Melinda Gates: Women are leaving workforce in huge numbers 1

Melinda Gates: Women are leaving workforce in huge numbers


CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Melinda Gates on International Women's Day about what governments can do to support women after the United Nations said the coronavirus pandemic has driven 47 million women out of the workforce.

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  1. As a single parent living in Canada, I lost my job when covid hit and the schools closed. I was forced to stay home and watch my kids. Thankfully the government was very supportive financially

    1. I am a single father of 2 in Canada where I have majority custody. Because I properly planned and had a job in an essential industry that kept me working in an essential industry I had no problem managing my kids and working because I could work from home now. I did not take a single extra dime of tax payer money through this whole pandemic because men still run the true essential jobs that you women scoff at and tell us we are less valuable for doing them. You all live in a world that men built and this should be your wake up call

    2. @End The Matriarchy that retirement comment is complete rubbish. If you are going to make up bullshit, at least dont tell people who know you are making it up lol.

    3. @Robert Blaney Didn’t Democrat held out second stimulus check for months? Also only less than 10% of checks are going directly to people and unemployment benefit has been reduced by Democrats in third stimulus bill by the way Now tell me who cares more about the rich and tell me which administration created massive income inequality

  2. Of course, no men are in poverty at all, they are hoarding all the money and being machismo about it, right?!

    1. Yeah, men aren’t affected at all.. This virus is sexist.. *WOKE* yet?? Might have to do like I did, even though I’m a man, find other work..

  3. Wait! Wait! Isn’t the economy returning with gusto? A more robust economy due to the 30% pay differential

  4. Feminism and women’s rights have been reduced to a talking point and joke over the last decade.

    1. @Lorenzo Davies Democrats? You’re right. Because Republicans have never had any inclination to care about ethics and gender rights.

  5. They call it traditional, because it worked. Fatherless homes, being told marriage is pointless, not to have children, not to make sure dinner is on the table, etc.

    1. @Lucius Kiirus So does that mean rightists are right? smells kinda quackanon in your post.


  6. I don’t like how this segment seems to blame everything on children/childcare. Growing up as a child of poverty, one thing is made very clear to us, it’s our fault.

  7. Childcare is important, as woman and parent I can say this. The reality is if you lose a job because it’s not a popular industry at this point in time then you have to make a decision to do something else. If you don’t have child care then you can’t work. Also if you are just working the job to pay child care costs it doesn’t add up to anything else that’s also a tough situation. Saying it’s someone’s fault completely of their situation is not being understanding. We all can be in a dire situation, life is fragile. So be kind and more empathetic you may need someone else to understand as well for you in a different situation.

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  9. Thank you both for the informative discussion. You knew the way misogynists would react, but you spoke the truth anyway.

  10. So what I’m hearing is women didn’t have essential jobs that was needed to keep the country going

    1. No, women are in the essential job fields more than men, restaurant work, schools, groceries, however employers assume that they have a man to watch them or a child that needs them so they are always let go first during recessions

    2. @lily boone before you make such statements look up the actual data men work about 73 percent of essential jobs that are needed to keep the country going in a disaster also men are laid off at a higher rate than women

  11. Maybe because they’re sick of being forced into competition with men, sick of being told they need to be CEO’s! They’re *mostly* different, and that’s fine.

    1. @Paul Hughes Well of course it wouldn’t be in your experience you are a guy you wouldn’t experience straight males hitting on you relentlessly even if you tell them that you are not interested… Also the experience I speak from my grandmother has been in the workforce since the 60s my mother has been in the workforce since the 80s and I have two sisters that have been in the workforce since the 90s and I have multiple female friends who have been working since at least 2010 that have dealt with this multiple times and this is just in Michigan just because you have not experienced it does not mean the problem does not exist sir

    2. @Kaitlyn Groves I’m sorry you’re still on the end of despicable behaviour like that … you have my sympathies. Please report them and report them and report them!!

    3. @Paul Hughes I won hundred percent agree although I hate to say it most of the time when you report sexual-harassment in the workplace or something similar they usually will just fire the woman to end the problem higher ups are usually in on it it’s a sad truth that I hope one day has light shed on it so everyone can feel safe and comfortable in the work place because at the end of the day everybody deserves to have the right to earn a living and support and take care of themselves financially

    1. @TheFruityKing Yeah, it’s simple to not have kids but, what’s gonna stop them from it? Nothing.

    2. @Ant Clerfont I mean yeah no one can stop people from having kids, but I don’t want to hear any complaining from people who irresponsibly have them lol

  12. There’s a lot of fox news trolls down here. Thanks for boosting CNNs ratings. Playing devils advocate.

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