Mehdi Hasan Calls Out Politicians Who Excuse American War Crimes 1

Mehdi Hasan Calls Out Politicians Who Excuse American War Crimes


In a mini-rant, NBC's Mehdi Hasan defends Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) against Republican and Democratic criticism that she equated the U.S. and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas. He states, "Our nation has done some pretty awful things abroad and we have to be able to talk about them." Start the clock!

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Mehdi Hasan Calls Out Politicians Who Excuse American War Crimes


    1. Well, not just Republicans, liberals also can’t handle the truth. However, no matter uncomfortable it may be, the truth must be spoken.

    2. @jade Wtf? Liberals LIVE in the truth, you don’t have a choice in that, it’s the path in life we have chosen, it is you who can’t face the truth

  1. well a fair and balanced compromise might just be that every time msm mentions support the troops. someone has to also with equal reverence exclaim, civil control of the military!!

  2. 0:45 – 0:48 BS. Not that the Taliban is good, by any stretch of the imagination. But the US has done FAR FAR more damage than the Taliban has ever done. That said, I wouldn’t want to be a woman under their rule

  3. “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then EVERY post-war President would have been hanged” ~ Noam Chomsky

  4. And I this why I support china cause America is a country built on hypocrisy. Why should they be the one to judge the rest of us?! Especially with the fact they can’t even handle their own domestic issues talk less of issues concerning other sovereign states.

  5. Spot on! If we can’t criticize our own government and our allies when they do wrong we have given up on freedom and democracy.

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