1. @Sam Weston my husband black my kids mixed race, guess what each of them know how lucky they are as I do. I’ll keep my glasses on whilst you sit and fester. Be happy 😊

    2. @J Ag Totally agree. Some people are totally lost at sea. If this country is so bad and racist. Like you said. Why do they stay?

    3. Sure…. I got a black husband or friend.. so believable 🙄🙄 his name is, uh … Computer Internet…yeah, yeah totally real. Lives in Canada now

  1. Oh my I guess they’re not on the verge of divorce and hating each other like the British tabloid press likes to report every other day…😂

    1. @Rich Thompson I don’t worship them, just happy that they’re happy. Spreading positivity is most important

    2. @Rich Thompson The institution of ”royalty” isn’t for everyone however some individual ”royals” are actually very likeable.

  2. Funny, in American we celebrate them and give them the privacy they ask for and encourage them.
    No wonder they love it here!!!

    1. @Jennifer Lorence that’s why I don’t understand about Harry. He wants privacy so he decides to live in California LMFAO. The state where paparazzis mainly are

    2. @Jennifer Lorence
      Other than today’s announcement and miscarriage, when have they been a headline? Capitiol riot and Diaper Don have dominated.
      Heck, if Fox News didn’t do the free Brittney Spears, we wouldn’t known abt her. SERIOUSLY 🤯. They are not on the radar…

    3. @Denise Marcus OH, OK, I don’t really watch the News, don’t know what they were talking about last Year.

    4. @Jennifer Lorence
      You didn’t miss much. They started a pod cast and she had a miscarriage. That’s it for news here about them in America… No new pictures of their cute baby…practically nothing. We don’t care, when most are looking for food and housing during this pandemic. ..They are not top news.

    5. @Denise Marcus I know what you mean, but sadly people and the world focus more on those who have it ALL, than on those who truly Need Attention. It bothers me too, but Humans didn’t learn Anything from this Pandemic, they only got worse.

  3. Wonderful news. Love Harry and Megan. They are such beautiful people. We love them. Another healthy baby. 🙏

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