist “firm”? Why named the daughter taken from her pet name, moreover where’s the pride of your black origin or including your mother’s (doria) name as a tribute? Or having a lovely african name? Where’s the spirit of black culture?

    1. She only points out her black genetics when it will get her extra attention or money. She has spent her life claiming to be “caucasian” to anyone who would listen.

    2. How dare they name the baby using a personal, intimate “pet” name that Prince Phillip called his wife? This after trashing the family publicly, deeply hurting the Queen while she dealt with her husband dying in hospital, giving the Prince one hell of a send off as he died. As he said about the interview, “Madness.” Royal when they want to be, these two. Privacy?? We’ve been on the analyst’s couch with Harry for god knows how long … intimate, personal details of all his suffering, the injustice of being a Royal, the trap, Meghan saved me, blah blah blah. Please. Claim the privacy you say you want.

    3. @Violetta Chelot So why choose that name? A personal, intimate pet name for the Queen. They have spent the last six months telling us what a horror the Royal family is, except when they think it will benefit them. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  2. Just 8 weeks ago they had a global TV interview stating lilibets family was racist and not helpful. Whats wrong with these 2? What did I miss from oprahs interview?

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  4. t
    third fumed: “You trash the Royal family then hope this makes amends , nope.”That was Prince Philips nick name for the Queen! After everything they have done, all the accusations & scorn they have poured on our Queen & now they take that away from he this is just all wrong they think this makes it all better no it doesnt the trashing they have done to the queen and royal family is unforgivable

  5. Yeah, congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, on the birth of your lovely daughter. I love the name Lilibet Diana – I am so happy for you all. God bless the family always – I am smiling from ear to ear – Take good care!

  6. I’m really happy for them 🙂 I’m glad they have a beautiful healthy daughter and that they are living their lives uncensored.
    There is so much hate towards Meghan and Harry right now but personally I think the Royal family is using the media “Meghan and Harry are villains!” to their advantage to take attention and heat off Andrew and Epstein. The more attention on vilifying Meghan and Harry and garnering sympathy for them speaking out against them, the more people turn a blind eye.

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