1. It’s interesting to me that she released her book around the end of the
      election. “Settle For More” to me, is a further attack on Trump, and a
      marketing tool for not only her career, but an appeal to Liberal readers
      (to boost sales). A huge marketing move on her part to earn even more cash.
      With my opinion, I would like to further state a previous stance and very
      politely say: Megyn needs to move on to new Liberal Media heights and, as
      Lou Dobbs most eloquently stated (echoing Trump), “DRAIN THE SWAMP!! DRAIN

  1. You friggin twits !! hello cooper hello kelly !!?? listen to the crowd !!
    they CHEERED at Trump’s response !! you two are CLOWNS !!

  2. Get over yourself Kelly! You’re nothing more than looking for attention and
    you’re using Trump to bring you attention! Not buying your book either!

  3. Anderson loving this. He couldn’t give a flying f**k about Megyn, he just
    wants to get at Trump, f**king sore loser!

  4. Opportunist witch. CNN won’t even hire you because their viewership is in
    the tank. No one wants you or your book.

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