Members of Congress go viral as members grapple with speaker vote | USA TODAY


  1. Which one of them didn’t make a promise to get their office having no intention of keeping that promise? No Honor among Thieves!

    1. 😩😩Republican parties GOT to BE STICK TOGETHER ,,, Otherwise, will lose loose every thing next election!!!!☹️☹️

    2. this is a force the vote scenario. give them what they demand or never get the speaker position. its pretty simple.

    3. One opinion. Mine is this is rejecting the Go along to Get along Practice. Had the Democrats also rejected it, maybe we would not have men in Womens’s Locker rooms or Sports and especially not Female Inmates being impregnated by The Chromosomally Challenged Male!

    1. *McCarthy is the most spineless bend over backwards for his fellow members Republican currently in the House. What’s your interpretation of a “RINO”…? Do everything that Trump commands?🤣🤣*

  2. we have waited a long time to have representatives with a spine to stand up to the rhinos. They are not doing this for notoriety. they are doing this for their constituents.

    1. Its called debate a right and necessary thing in a Democracy. Get over your communist tendencies!!

  3. Funny….they opened the barn door to let all the stinky animals in but now they can’t control them. I’m a Conservative but sure the heck want nothing to do with this clown car

  4. All Americans must learn the Importance of Safeguarding Classified Information. It starts with Background Investigation. When I joined the USAF in 1970, My spotless record made me a candidate for an extensive Background Investigation. The USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI) sent investigators to interview people that I had put down as personal references and they also interviewed old neighbors from places where I had lived. Positive investigation results qualified me for a Top Secret Clearance with Cryptographic Access (Top Secret Crypto). The clearance qualified me for schooling that I was not allowed to talk about to anyone outside our secure workspace and I was sent to a duty assignment in Japan. I worked in a building surrounded by two electrified chain link fences with guard towers manned by armed guards. I showed picture ID to get through the fences. The building had 1 usable door and no windows. The first hallway was lined with gun racks that were loaded M-16 Rifles . Trash paper from our building was placed in sealed containers and taken to a forced air incinerator with a screened chimney and all ashes were sifted through a fine screen. This system works for the military but there is a huge hole in the system at the White House where the President has access without a background investigation. Trump is a nut case and he was never fit to be anywhere near classified information. Yet he was able to remove classified papers from a secure room in the White house (ILLEGALLY) and store this sensitive material at any insecure location that pleased him. Trump should have gone to prison for life the moment these papers were seen out of the authorized secure room in the White House. No President or Member of Congress should be allowed near classified documents outside an approved secure room or without a extensive successful background investigation. Americans need to make sure Classified Documents are never again handled improperly. A federal employee who took a classified document home from work to do authorized work in an unauthorized place and she served 3 years in prison. If Trump took 1500 documents, he should serve 3500 years in Prison with no chance of parole. We should impeach every Member of Congress who ever handled classified info. improperly.

    1. Most Americans agree with you but the criminal republicans hate the USA. They want a fascist dictatorship instead. They’re at war with the USA and they’re using our system against us to advance their power in our nation.

    2. @ArcolaBridge You can’t say “nation” anymore. It’s a right-wing word now. What’s wrong with fascist dictatorships?

    3. The President can declassify anything he wants. Just the action of moving it is enough. You should have learned more in the service instead of patting yourself on the back!

    4. Every President has done this, even the beloved Barack Obama. Look it up and try again. Maybe a little less wordy it was sooo boring!!

  5. If Dan “Sell my Soul to the UniParty” Crenshaw hates them then you know they’re on the right side of history.

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