Mentally ill Man Behead Man in St. Ann | TVJ News - Oct 8 2021 1

Mentally ill Man Behead Man in St. Ann | TVJ News – Oct 8 2021


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    1. This is so so sad and it could be any one it happen to,is scary my condolences to the family of the man family

    2. U have some in st james when them beg u money and u dont give them them cuss u out i walk far from those mad man

  1. this is a ongoing problem for years, not just now but parish councils or local government don’t want to know about it.

  2. This is a big problem in Jamaica these days the government need to take action these people need help not to be killed this is so sad

  3. People are in denial about aggressive mad person’s and the danger they pose to civilians all over the country , not surprised that man had to loose his head before anything was done .

  4. None of these ppl have unsound mind, if so be the case these ppl have unsound mindhow is it they can kill ppl but none of them not walking into a truck on the highway? Smh a style thing.

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