Mehdi: Putin Did His 'Best Impression Of Sen. Ron Johnson’ Discussing Jan. 6 1

Mehdi: Putin Did His ‘Best Impression Of Sen. Ron Johnson’ Discussing Jan. 6


“When I saw Putin speak today about January 6th, I thought, ‘Wow, the president of Russia is doing his best impression of Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin’—because that is the kind of nonsense we have heard from sitting senators,” says Mehdi Hasan on GOP propaganda surrounding the Capitol riot. 
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    1. diaper don. Right …Up close & personal. He couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted to He’s that corrupt. Full of hate, greed, & racism ………..look up diaper don. true story

  1. There’s an old song, Lunatic Fringe by the rock band Red Ryder. I think the GOP should give this tune a listen. How short are our memories?

    1. @OutsideTheBox It was antifa. No, it was Trump supporters, but they were peaceful. Wait, no! It was the FBI! Maybe it was bigfoot?? But let’s not investigate it. We wouldn’t want to know the real reason for it.

    2. @David Patton Sure. That investigation is ongoing. If he’s guilty of crimes, he should be punished. Biden didn’t abuse his power to stop that investigation like Trump has done so many times.

      Do you think Hunter should be punished if found to be guilty? How about Ivanka? Don Jr? Eric? Let me guess. Hunter should be punished regardless of whether he’s guilty or not, but the Trump spawn should be allowed to commit crimes with impunity.

    3. @David Patton You failed to answer my question. I asked “if”. Do you not understand how conditionals work? This is why the US is so screwed. You are not interested in an honest debate. You know you’d lose.

      You will become painfully aware over the next few years of the many crimes the Trump family has committed. Are you not aware of the 14 cases currently ongoing against Trump? How can you not know what’s going on around you?? You are either willfully stupid or incredibly dishonest. Or both.

      Bye troll.

    1. Putin is protecting American human rights more than any American politician I’ve ever seen, after Trump, let that sink in…
      By calling out the 25 years prison sentences these people faces for TRESPASSING on capitol hill, yet doing nothing against antifa seriously hurting people and burning down churches and

      If it was leftwingers who entered the capitol hill, the whole place would have been destroyed, historical sculptures crushed, lighting fires inside etc.
      That Putin interview was gold.

  2. Nothing new under the sun when a Russian puppet believes the way his master maneuvers his strings to make him act is just wonderful.

  3. Ten books everyone should read:
    – ‘The Dictator’s Handbook’
    By: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith

    – ‘Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning’
    By: Timothy D. Snyder

    – ‘On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century’
    By: Timothy D. Snyder

    – ‘Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America’
    By: Stacey Abrams

    – ‘Surviving Autocracy’
    By: Masha Gessen

    – ‘How Democracies Die’
    By: Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky

    – ‘Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service’
    By: Carol D. Leonnig

    – ‘Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right’
    By: Jane Mayer

    – ‘1984’
    By: George Orwell

    – ‘The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together’
    By: Heather McGhee

    1. Does MSNBC hand out a book of phrases and keywords that are supposed to “trigger” your supposed political opponents? I think it’s possible to dislike the trump administration and the absurd corporatist-shillfarm that is MSNBC.

    2. @Leonie Dejong ‘ and Democrats confirm to each other that it’s really true’ LOL Democrats are the morons who were saying just last year that Covid escaping from the other lab in Wuhan was only a ‘conspiracy theory’, despite the facts indicating that was what happened..

    3. Probably lots of Russian bots. See if there’s a common theme in a lot of these bot looking accounts’ posts. I noticed on a 90s documentary about Donald Trump, lots of separate accounts using the same wording in their posts. Try it out. Esp if you go to a JFK Jr video, chk out the QAnon bots posting similar or the same wording

    1. And if you had told me
      20 years ago that they would be in bed with Moscow I’d have laughed at you.

  4. Obstructionist governing has allowed this message to take hold.
    1. That which is done for show only or in lip service to the People.
    2. That which is done to maintain or increase power and wealth for those that already have power and wealth.

  5. “”Putin Did His ‘Best Impression Of Sen. Ron Johnson’ Discussing Jan. 6″”” I mean why not? Far-right is Far-right and they have more in common than not!

  6. Ron Johnson is an embarrassment to Wisconsin. Tom Tiffany is the cut from the same cloth. Go blue in 22 Wisconsin!

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