1. Really…could we not just get on with the next stage…the Prime Minister and the GG will be reworking what they need…most of all privacy!!!

  2. She has been leeking info the whole time and if you cant see this by now what a mess its all been since Harry married her you are blind.

  3. Ya it only affects her and Harrys life why would she be involved in a family call? The queen really needs to look beyond what royals have done in the past and inlude her as much as they would any other royal. Hope they come and stay in Canada they are a wonderful couple.

  4. Royal Since or Common Since would say if Kate was seen driving around wouldn’t it make since that Megan wouldn’t be on the call. Who ever said, she was not invited because it was a family affair should view the wedding tape and read the Queen’s letter because Megan is apart of the Royal family every person that contributes to putting out negative stories and press on Megan and Harry and keeps fueling the flames are toxic and should examine why they take pleasure in destroying someone else’s representation and possibly psyche!

  5. Any guy whose watched a harpy take over one of his friends lives knows exactly whats going on with Harry right now.

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