Meghan Markle expecting second child with Prince Harry 1

Meghan Markle expecting second child with Prince Harry


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting a second child who could be eighth in line for the throne. CTV's Richard Berthelsen explains.

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    1. @Love & Power Who’s that? Is that the other one? He married a ‘Kate’? Better than a ‘Karen’ I guess… _”royalty btw”_

    1. No he didn’t. The non use of the HRH and the title Duke was refused for commercial use but unfortunately he has retained the titles. Perhaps either the Queen will take them back this March or even he himself could ( cough cough) think it best if he does relinquish them.

    1. ​@Christine ok so you’re saying I’m not honest or decent….. cause I couldn’t care less about them.

    2. @Christine is this sarcasm? You truly can’t be for real. Unless of course you are one of them or paid by them. Honest,decent folk do not praise and adore career extortionists who’s claim to fame is robbing the poor. Dummies and lemmings might do that but certainly no one with any decency or integrity whatsoever does or would. If you aren’t in the aforementioned classes I’ve stated you’ve clearly been drinking way,way too much of the Kool-Aid. You are gonna need to get a grip on that. “Long live the oppressor” are not words or a chant or hymn spoken by anyone with the mental capacity of a grape. Again. Dummies and lemmings maybe.

    3. Because they need to distract you while htey subvert our country & destroy it slowly, making money on the shorts the whole way down.

  1. Nice news, CONGRATULATIONS. I lost 2 pregnancies, just as most women loose theirs, is a common occurrence in early pregnancy. It’s the way it is

  2. Amazing how you need to clearify “…with Prince Harry”, it better be with her husband. Sad that you need to clarify that these days.

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