1. Such fit young gentlemen with excellent postures. Almost military bearing. It’s almost like their employers have physical fitness standards.

    1. @clemtoe well if you remember what thread that was do me a favor and go comment on it so I can go back and find it. Because as a Ultra MAGA based Trump supporter myself I can say we come in all shapes and sizes, but for thr most part, we’re nothing but a bunch of ultimate bad asses.

  2. I guess the local police don’t know that they’re FEDS. Either it will come out in court or the charges will magically disappear

    1. They do for sure. They had their backs turned to them during MOST of the video coverage. That’s how stupidly fake this is.

  3. “conspiracy to riot” Sure would have been nice if they used that one when cities were burning. I guess if you have the right opinion then your not threat.

  4. Very kind the cops let these “Bad Guys” keep their masks, sunglasses and hats on. Wow USA Today is STUPID…… double entendre btw

    1. @Trent gay well Mr Gay, you’ve missed my point entirely. I’m by far one of those rambling conspiracy theorists, but out of the list you just wrote down I think it’s one hell of a coincidence that they all have two first names. Or the majority of them…🤷‍♂️✌🏼

  5. Ooh, the dramatics! Love that music. One thing, what cop apprehends a perp and let them continue to wear hat and face coverings? Why do these (terrys) have matching cloths and boots? Why are they extremely physically fit? Remember the evidence of the feds (FBI) meddling in all this fishy shenanigans, like the man in the crowd (Jan 6) who was inciting siege on the capital (caught on video) turned out to be a (“‘retired””) FBI agent. Then the FBI agent who was having a Convo with that shooter after he was arrested? This smells.

    1. I love how these “White Supremacists” fuel by so much rage, are just calmly sitting there posing for photo’s. No one’s trying to escape, fight, or argue. Just a bunch of cops posing for pics right in front of them. I bet all the pics they took glow in the dark.

  6. I have never seen a swat team pull up and act like they taking the suspects out for diner. No weapons drawn, no yelling get on the ground and the courtesy of letting them leave their disguises on. These false flags are getting old.

  7. I don’t always click on GMA videos, but when I do it’s to see if anyone is calling out the obvi Flag!!! The comments raised the bar!! Thanks, peeps!! 👍👍

    1. @Norsilca I’ll repeat it since you seem to be deficient – I’m Indigenous and lean Republican, what say you, Duke’s Mayonnaise?

    2. @Trigger Me Timbers I guess I would say some random word salad unrelated to your comment, cause that’s what we seem to be doing?

  8. when is the last time you were handcuffed and detained and allowed to keep your backpack ON YOUR BACK? this is clearly a sham… is there court records of these guys? jail bookings? bonds? thatd be interesting to find out.

    1. @mark blue go look at the video of Ray Epps a fed who was pretending to be a protester and inciting violence. The crowd started chanting “fed! fed!”
      Yet for some reason he is free of charge and not under arrest.

      If you have still not seen the video then you are willfully choosing to be ignorant because you don’t want to be wrong. You are scared to admit that you might have been lied too.

  9. “Conspiracy to riot???” Where the hell have we been hiding that charge for the last four years???

  10. Matching boots, and allowed to keep their masks and bags for the camera. This has ‘Glowies’ written all over it. Who planned and prepared this? Jussie Smollett?

  11. Talk about ” Squad Goals ” they all had the exact same outfit… because it’s easier to blend in…. if 31 dude’s aren’t dressed like EVERYONE ELSE. Anyway… Why didn’t the cops unmask them? Aren’t they grown-ups?

    1. @Trent gay bro these names look they were pulled out of a “white guy” name generator, did you put them in alphabetical order by last name or did they book them that way?

    2. @Eric Burton it’s called research I just looked them up. the state put them alphabetical in the county website. 😳 whoa imagine that.

    3. @Trent gay that list is more sus as the false flag itself…everyone has as middle name, no Jr, Sr, III, etc. 3 different surnames names starting with Whit. “Oleary” misspelled.

  12. It was very considerate of these officers to allow the other officers to keep wearing their kkk hoodies and masks while they were being arrested……..Glad to see cops looking out for each other like that.

    1. They unmasked everyone of those guys on camera as they individually searched them before transporting them to the detention center. They then released all of their names.

  13. Very nice of the officers to allow them to cover their identities. The timing if this is kinda weird considering how much WS has been talked about by our president.

    1. @Jeffrey Morreale no thanks, I actually have an ability to think for myself. Best of luck though Jethro.

    2. @Eric Ryan Yawl thanks Ellie May.
      Glad to hear you finally took the red pill and can think for yourself.

  14. Someone in another comment thread on youtube said notice how the cops with their backs turned are not worried at all about their safety … lol

    1. @Eric Ryan Yawl I’m not at all surprised that you said that. I’m quite sure your eyes and ears are closed to reality. Pretty sure your privileged.

    1. @Trigger Me Timbers Then why’d you avoid talking about it at first? 🤨 Not concerned about it either cuz there’s nothing saying that your accusations are right, other than the thousands of people who share your psychosis.

  15. Nothing screams “bad guys here” like wearing matching shirts that say “We’re the bad guys.”

    1. @No No No ,but referring to the supposed suspects in custody. If no one with any common sense actually believes these are civilians. If they have the stinch of the alphabet boys all over them.

    2. @WattLife it makes sense former soldiers would do something like this, you know there false sense of patriotism

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