1. They were on the hunt! These FORMER OFFICERS were on the hunt! And again, I ask? How many other people have these #HorribleFive hurt, injured, maimed now killed? SAD!!!😓😓😓

    1. Exactly. That’s why I call “BS” when people say there are only a “few bad apples” in law enforcement. Every cop that knew of previous incidents and didn’t report them, or lied to defend these cops, is a bad apple. The truth is there are only a few good apples in law enforcement. Very few.

    2. Many she knows these cops are bad coos. This is her fault. She put together the most mentally unfit officers together to kill youth. They did the job she asked.

  2. This looks like it’s going to be very bad. The only thing I appreciate is this police chief for getting in front of it rather than running away. She’s done a good job explaining everything calmly and clearly.

    1. She deserves no credit she’s part of it this is been going on for a long time in that police department this is not the first time that they have committed police brutality and beaten up citizens I’m sure of it people don’t get caught the first time they do something usually and she knows about it there’s probably sickness in that department from the ground up

    2. DAVOS look what you did to the pink solider remember -ISH you not getting no budget remember in the real world of credit you have to pay down your principal your body language BUSTED W.E.F DAVOS

  3. You can’t train a sociopath to not be a sociopath, all cops MUST have an extensive phycological work up to determine if they are mentally healthy enough to do the job correctly BEFORE they are trained. Otherwise we are just training dangerous people to be more dangerous and then giving them a gun and authority over the public.

    1. As a Black woman who was alive during the Rodney King and going forward do not Defund the police however, I believe we need all types of policing, They need to be evaluated, supervised and trained how to handle situations! But most importantly be encouraged to have mental health days! Most importantly take every complaint and concern seriously this needs to be said Police officers who suffer from behavioral issues be terminated and blacklisted! Whatever thier background in the Military or previous security jobs needs to be reviewed! Peer evaluations needs to be conducted not this “Pack Mentality” those Men ruined thier lives because of their ego!

  4. This is a psychological issue no different then a gang. Rage adrenaline a pack. We’re all of them just cold blooded killers before this? Or was it a mix of all of those thing in the moment. Unless they knew him personally this incident shows us a much bigger problem that humans have to were they shut off humanity and animal instincts kicks in.

  5. Throw the whole law library at them. Lock them up for life and when they die bury them under the jail. They are monsters!!! Take their retirement and give it to his family to pay for his funeral expenses.

    1. In almost every case of an officer roughing up or killing a suspect it is justified. Not this one and it is also quite clear justice will be served. But that doesn’t matter to the ANTIFA-BLM terrorist thugs they going to riot tonight for sure.

    2. Lock them up? Why? The cops did what should have been done. Takin out the trash. Dont’ fire the cops. Give them raises and bonuses. Can’t wait to see what Farakhan is gonna say about this killing.

    1. In nearly every case of an officer roughing up or killing a suspect it is a thug and justified. Not this one and it is also quite clear justice will be served. But that doesn’t matter to the ANTIFA-BLM terrorist thugs they gunna riot tonight for sure.

    2. The fact you all think ppl should obey unlawful orders is sick! It’s disgusting. You have rights.😔🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. @AllThingsGood but sorry to tyre and his family his only leverage might’ve been to find a way to deescalate the chaos somehow in the nick of time. Having rights mean absolutely nothing when you are at their mercy. Running away would’ve been my last resort too idk. I don’t understand the motive. I don’t understand why they were so angry and pent up from the beginning. I haven’t seen the entire footage. Im not sure if i can swallow that..

  6. This interview will be played by the defense. Case closed on this alone.

    More chiefs need to be this transparent.

    1. @JAMES C She actually mentioned that she can not recuse herself from the responsibility of being their chief. I don’t think she’s trying to escape accountability for her role in it all as the chief.

    1. @luis velez She is doing damage control. Memphis has a systematic problem with police terrorizing it’s black community. She is aware and is only covering her arse.

    1. That’s probably the smart move. I’m wrestling with watching it myself. I’m always cautious about desensitizing myself to horrible acts.

    2. Don’t watch it, I said I wasn’t going to, but then I started watching it and immediately had to stop, I couldn’t get beyond the beginning 🥺😢

  7. It is disturbing to think how long these officers have operated with impunity, glad the chief is stepping up and speaking out.

    1. To think that this “stuff” was allowed to happen under this police chief who apparently cares….makes one wonder what “stuff” happens under police chiefs who don’t care, don’t know or don’t want to know???

    2. @Ayn Rand Fan Because you’ve been to Africa you can’t possibly be racist? Make that make sense please.

  8. With all this getting out in front of what happened tells me this is a clear cut case of murder. I cant remember there ever being this much press from the officials before anything is released against their own. This is them knowing what we’re going to see is something they can’t cover up and sweep under the rug.

    1. @Scarlet Red That video was owned by Memphis. They lucked out on controlling their own timeline to release the videos.

      If a civilian had recorded this on their phone, it would be on social media the night it happened.

    2. She’s the Memphis chief of police whether some of you like it or not. The vast majority of Memphis citizens along with elected city council members through an open public polling voted her in. These events are held every month or quarterly at every community’s local city hall annex building. They are open to the public to voice their opinions and concerns before an official off ballot selection is announced to the public. Just because it’s not on a ballot doesn’t mean citizens aren’t involved in the vetting process. If you are refusing to attend your monthly or quarterly meetings as an active citizen then what’s the point of vain babbling. Take responsibility for your inaction. The chief of police fired their a** before due process in a court proceeding which says a lot. She didn’t have to do that. She could have waited however she knew what she and the Memphis Police Department Special Counsel viewed in those body cam footages was enough to make the decision. Now if you are slighting her because you feel it’s her duty to see that all law enforcement is properly trained I can agree. However professional training will never be able to unravel a poor moral compass. These guys were reared up in this type of hatred and inhumane practices. It was nothing she could foresee. She’s a chief of police not a psychiatrist.

    3. Wait, these don’t look like the supposed white supremacist cops child grooming, looting/arsonist lefties have lectured us about! Oops!

    4. Well,the police were “black”.
      “Black” Police officers don’t receive the same support as caucasian police officers.

      Charges are rightfully applied in this case.

      Now it is proven swift justice can happen with “ALL” police officers.
      Hopefully this sets a precedent for future punishment of police.

    5. While 2 hundred billion dollars are sent to Ukraine, our people are getting murdered ..what’s up, Biden ?? ..think about it ?? Just stop and think about what our so called leaders truly care about …

  9. Sending prayers, healing, & strength to the family also the city of Memphis.. Rest In Paradise sir Tyre 💜🕊💜🕊

  10. RIP Tyre Nicholes you didn’t deserve that brother my prayers are with you and your family it’s so sad that as black people we have to live in fear of so many things just to live are lives. But I know one day it will definitely get better for are people

    1. Memphis has high crime areas, that needs to be addressed…..As a black man myself car jackings, shootings &
      create these incidents……smash & grab….we got no black leadership, just “coons”

  11. This is the most empathy I’ve ever seen a cop show in this type of situation. I appreciate that shes not hiding behind the shield like they always do.

    1. @Tuborg 2 well being a fucking dumb person yourself, go ahead, try and spin your way out of the obvious black people connection.

  12. The Main issue is that Police Officers ( White, Black, Male, Female) truly Believe they are ABOVE the Law and can treat people HOWEVER they WANT, Without being Accountable and without Regard to Human Life, let alone their Rights!! The Police UNIONS MUST MUST MUST be held accountable and Laws MUST be CHANGED or this will happen again and again and again!!! JUSTICE for TYRE!!!!

  13. This is what transparency, accountability, and empathy look like. The other law officials need to take note.

    1. This happened in her department by 5 of her cops. It sure didn’t look like it was their first time doing it either. You think the chief is doing a good job?

    2. @Garage Geek Guy you are speaking about the incident, I am speaking about the handling of it according to this video. Just to clarify

    3. @Victory House fair enough. Give her an Oscar for the speech, then fire her for allowing that culture to breed in her department

    4. I honestly don’t yet know enough about what happened, what the suspect did or didn’t do, and what the officers did or didn’t do. BUT, I just wanted to comment on how unusual this is for a police department to move so swiftly against 5 of its own. In sharp contrast, there was a shooting in a crowded Costco in Corona near my home. For several years, the officer responsible was not charged with anything. He was placed on administrative leave, and nobody was allowed to view the video for about a year as I recall because the DA was worried about prejudicing witnesses or otherwise compromising the case. They wouldn’t even comment on the case for the longest time (months!), citing (you guessed it) the “ongoing investigation.” He was off-duty at the time and he killed one autistic (or at least, non-verbal emotionally disturbed) young man who allegedly pushed him, and nearly killed his parents as well. ALL except the off-duty police officer were completely unarmed, not threatening, and his parents were even begging for their lives. Didn’t matter: the officer shot all of them, shooting his elderly parents in the back as they were trying to get away (they never threatened the officer, verbally or otherwise, at all). Seems to me this officer committed murder, and very clearly should never have shot these people. Neither the Riverside DA nor a grand jury filed any charges against the officer. The State Atty. General had to intervene and file charges, and this finally occurred just a few months ago, when the officer was finally charged. But to me, this is the rule, not the exception. Most officers who commit such crimes are never even fired, much less charged. THAT is a problem, and it is a huge problem: blue protects blue, and not infrequently, covers up for blue illegally too.

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