1. Trump bragging about his DEMENTIA test, is just like a proud toddler that took his first poop on the toilet! Way to go Donald!

    1. @Denise O’Hearen Exactly what Howard Stern said. Google what he said that TRUMP DESPISES HIS SUPPORTERS because they are not the rich ones he favors but only wants their votes. He wouldn’t allow those supporters in the rallies into his clubs and hotels.
      Anyone seen Trump talking n hugging these people? He comes in at the rallies clapping n claps his way out waving. He has never seen close to them even before Covid -19.

    2. @Valerie Galvan News flash, it is ok to be homophobic. It’s ok to be racist. It’s ok to be white. You do not get to decide or pass judgement on others for your beliefs.

    3. @Noreb Nope in the middle east they will hang you. Get ya stories straight. It has nothing to do with hating freedom. We call that personal beliefs. We are allowed to do that in this country.

    1. Richard G oh Richard trump will be going to jail and all the losers will go back to thinking the world is flat, NASA is all fake, we never walked on the moon and all your other stupid conspiracies the big orange baby condones.

    2. ihave35cents You are as dense as an empty barrel, much like your president. I was being facetious, using your Avatar handle to describe the typical foolish rhetoric racists like you spew that are downright unintelligent. I am Caucasian, mind you -imbecile. And I was very clear that RACISTS whites are a dying breed not all Caucasians. Frankly, you reveal that you are definitely a simpleton by your erroneous assumptions. I took AP classes in high school and started university two years early; maintaining my deans list status all through.

  2. How many Trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb?
    None, The Bunker Baby just says it’s fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud.

    1. @Luther Baker are you showing me how many IQ points you have AND trying to get a date?
      No thanks, me and your mom are getting along fine

    1. While blm/klantifa are such supporters & protectors of the working & middle class that they go around looting them & burning down their homes & businesses?
      Trump supporters aren’t going around like thugs, the LEFT is!

    1. Thank God For giving this Man the courage, mind and the heart to speak the truth that others will not😇

  3. Its always been funny to me how the most dangerous white supremacist of our time tries so hard to be bright orange. Its like someone belt-sanded a pumpkin, so now its angry at the world.

    1. @2 Sides To The Story your name is 2 sides to the story but you fail to see 2 sides on why are these people protesting, burning stuff. All you see is them protesting. Youre full of BS. Ask yourself, why would a regular person go protest? Is it easier just to stay home? What motivates people.to protest? Yes there are 2 sides to the story. Now go change your name . It doesn’t add up.

    2. Democrat oath of office
      I do soullessly swear, I will menacingly support and defund the Institution of Public Safety of the United States, against all humanity, American and Patriotic; and that I will induce with tried evil and alliance to the same; that I take this psychological manipulation freely, no mental awareness or of common sense; and that I will, well and faithfully discharge the duties of the swamp in which I am about to enter.

    3. lee 1 Please state the “direct threat to black folks,” that lay within F.S.Key’s Star Spangled Banner. I’ll wait. This oughta be rich.

    1. @sinklairlewis Joe Biden ALSO said you have to have an Indian accent to work at 7-11….and Somalians drive cabs.

    1. He once said that he was the chosen one and that he will be remembered in history. Yep he’ll be remembered alright!

  4. Adding to say that every time Trump blames somebody else, it is his own admittance of incapabiloty to be a man of responsibility, to be a leader. And every time Trump blame the immigrants and the people of colors on the spread of coronavirus, it is his admittance of his inability to be the counter leader, to understand the constitution, laws and economy, and to be just human.

    1. @Randy Couch this country was founded on protesting. Protesting doesn’t equal thug. However, If you want to see a good example of a thug, look no further than the oval office

  5. The privileged bully literally has never interacted with ordinary people during his entire life, except in their role as his servants.

    1. @JOHN KLINE ….you think trump shows up on the job site…..really? His charity work consists of talking to other fabulously wealthy people at Mara lago. His criminal justice reform bill is a start…..but it’s a drop in the bucket.

    1. That’s why he gives his presidential salary to others who need it right? Know what you’re talking about.

    2. I wonder would he show more respect to a little green man from outer space than his own human species.

    3. @Dyed- In-The-Wool And here I though with a name like Dyed-In-The- Wool, you’d be accepting of all colors. But ya, I get it. ROFL

    4. @Shaylei Bellew The salary of a U.S. president is $400,000 a year. trump, in under 4 years has funneled hundreds and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars into his businesses by violating the emoluments clause in our constitution. trump is a thief and a conman.

      — (September 14, 1879 – September 6, 1966) …established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

      Section: Views | Eugenics
      — After World War I, Sanger increasingly appealed to the societal need to LIMIT births by those least able to afford children. The affluent and educated already limited their child-bearing, while the poor and uneducated lacked access to contraception and information about birth control.[109] Here she found an area of overlap with *EUGENICISTS*.[109] She believed that they both sought to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit.”
      Source: Wikipedia

      — eu·gen·ics  (yo͞o-jĕn′ĭks)
      n. (used with a sing. verb)
      The study or practice of attempting to improve the human gene pool by encouraging the reproduction of people considered to have desirable traits and DISCOURAGING or PREVENTING the reproduction of people considered to have undesirable traits.
      Source: The Free Dictionary

      — June 15, 2020: Planned Parenthood Backs Biden, Seeing A ‘Life And Death Election’ Ahead
      Source: NPR
      — June 15, 2020: Planned Parenthood Endorses Biden After Pledging To Triple Election Spending In 2020 Over 2016
      Source: Forbes
      — July 13, 2020: Planned Parenthood launches ad campaign backing Joe Biden
      Source: NY Post

      God bless you. Peace be with you.

    2. Willful ignorance is indistinguishable from stupid. Ignorance, truly ‘not knowing’, is something that education can address.

  6. Sorry Rev, the stable genius can’t read memos and none of his loyal puppets will dare read it to him. Just got to get rid of him instead.

    1. @sinklairlewis
      Hahaha, I love it, “Uncle Fuckhead.” Isn’t that also what Mary Trump calls Donald?

  7. “Welcome to Bunker King, may i infect your children with a deadly virus?”
    “Yes, we’ll have the Covid Clorox Shake and supersize our Putin Pies.”
    “Please proceed to the deluded yellow haired power clown playing the invisible accordion”

    1. True comment there but really he hates anybody thats smarter than him especially people of color and even more especially women of any color.

    2. @Lee Abraham True comment,hates just about 65% of America,then again the other 35% are just there to stroke his ego and give votes.

    1. @Pete Lind Obama would really cause trump a stroke! I rather Obama! if it will raise this Idiots blood pressure, cholesterol, Diabetes, and triglyceride.

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