1. Now Congress needs to start holding all accountable for the same acts he’s being accused of.
    Matt Geatz, Jim Jordan you need to resign also

    1. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR and you think that secondary atonement is a good thing? Do you think that it’s good that all a molesting priest has to do is ask for forgiveness and never be held accountable for ruining the lives of children?

    2. @S

      I would just like to politely point out some literacy or some contextual clue miscommunications between us here.

      Politely speaking, my comment bares the KEY WORDS “when you **FIRST** come to Christ, key word: **FIRST** so in a contextual sense the target audience would be people who do not believe in God, or who is not an active participant in Christianity. So basically, ONLY New comers are offered this special pass or Benefit. (such as): (atheist, agnostics, Muslims, etc. even a former Christian perhaps. But a priest however, is most certainly not a new comer and would NOT be eligible to receive such a benefit, as again they are NOT apart of the targeted audience of “potential new coming Christians.”

      In literacy, reading something and understanding it the way that the author intended for it to mean is essential for maximum or accurate comprehension.

      But to address your concerns, a preacher cannot go to heaven if he does not fulfill ALL of his God given assignments. Mole*tation would cause the Lord to refuse to accept that priest’s work. If a priest does that, he would practically be voiding all of his years of hard work. And on top of that, a true priest is a biblical expert. For committing such a heinous act, he would have no excuse because he knew better because the Bible forbids it. So for these reasons I highly doubt he would make it.

      So with that being said, I would just like to say that we should just let God judge everyone. And every man should just make sure that, THEY, themselves are going to make it to heaven. What a priest did whether good or bad will not have any effect on the outcome of your judgment with God. Every man’s destiny is in his own hands.

    3. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR thank you for clarifying. While I find some of what you said to be a bit at odds with the mainstream theology, I’m willing to concede that you’re correct and precede tentatively.

      Even if you’re correct, then it’s still a very screwed up system that would allow a murderer of a family, or even a despot like Hitler to benefit from this secondary atonement and enter into an “eternal reward” as if he has actually “earned it.”

      In fact, in Matthew, only one sin is unforgivable and there isn’t any thing there that says that this forgiveness is a one time affair. So I think that you may be mistaken as to this only being applied to those coming into the belief system for the first time or those that have came back to it. In fact, I think that you might be at odds with a lot of preachers with that view.

    4. @jdw3848 fenton Seriously?? Your really going to hang onto that misogynistic talking point??? Ewww, you’re a CREEP with obvious skeletons.

    1. @WasatchMan sure point the stink finger at someone else Hes bad too! but the point is demand accutability out of your own people first. throwing stones in glass houses…. demand Biden resigns once Trump and Gaetz have their reckoning.

    2. I choose to remember all last year when Democrats look the other way as cities where looted and burned. I’m glad one of your sexual assault golden gods resigned.

    3. You demonstrate exactly why that social upheaval occured leading to looting and rioting. They had a point and a purpose but all the Republican leadership could do was make rhetoric about supporting the cops. Then it shifted to presumably people like you saying Chauvin was doing his job. Essentially you were the cause of the riots. but just keep blaming Democrats for not shooting all the Americans in the streets.

  2. Matt Gaetz is still a member of Congress, who is under investigation for having a relationship with a minor.

    1. And Matt Gaetz has called for all transcripts to be released by Biden’s DOJ to prove that it’s all lies. They refuse. Why ?

    2. @Jesse Watters Because the criminal doesn’t get to see the evidence before going to trial. Cuomo hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law but has already accepted the consequences of his actions. Mattie will never accept or admit any wrongdoing until he’s prosecuted. And…he doesn’t have any right to see the evidence until he’s in court.

    3. @Jim Mccoy Sniffing is weird but not illegal. Gaetz, on the other hand, is doing patently illegal stuff. So… try again?

  3. I wish I had PLATINUM Health Insurance like the corrupt Politicians voted for themselves. Instead of my Bronze.

    1. Or none, like me. Can’t afford Medicare Part B, even though I paid in to it with every paycheck all of my life. Something wrong with this picture.

  4. Ok a prev is out but what about Matty G? I am all for accountability but why isn’t there accountability for Reputs

    1. Don’t forget about the arrest in Phoenix of Tony Navarrete for sexually abusing a little boy. It has been a good week for our party with Tony’s restaurant now Cuomo.

  5. Can anyone even imagine how much less damage the trumplemeister could have done to our population dying or sick from Covid, the US Democracy AND our Economy if HIS party would have gotten behind HIS resignation

    1. @Zach Hogan The majority of the Repub Congress are self-serving and spineless. They have anosognosia – – they are all unaware that something is wrong with their thinking.

    2. Cuomo is the only governor in all of the world that dumped thousands of people he killed in mass graves, he refused to use Military ship hospitals for spite.

    3. @Don Waters I see you posting nasty lies on several of the threads. Ima guessing you must be some form of troll. You have been reported and blocked.

    4. @Don Waters There ought to be an option under the Report feature for “OUTRIGHT LYING”… but there isn’t 😧

      Sir, you do not have your facts straight. But this is an embedded reply that most won’t read and that you would probably refute. So you’re likely not interested in the facts and it would be worthless to spend the time going into them here (…sigh…).

    5. You supported a demented version of Trump who is continuing many of Trump’s policies and making America into even more of an undemocratic authoritarian police state than it was under Trump. Congratulations.

  6. Oh That’s Right! I Remember Now

    Where Are You “We Believe” Clowns

  7. I thought the same thing when Al Franken was run out of the Senate. Apparently, the rules only apply to those who believe in rules. That’s not Republicans.

    1. @Tina Horn Heard the same thing about your dad. Probably just as true. I wouldn’t worry about it. Oh,and Kavanaugh isn’t a “Dem”. He’s a Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice who,in my opinion, should be impeached. Just FYI 😎

    2. @Rita 25 y.o – check my vidéó Geez… first time I’ve been approached by a lady of questionable character on-line.


  9. Dems: Such a behavior can’t be, they’ll start to believe we’re all that way…
    Reps: If they get one of us, they’ll get all of us…

    1. Sharon- When you make victimization a currency, you get a lot of counterfeiters. Believing all accusers is nonsense, accusations should be investigated of course. But simply destroying somebody’s life over an accusation somebody could just make up is a complete inverse of logic.

    2. @Nikhini Athili I’m a woman. I don’t believe all of them out there. Those kinds are a dime a dozen. My friend works in an environment of Republican women. They cheat, show dirty pictures and jokes around oh and that crap goes on more than you think. These women think it is funny. I worked with 3 women that were 10 years younger than me. They were just as bad and dressed seductively. The work place sucked. I got out and was a strong enough woman to start my own business. And then these 3 women wondered why my clients weren’t dirty minded and I had a different relationship with them than theirs.Thank God my friend is leaving and onto another job. No, I don’t believe all woman. Wake up!

  10. There are, at least, two differences between the two parties…responsibility and accountability. Nice, simple analysis that is on point!!

  11. Precisely! I am an Italian New Yorker that supports his resignation and prosecution! But where’s that for Trump? Whom has about 3x the amount of accusations and harsher accusations?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ HYPOCRISY!

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