Members of California’s AAPI Community Say “The Fear Is Real” 1

Members of California’s AAPI Community Say “The Fear Is Real”


In the last year, more than 6,600 incidents of verbal and physical assault against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have been reported in the U.S. And that’s likely a real undercount. Ali Velshi sits down with six members of California’s AAPI community — from Sheriffs to chefs — in San Francisco to talk about how difficult the last year has been, the painful choices they’ve had to make, and what needs to change going forward.

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  1. Please don’t be shy about looking out for each other. It’s okay to ask for help. Most people want to help. Take care.

  2. It’s just horrible all around! I’m in a small town in Arkansas with a really small Asian population. A group of my friends and I regularly offer to walk with anyone who feels like they may be attacked if they ask us to.

    Thankfully, we haven’t had any attacks like I’ve been hearing about. No one should be afraid when they’ve done nothing wrong.

  3. But of course we live in a time where why attack asian and it’s plenty of black and brown people to hurt please leave us alone my skin is the same color of yours stop it how about no one attacks anyone ok

    1. It’s a curious thought. What would it take for people to stop attacking other people in this world?

  4. Welcome to African Americans reality…..this has been our reality for 400 years now….thx your local’ true americans’

  5. Please be vigilant but not fearful, my fellow Asians…Racists and criminals fear the strong ones, let’s give the punch to these assailants to keep them in line.

  6. I simply don’t understand people attacking Asian Americans here in the US out of some weird retribution for the corona pandemic. It’s not like they released the virus themselves, know anyone who could have, let alone were even in China at the time. Plus, not all Asian Americans are even Chinese.

    1. Well China has like 1.4 billion people living in there. What’s the point of blaming all of them for anything? There are about 330 million people in the US and as everyone can see, there’s room for all sorts of people with all sorts of beliefs. I guarantee that within 1.4 billion people there’s also room for a wide variety of people with various circumstances.

    2. You can also THANK the worst of the worst, D TRUMP, for escalating all this hatred not only to Asian-Americans but all races that individuals feel the need to terrorize. These imps are the scum of the earth that I simply cannot call human! They hate themselves and feel superior to those around them – possibly dropped on their heads one too many times as a child!!

  7. When you pick on Asians, it’s because you are JEALOUS and envious, and you are picking on some one your own size.

  8. This is agonizing to see these good people going through this. The pandemic is bad enough and now this too….yet what gets me down is “What is the answer?” So sad.

  9. I understand because everyone was under attack the former president was attacking my state as well. I felt personally attacked also and I understand. Americans all need to come together against hate and violence. We have been attacked by angry people that have been in a sense authorized but the former president’s rhetoric and insults and attacks by himself the former president.

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