Mental illness Epidemic Gripping Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - Oct 11 2021 1

Mental illness Epidemic Gripping Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – Oct 11 2021


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  1. Clean up the streets and give them treatment, there is too much mental health people walking on the streets in Jamaica.

  2. Daily viewer here. The very mention of mental health in Jamaica and with such intentionality makes me HAPPY. Actually. Please never stop.

  3. The nurse administering the vaccine doesn’t even know she’s to cover the area with a bandaid? Is Jamaica that poor that we can’t afford bandaid to give to recipients after vaccinations?

  4. No other place I can think of where idiots doning firearms and walking around and firing shots wildly like in this country and what we are seeing is not the intended targets getting eradicated it is the innocent members of society such as this 5 year old.

  5. Person with mental illness sometimes can be identified from an early age some of them and they should be treated from an early age. Would this be on TV if the policeman had not died because there are many incidents with mentally ill persons and it was always swept under the carpet. We can find a place to put them just like former prime minister Portia Simpson Miller did when Barack Obama was coming to Jamaica.

  6. Jamaica are at the bottom of the table and has move to two points, omg, the coach and his staff needs to go. We need a complete change in the system, we have world class players who plays in the English Premier League and are so talented and yet we are at the bottom of the table. We have players abroad and here at home who are committed to play for Jamaica and yet things are not going in the right direction. The coach and his staff needs to be replaced, can you imagine him being in charge of a first division side in the English league, and not producing good results he would have been gone long ago.

  7. Happy Holiday from Upper Canada.
    We are thankful and grateful for the wonderful staffers at TVJ news.
    Keep up the magnificent work, my brothers and sisters. Bless you all.


    Sister Marline Jenkins

  8. And there are going to be more Mental persons!! if the country continues like this…food price going up..cost of living going up, are working and it seems as if you are not working, the pay done before it reaches the bank….

  9. Tell the government to give us all good food to eat right now the food mashup me mi mad right now an I’m out of money

  10. Catching them won’t bring back your baby to life hun!!!
    Pray and seek the lord…he is ur judge…my condolences to the family…rest in peace little Angel.

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