1. Neither of them are welcome in the UK theese days he is thought of as weak and easily manipulated an she as a scheming liar

    1. How insulting to compare herself to Mandela- our Hero. She was just an unknown actress until she married her useless husband.

    1. They wont confront her, however, steps will be taken. She doesn’t have the brains to realise she is not dealing with a family but a form of government that not only exists in the UK but many other countries. All will be done to protect that government.

    2. @mogznwaz The reason she has the title is to stop her being referred to as Princess. She is the Princess Henry. Taking her husbands name as most women do. She is not a Princess in her own right as is HRH The Princess Anne. In Britain very few have the title of Prince and Princess. Diana was not Princess Diana, but Diana, Princess of Wales.

  2. Meghan: please respect my privacy. Oh, how much did you say Netflix, Harpo, Spotify? Well, privacy is negotiable!

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