Mental Health in Youths with Dr Kai Morgan & Shamar Samuels | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. As a viewer, I don’t think Neville could have been more direct. If someone has mental health challenges or issues, why put them on the spot about their problems vs. asking before the show what they are comfortable discussing? Mental health is already an uncomfortable conversation, so reducing the barriers takes educating the parents and “grown-ups” about all areas of mental health. And stop leaving things to the church to handle when it’s a mental health issue or concern.

  2. I wonder how much impact does screen time had on this increase in violence? Our young inhabit a world where they rarely encounter different opinions and as a result are not developing the required negotiation skills.
    You can’t put it on the schools alone. The state of our society and the collapse of families other social structures has meant that support is no longer there.

    1. Screen time needs to be researched in depth because there is likely a strong correlation with violent behavior in young people. It isolates them from vital human interactions where things like conflict resolution and empathy etc. can be learnt from experience.

    1. Jamaican culture should also encourage young people to express themselves more freely rather than mischaracterize it as disrespectful when they are outspoken. Otherwise, they might have no outlet for their pent up emotions and release it in a fit of rage and/or violence.

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