1. @T L The one where he won the election by a landslide and a 7-million popular vote lead; the biggest in USA voting history.
      The reality where facts matter and we legislate for every American, not simply Republicans.

    2. @Eric hill Harkin’s Razor: Allegations made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Bring some receipts with you.
      Trump is a racist: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/10/30/fact-check-12-28-trump-comments-deemed-racist-direct-speech/6062530002/
      Trump and his kids stole from A CHARITY: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2019/12/23/best-stories-of-the-decade-how-donald-trump-shifted-kids-cancer-charity-money-into-his-business/
      (I can’t wait for you to try and claim that Forbes is a ‘liberal’ news source)
      If you can’t acknowledge Trump is a terrible human being, worry less about Biden and more about yourself. Because ignoring Trump’s faults and highlighting anyone else’s is the epitome of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    3. @Eric hill well said, communist China controls the most powerful person in the free world. China rules your leader, Eric Hill. Bow to your supreme leader! There is no shame, China already owns the whole world as you have stated, It got the entire Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East to play along with this COVID farce. How does it feel being ruled by China?

      Satire. You are a sad existence, calling your president-elect a communist lapdog. No citizen of a communist country will ever call their leader a puppet of a democratic state. Yet, you, which I assume is an American, would say that about your fellow countryman and soon to be president. And all for what? To defend Donald Trump? He is a selfish person and he doesn’t care about you.

    4. I would say, give him a fair trial, and if found guilty, then lock him up. I suspect the evidence is there to convict though

  1. There’s the problem in four words: behaving like an adult. This is something that is completely alien to the Chump.

    1. A bad person called president Putin wanted to corrupt American politics. So he blackmailed his narcissist, spoilt, child Trump and destroyed faith in media and politics and science to cause confusion and infighting. This he succeeded in doing! To this day they still fight and are completely at a loss as to why because….! End of story. It’s astonishing how easily you guys forget this simple fact. As a result look at your country now!

      Exclusive: Rep. Mo Brooks—Will the US House of Representatives Decide the Next President?
      By Jan Jekielek
      November 19, 2020 Updated: November 19, 2020

    3. @Chas Burns You are quite right Chas, that is why the Chump’s fraudulent claims are all being quickly and easily thrown out.

  2. Trump files useless lawsuits convincing his supporters to send him money .
    Then changes the uses of the money after receiving donations .

    1. Chas Burns how about fraud when asking for loans? How about fleecing supporters after you lost to send hundreds of millions to challenge a done deal. Then using the remainder to pay your debts off?

    2. Michael Wuj massive fraud. So massive it hasn’t been proven?

      Wow the conspiracy Biden, Republican Governors, Dominion, state election officials, Republican observers, Hugo Chávez and the Supreme Court all implemented was a great one. So much fraud, so little evidence of it.

      Oh if there was evidence and not allegations. Why no introductions of it in court?

    3. @Jake Barr Did you know that Obama only got elected because of the love the people had for Bidden? How else can you explain Biden getting more votes than Obama?

    4. @Chas Burns Because the majority people could see trump was unhinged, and they new they had to stop the wannabee narcissistic dictator.Thankfully reasonable people rejected this type of leader and showed him the door. Do you agree?

    1. Trump Has No Bottom to How Low He Can Go, Talk About Bottom Feeders, this Choad Has NO CLASS, Or 1 once of Dignity,, and He Never Was a President, all he is is a Colossal LOSER !!! ONLY 38 More Days of this Crime Scene, Thank God !!

    2. @Roger Hegemier This election taught us there’s more dumbasses in this country then we ever anticipated. And they’re the dirtiest, lowest, lying, forms of scum on this planet.

  3. For someone who supposedly cares about his supporters so much he’s done nothing but lie, cheat and scam them for every dollar they have.

    1. @Joe Fitz I am not here to cut nor to be sarcastic. But everyone is to busy to bring down a man who is not a politician. And if you really look at what he has been trying to do for this country. You would understand why I am by his side.

    2. @Miriam Angelacos yes, we DO know that and you would too if you actually did research instead of parroting everything you see on fox, oan, and newsmax. ITS ON HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE. look it up for yourself… official election defence fund website. Its all in fine print right under the donate button. You know, the area people are less likely to read.

    3. Miriam Angelacos no trump actually left people on an airport tarmac without a way to get home, after busing them there in freezing weather!

    4. Miriam Angelacos excuse me but Trumpolini is a politician.

      He became one when he registered to become an official candidate for President in 2016!

      An act he repeated in 2020. I think I understand now why people like you support such an evil clown. If you can’t tell that he’s a politician you will never understand what a complete fraud and failure he is!

    1. @Andrew Richards What is sad and pathetic is that these cockroach trump trolls really believe what they spew. They think by trolling here we wl believe why they say. Not all people follow a cult like you gullible sheep. Fools.

  4. Trump intended, from the day he took office, to tear the country apart. He never cared about the country, only his money


  5. Al, why afford him the dignity of the title Mr. He’s an illiterate small man with small hands…his agenda is for himself always.

    1. @gold claw “purged”? Do you know another group who talked about “purging” others? Can you think about where that language has been used before?

      What are you proposing this time?

  6. Let him keep making a fool of himself, he’ll only ruin his legacy further in the history books and deserves nothing less as a failed leader.

    1. joe biden has a four decade legacy of being solely responsible for swaying the dem senate into a false war for oil and power and to line the pockets of his crony pals, he’s a racist and fat chance will make it through the day without having to change his diaper much less 4 years in office

    2. His legacy is already ruined, he’ll never be considered a good president, a liar, Nazi lover, dictatorship, racist, bigot and tried to desecrate our democracy. The virus is another failure, keeping it to himself for three months while it was spreading like wildfire and even spreading it himself, 300,000. Dead so far!

    3. @TheBfair21 the Russians were blocked from hacking the election and he lost,,that’s why he fired Chris Krebs ..

    1. @Katherine Raven First off a Canadian calling anybody weak is ridiculous your country is literally known for it’s flag, second Stephen Harper was a much better then the current fool, and third Trump has a lot of good policies that I a young adult think will benefit my generation

    2. @Brian Jones he’s telling his supporters that he’s going to run in 2024 that way they’ll keep donating money to his so-called campaign. A so-called billionaire taking money from hardworking Americans. How patriotic is that. That’s a rhetorical question.

    1. MSNBC decided no to show soldiers giving a 20 minute standing ovation for him while chanting USA USA USA at the army navy game… doesnt fit their narrative…. best president of all time….4 years of smears from every single outlet affects alot of truth…. still got more votes than anyone in history even with the switch cheats to biden… greatest president of all time…. dem officials losing so many black and Latin votes they needed the media to make more racism..to get votes

  7. Why waste your time on this when honestly the man don’t know the word. It like saying you can’t teach a old dog new tricks.

  8. We haven’t had a legitimate GOP POTUS since Bush Sr.

    Extreme minority rule of the majority is not democracy.

  9. After grifting a country for four years, he’s refusing to accept that he now only gets to grift his cult members.

  10. Well said but we all know we’re dealing with a highly unstable person ” Trump” ! Trump is a clear Pychopath!!

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