Memorializing The Victims Of Covid-19 1

Memorializing The Victims Of Covid-19


602,599 Americans have lost their lives to Covid-19. Kristin Urquiza, a founder of Marked by Covid, speaks on the importance of remembrance.

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  1. Trump allowed 600,000 Americans to die from Covid while he made fun of people for wearing masks. Please America, never forget this.

    1. Did you know the majority of those covid numbers were lies? They counted people dying in car accidents as covid deaths if they tested positive. It’s very misleading and shameful.

    2. @Vin Unleaded You wouldn’t have had SQUAT to pump into people’s arms… reeeeeeee tar d

    1. Because they didn’t have morons refusing to wear masks and probably didn’t record most of the deaths early on

  2. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside of them right now

  3. Your attitude is never suffering to you, you know yourself best people knows exactly what they are doing

  4. After 35 years together, I lost my wife to covid 19. I’m alone now with just memories and tears.

  5. Friendly reminder that during the pandemic, the Commander in Bleach played golf almost every other weekend while Americans were dying by the thousands.
    The “savior of the republican party,” ladies and gentlemen. Let’s all give him a hand!

    1. I’m guessing your prefs are in the fantasy section under Lego hair hannity and other propaganda….

  6. I personally think that all Americans that lost a loved one should file a class action lawsuit on the Republican Admi!nistration . Now these Republicans have a nerve to not want people to have unemployment and they are the ones responsible for this disruption. A bunch of deplorables, all of them. Disgraceful

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