1. Forget the insurrection, Cohen confessed and served time for a crime he committed with Trump. Why on earth hasn’t Trump been arrested for that?

    1. @Roberto Diaz I totally agree, but with all he’s done with all the evidence and Witnesses all those women charging him with everything but they get Como in a couple of months. That’s my point, until he’s in a court of law with hardcore charges. I’m tired of hearing about him everyday on every Network alldayeveryday. Until then if we like it or not he is above the law. He should have been a co-defendant for Michael Cohen. Merrick Garland should do his job or resign. Because up until this point it appears he’s protecting Trump. He has his taxes and the real incriminating evidence from the Mueller case but will not show it or make a move on it

    2. @Rene Jean These aren’t conspiracy theories. What is a conspiracy theory is the fact that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

  2. The world outside US is laughing the way US justice system has been handling Trump legal issues on top of how he handled himself in Putin’s presence. LOL !

    1. @Threedraw Your president did nothing as 600, 000 died of Covid, the south is having its fourth wave because they are too stupid to get a vaccine or wear a mask, your health care system is abysmal, to be black in your country is to be continually looking over your shoulder because most whites are racists, most of your Republicans are heartless tools, and the list goes on and on. Yea, we want that! Give your head a shake.

    2. @Patty Ralston Yeah because Covid was Trumps fault. What was his doing was Operation Warp Speed. Which you can thank our country for your vaccine cause yours didn’t do a dam bit of it. This administration already gave him credit publicly about it.The south is having its “4th wave” because that’s where the Mexico boarder is closest. And that has never been such a mess until now. And the racist thing? Really? Why is it always about race? Do you just have that much hate in your life? Where do you live if I may ask?

    3. @Threedraw Covid wasn’t Trump’s fault but he did nothing to help his fellow Americans even though he knew of its deadly nature. Many countries were in on developing a vaccine. He didn’t do much as a President at any time but boost and lie but his last months in office were atrocious. How do you sit back and do nothing? And he was careless enough to get Covid himself and still did not tell Americans to wear masks. He did nothing for universal healthcare, for gun control, and his policy on climate change went backwards.
      I am not full of hate but I am just glad I am not a black person living in your country. It seems like no one cares for their family, neighbor or strangers. Yours seems like a very selfish nation. It seems to be about getting ahead at any expense. That must be very stressful. Sorry that has become your life.

  3. I wish more newscasters were as bold and straight-forward as this man. It HAS been proven over and over that trump started AND supported the insurrection. He must go to jail!!

    1. @Dark Angel Kate His cult is waking up. Trump:There going to get you, you’ve got no choice, you can’t escape the force!

    2. @The Shadow Funny that you mention that, and it’s actually a really good idea, but the problem is that most lawyers in this country are too afraid for their jobs. Any practicing lawyer who openly criticizes Trump risks being disbarred.

  4. “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. An individual in a crowd is a grain of sand amid other grains of sand, which the wind stirs up at will.”

    ― Gustave Le Bon

  5. Mr Hassan, the rest of the World also is asking this question and the delay in an adequate response undermines belief in your justice system

  6. “Why is Donald Trump not charged with any crimes?” WHY indeed? If he’s not held to account, this country will regret it.

    1. @Lisa Keltner The whole world is waiting for him to stand trial and go to prison, where he rightfully belongs.

    2. @Miki van Duyn And if we did protest, we would be behaving just like the brain washed losers that still think Trump won. Ever think of breaking free and thinking for yourself?

    3. @Miki van Duyn for collusion withholding funds to Ukraine for personal gain hunter biden labtop stealing the election to name a few

    4. Let’s not let them get away with this insurrection lock them up lock them up it was one of us would be locked up no questions asked come on Democrats get on your job stop p**** footing around

  7. Why is it that it’s the journalists who are doing the investigations, bringing information to light? Where is DOJ, FBI or CIA at? Why aren’t they investigating?

    1. Keep America from looking bad in the eyes of the world, they have to let him go, the taxpayers will pay for his “retirement “.

    2. @Larry Murrell It’s the opposite. The fact that your country can’t deal with corruptions within makes you look weak. If you made charges, had a fair trial and concluded, it would have made you look strong.

      Though I don’t think charges will matter anyway, because he is gonna get pardoned by the next republican president anyway. And there are even a high chance he would have been pardoned by even a democrat president. The presidental pardon are the elephant in the room that really screams corruption.

    3. @Tamblin – the FBI is not doing anything because the FBI Director Christopher Wray was Appointed by Trump in 2017 and the Then Republican Senate confirmed him!! There will be No justice if Trump’s and the Republicans FBI Appointee is the one “Not Doing” any investigations of Trump or all the BS that the Republicans are pulling!! Also the CIA investigates International crimes and charges, the DOJ have no clue What THEY’RE doing, and aas for the FBI, well I already mentioned that above.

    4. @Morten Bakke Democrat president pardoning Trump???? You clearly don’t fully know what you’re talking about, as that easily negates everything else you’ve said.

      Biden has no interest in doing that, let alone any other current politician there outside of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

    1. @omik redarhcs another one that believes the “BIG LIE”. & everything else that comes out of EX-President mouth, while he doesn’t give a Crap about anyone that doesn’t put $$ in his pocket!

    2. because he knows NOTHINGS gonna happen to him. he knew it from the start and he knew it all along. and hes been getting away with it for 50+ years (just like his father before him). consequences only exist for the rest of us schmucks. go try and steal a pack of gum from walmart and watch em come down on you with the wrath of a 1000 suns. owe the irs 50 cents…watch em pester you with overdue letters till you mail it in (or drag you to court if you dont). the law is not equal for everyone. justice isnt blind! trump is gonna walk, scot free(and so is his entire family)….and theyre gonna parlay all this into lucrative book deals, private tv stations and god knows what else…and in the eyes of their cultist theyre gonna achieve folk hero status (the poor, innocent martyrs persecuted by the powers that be in every way possible because they were too “inconvenient for the status quo”). if trump walks, i urge every american to go commit crimes and use the “if you didnt prosecute trump, you cant prosecute me either!” defense….they cant arrest us all….forget about george floyd and that little 13 year old wannabe banger sh*t that got popped by that cop…TRUMP NOT GOING TO JAIL IS WHAT SHOULD CAUSE NATION WIDE RIOTS!!! you should all be out for his blood! this orange buffoon has mad a mockery of the entire judicial system. and in the end hes gonna WALK (mark my words). if that happens, somebody needs to grow a pair and go pop him in person! this can not go unpunished…he cant get away with it…

  8. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph s for good men to do nothing.” (quote usually attributed to Edmond Burke)

    1. @Danu’s Dragonfly not pretending, and never said I was, smarter than you tho. I didn’t vote for sippy cup.

    2. @omik redarhcs You can’t even spell little dud. You prove, yet again, why tRUMP loves the poorly educated.

  9. I have been asking that same question for ages. Everyone is just sitting this one out it seems.

  10. He is constantly building his on case against himself .He is determined to incriminate himself.OOPS a genus remember that😷😷🙏🙏

  11. When a president commits crimes while in office, he should be charged and have to stand trial. No exceptions. Presidents should NOT violate the law ever.

  12. “No punishment, in my opinion, is too great, for the man who can build his greatness upon his country’s ruin.” – George Washington, first President of the United States of America.

    1. Joe Biden is a disaster! Open borders, crime is up in every state, gas prices doubled in the past seven months, Taxes raised, groceries prices growing.

    2. To @Robert graves, All of those things have been happening since before Biden even *ran* for President last year, bro.

  13. Anyone of us would have rot in jail.long time ago, this is scandalous and very dangerous for our democracy , it is treason!!

  14. We are constantly told we need to set an example so “X” doesn’t happen again. This is a clear case of “X” we need to set an example or this WILL happen again.

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