Mehdi Hasan Asks If Democrats Are Up To Protect Voting Rights | MSNBC


    1. @Coalescence well for one thing, if there is one registered voter at an address and more than 1 voter claims that as their address.

    2. @Coalescence I have given you multiple instances of how votes can be checked and verified. All you have done is reply with innuendo and supposition. Tell me exactly how you think it would work for you to vote for your dead grandmother. By what you are saying, you could walk into a polling station and accomplish the same thing.

    1. Kinda hard to accomplish things with a congress that refuses anything that can look like a win. And yet President Trump managed to accomplish more in the first year than most Presidents have in two terms.

    2. @RoadTripA1A Biden has done more than Trump! Biden now has a 62% approval rating! While Trump never had a 62% in the 4 years as President. 🤣🤣Trump just shut down his blog because of lack of viewers!🤣🤣

  1. Of you have a problem with my son hunter slandering blacks calling them referring to them as the N-word over and over, then you ain’t black!!!

  2. You’re not protecting voting laws you’re changing voting laws to favor the politician over the people

  3. Are we still pretending people aren’t allowed to vote? Oh no, I have to do a minimal amount of planning to vote in the upcoming election, I’ve been robbed of my suffrage!

  4. Funny how they want to know every detail about your personal life above and beyond ID before traveling, but take the most important part of our democracy and they call it “suppression.” They really think we are stupid.

    1. @Tarantula Pop Big tech the 24/7 hate Trump media and a fraud election is why Trump lost that’s what the left had to do because they couldn’t win on policy. That’s alright the patriots are correcting it.

    2. @Tarantula Pop Hey, Spider-fool, you wake the FK up and look at your Blue States and their major cities. I saw the videos of those ballots coming out from under the tables in Philadelphia, I saw the vote counts from several counties in Milwaukee where there were more votes cast than people registered. Why don’t the Democrats want voter ID…because they know that’s the end to their charade. Hey, if you’re so confident in your party, why don’t you gas up your car (if you can still afford it) and take a nice long drive to the border and see the next wave of Democratic voters illegally crossing into this country and then, on your way home, why don’t you take a detour and visit my old hometown (East St. Louis) at around midnight and see the work of voter fraud for yourself.

    3. End early voting? Close down voting locations for black and brown people? Over turn the election if it doesn’t go republicans way? It’s now easier to buy a gun in Georgia than it is to cast a vote.

    1. @Crimdor Obama tried to to pass the American Jobs Act which would have created millions of good paying Union jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure but Moscow Mitch blocked it. Trump promised infrastructure jobs what happened? Now millions of people lost their jobs due to the Pandemic. What a great way to put millions of people back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure! The majority of the American people supports infrastructure jobs! Over 70% Republican, Independent, and Democratic voters supported infrastructure jobs! We already had Russian cyberattcks. I sure hope they don’t attack our weakened power grid. Massive blackouts across America?

      Corporate America uses our bridges, roads, and ports to deliver their goods and services. But the Republican party in Congress doesn’t want them to contribute or pay for infrastructure jobs? Look who’s kissing Corporate America’s

    2. @Ron White As if the government is successful beyond building more bureaucracy and wasting money in other ways.

    3. @UCIFEUhsOspdr8Z2ON5iEZKA Trump has divided the republican party. Republicans lost the House of representatives an now the Senate.

  5. Just go get yourself some identification, One day to vote, Absentee ballot identification. Those are things that protect voter rights.

    1. Mexico is making huge profits on orange Trump pinatis. Golden Trump statue is made in Mexico. Trump making Mexico great again?

  6. In fairness, Feinstein has late stage dementia and there’s a huge chance that she has no idea what a filibuster is anymore.

    1. @twain307 I watched trump. I’m watching biden. If you STILL, at this point, think trump was worse then there is no helping you. You’re too far gone. 🤡

    2. @Matthew Stephens if we are being honest in comparison of their first 200 days.. Biden has been better than Trump and I’d say its not even a question

  7. The democrats can get away with racism as long as they rename it “anti-racism”. Just like a “man” can be a “woman”, and “mothers” are “birthing persons” and “abortion rights” are “infrastructure” and “guns” are a “health crisis”. For a bunch of people who spend all of their not-rioting time in school, they sure dont know what words actually mean

  8. “Protecting voting rights”? Ffs!

    Anyone can read the proposed bills. Do it and stop mindlessness buying whatever the media shovels you.

    1. Yes, we can read them and we have. Why didn’t you read them? Is it the same reason you did not read the Mueller Report either?

    2. @Easy Duzit foolish just foolish you know it’s not affecting voting rights it’s simple rules very easy to follow

    1. @Ron White it’s kinda hard for the brainwashed idiots like yourself ro know what’s really going in when you’re too busy listening to your programming stations to take the time to take a step back and look at the big picture of what’s really going on. Don’t worry I understand it’s hard to do that considering you need some common sense & critical thinking something that’s not very common in this day & age.

  9. OK guys, you want to allow voter registration without showing any identification.
    So how do we tell the difference between an American citizen with no I.D. and an illegal alien with no I.D. ?

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