1. Melania: They come here illegally’ they need to do it right and bypass the waiting line by marrying a fat old millionaire, duh..🥴

    1. @Butakaya Northbound It is under the hood – if you can’t believe it, just search Melania Trump I don’t care jacket. Then there is the “Einstein” visa she lied to get. She actually dropped out of college her first year to become a model. Since it is that time of year again, there’s always her “F… Christmas” remark on those tapes. She is not a nice person. You don’t stay married to a man who cheats, pays off porn stars and playboy bunnies, parties with Jeffrey Epstein and has a conversation on the radio about how “hot” his daughter is. She’s in it for what she can get.

    1. Absolutely..If Donald Trump was working at the post office she would’ve even look his way.. she has worked less than any other First Lady.. and why bother to seek higher education

    2. She take my money when I’m in need
      Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed
      Oh, she’s a gold digger
      Way over town that digs on me

    1. Yep. And she did nothing but come up with the slogan. She has done almost nothing useful as First Lady. Most of them do tons of charity work.

    1. @Edward Mercedes name one politician that’s went to prison. Don’t you know that the elites do not go to prison? Especially ex-presidents? or any politician for that matter if they have enough money in power? if you didn’t then you need to get your head out of the sand and pay attention

    2. @ToolNinGuy Let’s see who’s going to be pulling his head out of the sand when this is all over. In NYC we don’t care if your an ex president, if you committed a crime, you will pay one way or another nobody is above the law, that only works in the corrupted Washington we have today. By the way trump is broke, why do you think he’s still asking for donations after he already loss an election. Trump is sucking every last penny from his supporters to defend his fraud claims. Miraculously 75% of that money is going to his pocket! Courtesy of his Bamboozled Supporters. It’s easy to fall into the grasp of a NYC Conman! that only cares about himself.

    3. @ToolNinGuy Who knows Trump would probably be the next one to go to jail, apart from the others you’ll find if you search from 1777 to 2017 you will find plenty politicians that went to prison.

  2. Melania will soon be writing a memoir entitled “Orange is the New Orange: How to Avoid Jail at All Cost, even if it Means Destroying Democracy”, Co-Written by Don The Con.

    1. Mama always said, “People who marry for money earn every cent of it.” I’d just like to know what WE did to earn either one of those nasty vulgarities.

    1. Didn’t they get some sort of citizenship for her parents right before they changed (toughened) the Immigration policies?


  4. I think she is just tired of kicking Shawn Hanity, Dan Bongino and Alex Jones out of the bedroom every night so she can get some sleep

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