1. Lock ’em up!!! Sadly, it appears some are serving or may have served in our Armed Forces. I hope they’re just playing dress up, if they’re not, then I hope they get the book thrown at them!

  2. Bruh literally said they weren’t FBI members in disguise. No one had called them that at that point besides him so that’s probably what they were 💯

  3. I wonder if these media companies ever look at the comments to see if we call BS on these fake stories. Lol

  4. This looks totally legit. I trust all of this without a doubt. I like how they lost the movie quality cameras in favor of the cell phone videos now. Adds an extra layer of credibility

  5. Whenever I’m losing an argument I just simply call the person a white supremacist, then walk away myself feeling superior ASF.

    1. What’s the s stand for in asf? Is it super? I feel superior as super f***! I was gonna criticize you for the mistake but actually that sounds better. Shine on you crazy diamond.

  6. Really we saved you from these guys who are definitely not alphabet boys. How dumb do they think their constituents are? Pro wrestling is more realistic than that.

  7. When someone has to assure you “these aren’t FBI agents, you can bet the house and your kid’s college tuition, that they’re FBI agents. Which is actually the scariest damn part of this whole scenario. That they were either forced or voluntarily participated in this mock “hate group” arrest. Man if people can’t see there’s obviously something behind all this, idk if it’s like a paradigm shift in beliefs or to simply divide us more, but if you don’t see through this then I have some awesome swamp land to sell you that’s great for building skyscrapers on top of. I will also sell you my families world famous soup sandwich recipe for the low low price of half a million.

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