Meng says that Canada's 'kindness will be remembered’ 1

Meng says that Canada’s ‘kindness will be remembered’


Meng Wanzhou spoke after the United States dropped its extradition request, paving the way for her return to Chain.

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    1. She wasn’t in jail.. she was house arrest in million dollar home with many great restaurants within delivery range lol

    1. China’s great victory! Canada is only a dog of the United States, but the United States is also about to be wiped out by the fort Detrick virus. What a beautiful scenery

  1. Successful companies from other countries should learned a lesson. If your company is doing well and American cannot compete against you. This will happened to you.

    1. @Grizzlyx9 Just Search Apple and Samsung accusing and suing each other in court for patents dispute. Everybody is copying everybody. Your brain is like a 2 yrs old toddler . Grow up.

    1. @David McKeon if they are really spies don’t release them, don’t claim they are not hostages and then release them at the same day, it is so obvious that is a kidnap in revenge, don’t pretend you are innocent and follow the rule of law, when she is retained she is free to move around and eat out and do luxury shopping and the two Michaels were barred from visiting by Canadian officers.

    1. It’s not sincere in the slightest. She cost Canada billions of dollars in trade, albeit with an evil country. All she had to do was sign the papers and she would have been sent to the United States. So this was intentional.

    2. @Fred Sky it caused her 3 years of her life cause of phoney charges, she should sue for additional damages when she gets home. Now it’s time to free Assange from being American’s political prisoner as well.

    3. @Fred Sky Spoken like a dictator. He’s a whistleblower being silenced for revealing the truth and crimes committed by the American government. It’s in the public’s interest to know about policies that the government is enacting on them in secret.

    1. @Nick Manning My suggestion is Canada better have her own Independent policy but not try to act over smart between 2 super power in this planet. are you agree with it?

    2. @L. 假裝自己是Trend Follower come on. You think they do not know they’re Canadogs of master Uncle Sam? What can they do? What can a dog do?

  2. Every leading Company of each country has to learn this case and also to remember of Alstom from France. It is absolutely hooliganism covered with legitimacy.

    1. She wasn’t a hostage. The Americans had actual working proof to use in court and she lived in a palace, with constant permissions to wander about. THEY lived in solitary in cement cells with ZERO contact with the outside. Not even their lawyers. And they NEVER did anything wrong.
      THEIR BRUTALITY will be remembered…

    2. @TheJimprez The American law should not apply to other countries. Their motive is to destroy Huawei and have advantage in the trade negotiation. It is about politics and don’t pretend it’s about the rule of law.

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  3. This wouldn’t have escalated to this point if we had a prime minister that was qualified for the job! What a joke and disgrace to Canada Justin is!

  4. She’s thanking our laughable justice system for allowing her to languishing in the lap of luxury for the last three years…

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