Menstrual Changes after Covid-19 Vaccination | TVJ News - Sept 22 2021 1

Menstrual Changes after Covid-19 Vaccination | TVJ News – Sept 22 2021


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  1. How does this doctor knows that after 2 months the cycle or changes will be normal again? When the vaccine has little knowledge of. Why must people lie about something they don’t know about?

    1. When a doctor prescribed a medication. They get some money from the company that makes that Drug. That’s the reason why Dr doesn’t want to talk about Herbal remedies.

    1. @Raimundo Iefan Fantástico nothing is going back to normal. Its only going to get more oppressive cuz they want to control our minds.

    2. @Raimundo Iefan Fantástico me too, my Doctor told me if I change my mind to not take the AstraZeneca with no explanation but I already know what it contains

  2. I am here in the UK my work colleague told me that from she took the V her period flooding she never experienced heavy flow before.

  3. Poor Jamaican we r under a demonic attack. Churches come out on the by ways n edges to proclaim god Jesus christ

  4. It is VERY important that the changes affecting men be highlighted too. Certainly wouldn’t want to be later on in life.

  5. Well sir how do you know that the cycle will return to normal? Have you done a research? Your ready to dismiss these women claims as if they dont know that something as change since they took the vaccine…some men are also complaining of disfunction too..

    1. Someone shared with me that she had double periods a month up to 3 months after taking the vaccine but it regulated itself.

    2. That was my big question as well! He says that they are NOT SURE THE SITUATION IS LINKED TO THE VAX but in the same breath say it will change .STILL TAKE THE VAX. Halt the darn thing n check!!!

    3. @Littishara McLeish Anderson But that was exactly one f the claims .. THAT IT WILL CSUSE INFERTILITY! They tell you its CONSPIRACY THEORY.

  6. why now this should have been done from before the first needle go into a jamaican vain. who is conducting this test ? are they other indipendent studies. wise up people

  7. The bible says woe to the doc and lawyers for a reason, 10 and 15 women cannot have the same complain all over the world and a well thinking human cannot see the logics behind the reason, all these ppl would have the same symptoms. May Yah have mercy on us!!! U don’t need a degree to see, Ray Charles can see the logics and the person who can see cannot.

  8. Who is liable if some serious medical side effects take place in Jamaicans? Simply, NO ONE! You are on your OWN! Remember the Govt. said they ( Govt. and distributors ) can’t be sued if something happens.

    1. @Kerisha Tyrell am sure if they speak up it won’t matter because they are just pushing one agenda if you check

    1. No true….they don’t care… and they find all sort of excuses.omg!! Lord help us not to lean unto our own understanding, please to direct our path Jesus .

  9. I took the 1st dose in August my period was 2 week late (my period would be a day or 2 late but not 2 week). Then it come and guess what it only last for 2 day. (Period always last 5 days)

  10. A friend said the same, she ah bleed so heavy and had to call an ambulance, haven’t spoke to her to see what the outcome is My neighbour’s blood cells have changed from round to clumping together and seriously sick after taking the first one and she seh nah tek the second one. Way too many persons around me have developing new illnesses since being double vaccinated that is shocking me.
    It’s an experiment and true dem ah bring in exclusions everyone ah run tek this experiment. Do persons actually know the ingredients that is being injected in their bodies? And the long term ramifications?
    Good luck my people

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