Melania Trump gives farewell message days before Biden's inauguration | USA TODAY 1

Melania Trump gives farewell message days before Biden’s inauguration | USA TODAY


First lady Melania Trump addresses Americans in farewell message.
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Melania Trump said it was her "greatest honor" to serve as the first lady beside her husband, President Donald Trump.

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  1. Melania: Do as I say, not as I do.
    She wasn’t “nice” or “be best” to others…when she did not invite Dr. Jill Biden to the WH.

    1. No love lost… As the wife of Vice President, Joe Biden; Dr. Jill Biden should be very familiar with the White House since her husband served as “2nd in Command” for 8 years (2 terms) under President Barack Obama’s administration… Melania Trump “can’t hold a candle to” her predecessor, Michelle Obama, who is one of the most “gracious” and “classiest” First Ladies of the U.S. It would probably be better if Michelle Obama made herself available to Jill Biden to share any insights about being FLOTUS — if necessary… Other than that, Melania Trump can stop “frowning for the camera” and go on her merry way

    1. Isn’t it warm, fuzzy, and full of the “passion” she had for these causes? Sounds like somebody is forcing her to speak.

    1. Yeah…amazing!!… it really looks so human…but the voice gives it away…they need to work more on voice…

  2. I’m sorry, to this woman is so hypocritical I’m surprised snakes aren’t falling out of her mouth. For her to talk about children, babies, and addicted mother’s,as well as” every valued Life lost to. C. O. V. I. D”. What did her darn” be best” so called campaign accomplish??? She wants us all to be best. Well,try telling the truth for a change.!!!

  3. She is the reason trump did such a presidential level job farewell message today.. He did not want to be out done by his wife on national television.

  4. Not everyone that has their hours cut at work and now making m/w received a stimulus check I’m still trying to catch up and struggling ….

  5. “Values of kindness…” Oh please. There’s video out there with recordings of her saying, “I don’t care about f—king Christmas” when asked how she’d decorate the White House for it’s tradition. And now she’s trying to sound like Jackie Kennedy???

  6. She’s a painted doll, who lied from the very start of this speech! ‘My fellow Americans’… erm sorry, how many Americans sound like that?! No wonder she’s married to Trump! The world is a safer place now he’s gone!!!

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