Mehdi Hasan On The Most Dangerous Republican In Congress 1

Mehdi Hasan On The Most Dangerous Republican In Congress


It’s not Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s not Matt Gaetz. The most dangerous Republican member of Congress is Paul Gosar, who is now closely aligned with a white nationalist leader banned from Twitter. Jennifer Gosar, Rep. Paul Gosar's sister, and Professor Kurt Braddock join Mehdi Hasan to discuss the danger of Paul Gosar.
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    1. Notice how he was the house member with the floor while the insurrectionists were closing in on them. Speaking really slow, delaying things as much as possible without giving up his game.
      Think he got one of those calls like Tommy Tubberville from the Trump admin to stretch things out, to delay things? Just throwing that out there.

  1. Most of those people like Paul Gosar wouldn’t know a Fascist if they saw one in the mirror, which they often do.

    1. Does anybody else think it’s hilarious that a white supremacist guy with the last name Fuentes is walking around trying to push White America

    2. @Lawngue Blackduke Extreme Conservatism is based on fear, thus they tend to believe the scarier narrative.

  2. All of his siblings told their State how horrible Gosar is yet they figured they as voters know better than his siblings and voted him in.. How pathetic is that?

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _ You talked about the one percent and complaining about them ( i know the number isn’t accurate)..You are either talking about the native Americans which I do not believe you are but hey this the internet say what you want, or black people in the country.I have heard people talk like you before but at least now days they do not wear hoods.

    2. @Ceres Dog One other question, are you Republican? If so, or have Republican friends/family that aren’t in the cult, do they say or why do you vote for that party? I have Republican associations and I really like listening to what they say about why they vote for someone like Adam Kinzinger or Gov. Larry Hogan, I actually like them as a Progressive. Not their policies but I feel they could be worked with..

    3. @philosophicalreason Hon, the 1%, I’m talking about the rich dude.. Did you not read ANYTHING prior or after at all? Even in the comment itself I would have thought you would have gotten that..
      You said you’ve heard people that talk like me before but obviously you’re mistaken about what I’m even talking about to begin with so that part doesn’t make sense.
      What did you actually think I was talking about? This is my post. As you can read the original, that’s me, so I’m just so totally lost by you. Wearing hoods?? Are you talking about me?? Do you NOT see my profile picture? Lol.. I’m just so lost and I’m pretty sure you are as well so maybe you can start over now that you know I was talking about the rich hon..

      The comment about my ancestors was in response to Mad Dog saying with people like me that cares we actually do have a chance.. Because my Native American ancestry, is that why you brought up Trail of Tears? That’s pretty horrific to say to someone whose Native American don’t you think? Unless, again, you mixed me up with someone else.. If so, no worries…

    4. @Anna Jorgensen – I disagree with that. Who is going to determine who can stand. In my opinion it is up to the voters to be responsible enough to elect a person of integrity. This is why you have to be an adult to vote. It is hoped by that time a person is responsible enough. I know 18 is not really a full adult, but there are only a small number of them who will vote, and it puts them on the road. For a democracy to work people should be engaged and work at it. The price for democracy is eternal vigilance. Democracy is a right, but not a given.
      More than ever Americans are in a situation were their freedoms cannot be taken for granted. They have to fight for them, otherwise they will be taken away.

    5. @Angela Walker – That is some word salad, and I am sure to you it makes a lot of sense. I really do not understand it at all.
      As to my name, it is English. The origin appears to be from two areas, as I understand it. One is from what is known as the Black Country, where the coal mines used to be, and then from South Wales, which is a coal mining area. The name may have been brought there by miners from the Black Country. So it appears I have some coal mining heritage.
      btw, there was a very successful British Prime Minister called William Pitt (1804-06). The youngest PM to ever serve at 24. I think he was in office during the Napoleonic Wars. I am related to the Welsh miners.


    2. @ERIC MUHLBACH So, yours is a cautionary note? Confused by your message. Spell it out. Doing nothing is definitely not an option. What are you doing?

    3. @Thomas Yoeckey Ah, Thomas, so you are a fascist and apparently are proud of it. Have a seat now, Tommy.

    4. Do not tread on my vote and vote of others in America ; THAT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN STOP THE GOP ON THE STATE AND FEDERAL FIELD

    1. @Brian Jones So his his efforts to inspire an insurrection against the Constitutional transfer of power, and the following attacks on Congress while it was carrying out its sworn duty, not an attack on the county. Isn’t it more that he conspired to commit treason against the USofA?
      Yes the Supreme Court may consider hate speech okay, but treason?

    1. The sad thing is Trump couldn’t remember the items from his dementia evaluation; he just described the things he saw at the time in that TV interview: the person sitting in front of him, the woman and man off camera, the camera and the TV monitor. He’s pathetically stupid and a calm liar.

    2. No one knows you like your family! And for THEM to come out and say what a POS he is, is saying something! But of course Repugs didn’t listen and voted him in anyway!

    3. @Susan Hewitt Oh they listened! They heard every racist dog whistle he has spewed. They love him because like Trump he speaks the racism they harbor.


    2. The “pro” life party brought back firing squads for execution. SEDITION IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!!!!!!

  3. “Vulnerable to persuasion” indeed. Gosar speaks whitey’s language. The New Right Hate is the Extra-Strength Version. And as far as Haters go, Gosar is a Pro.

  4. The Republican party is not just ‘accepting’ extremism. It has been taken over by extremists and any holdovers risk being purged from their own party.

  5. Gosar has physical characteristics quite commonly associated with or sometimes indicative of schizophrenia.

    1. Can you elaborate? I know next to nothing about schizophrenia, but I noticed he moves weird. Especially in the January 6 video from the House floor, why is he writhing like that, he looks like he has no spine.

  6. The Republican senators all need to be investigated for any part they might of played in the 1/6 riot at the capitol also for continuing to spread trumps big lie

  7. He’s a fascist. The very thing thousands of American soldiers fought and died in WW2 trying to stop.

    1. The problem was that fascism as always been apart of American culture…just perverted to look like “patriotism.” Our soldiers fought against foreign fascism when we should have been fighting domestic fascism as well.

    2. @Thomas Yoeckey sadly, you are correct, especially back then! So, there’s no way to compare WWII “fascist fighters” – they’re one in the same! This country is effed up!

  8. Kevin Joe Mccarthy: no real political diplomat or manager, no man with a steel spine, just an invertebrate.

  9. this is why the GOP don’t want any investigations, it would obviously implicate sitting republicans.

    1. Yes, and once found guilty of insurrection they are automatically thrown out of congress and can’t hold elected office anywhere in this country via the 14th Amendment. Their only remedy would have to come in the form of a 2/3 vote of both houses (which will never happen). Once the Jan 6 commission gets going, if they do even a semi-competent job several GQP house members and probably a handful of Senators will lose their seats. Oh and Trumpo will be unable to run for any office in the land, ever again. The only way Trumpo has back to power is through political violence.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo Maybe in August, huh…. I hope our CIA, FBI and DHS is keeping an eye out for these unusual suspects. Unless they are in it, too.

  10. So he should be arrested – Gosar should be tried and convicted of insurrection, right?

    1. Jennifer, in my view, you are correct. May the FBI have Gosar and his followers in their sights.

    1. Old has little to do with white supremacy eg fascist have the GOP running its desperation for power at any cost

    2. @Toni Aguilar indeed and foxy news murkdog keeps trumpeting the same vile disinformation, playing the ignorants like puppets on a string

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