Merkley: Trump Has Brought Authoritarian Tactics To The Streets Of Our Country | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Luxx The boyz on the right:
      Dylan Roof – Killed 9 people wounded 4
      Patrick Crusius – Killed 22 people wounded 29
      Brenton Tarrant – killed 51
      Jeremy Christian – killed 2 wounded 1
      James Harris Jackson – killed 1
      Chevie O’Brien Kehoe – Killed 5 including An 8-Year-Old suffocating her with a plastic bag.
      Craig Matthew Tanber – killed 1

      Steven Carrillo & Robert A. Justus Killing of 2 police officers

      Other notably mentions:

      More than 175 killed worldwide in last eight years in white nationalist-linked attacks

      Timothy Wilson White Supremacist Suspected of Plotting Attack on bombing Missouri Hospital Killed


      3 arrested with ties movement of right-wing extremistson terrorism in what authorities say was a conspiracy to spark violence during recent protests in Las Vegas.

      So chances are that the violence in the protest were started by white supremacist wanting to start their race war.

    2. @Paul Wilson trumps not helping them either by arresting peaceful protesters. His goons broke a navy vets arm just because he dared to question them.

    3. @Paul Wilson AINt YOU a piece of work. Cover your pie-hole with a mask, MAGAt – Tiny Hands Mussolini is a criminal vulgarian. And BIRDS OF A FeAThER FLOCK toGEtHER – you gross nasty chauvinist TRAITOR – do you ALSO WANT TO FLY THE CONFeDERATE FLAG? you Are what you ARE, MAGAt – and E PLURIBUS UNUM is getting TIRED of your stink.

  1. This is also helping push the right wing talking point that “liberal run cities have high crime and murder rates” .

    1. Fran H. Every instance should be documented and then used in a class action to sue the Govt for a clear violations of citizens Constitutional rights.

    2. @Fran H. Good thing Stormtroopers are only in Star Wars, then! No one is being locked up “for no good reason”.

      By the way, when was the last time you saw a Conservative run city being burned to the ground or with ridiculously high crime rates?

    3. @skyesfury okay Hitler lover Trump loves people like you with no intelligence have a good night son you sound like you’re wet behind the ears

    1. @Ben Dover When you are grab and detained for no reason….I think you will change your toon.
      The President is trampling the First Amendment and you praise him for it….next he will trample the 2nd Amendment too

    2. @Curious George So to you rioting and looting for weeks on end is “no reason” to enforce the law. I’m not worried about what Trump will do, I am worried about the domestic terrorism that the left wants to nationalize.

    1. And Mary Trump’s book and the 40,00 pages of family documents she gave to NYTIMES … 19 boxes that might end up causing lots of trouble for Don the Con. The list goes on.

    2. They’re exploiting the pandemic to weaken the nation and make their hostile takeover much easier.

    1. @Paul Wilson But then he gets Martyr Status: he doesn’t deserve that. He deserves prison for rhe rest of his miserable life

  2. We’ve witnessed Trump express his love and admiration for tyrants like Kim Jung Un and Putin. Trump is now living out his dream of being America’s first tyrant. So basically Chad Wolf is Heinrich Himmler, the head of Trump’s Gestapo.

    What every American should want to know, is how did this lobbyist, and Gestapo enthusiast, with no law enforcement experience, or criminal law background, become the  head of DHS?!?!

    1. @skyesfury He would save that for his next term, but luckily the majority in America are going to show him the door.

    2. @skyesfury You do realize that dictatorships are not born over night…..It is systematic. It is made to make you exhaused and shockless. It numbs you to the daily attacks on the guard rails. I recommend you watch the rise of Hitler or Stalin. Germany was a democratic country until they made into a regime. Don’t be blind to what you are witnessing. And they are trying to stifle free speech. You are being told that the peaceful protestors are causing the violence and the damage. Look at the arrests and you will see that some of the people are coming from other states, other organizations, to infiltrate the peaceful protest and cause this chaos. Some are trying to incite a civil war. Please open your mind and do your research. Don’t be led by one party. This isn’t party about the parties, it is about America and the great experiment gone awry. There are always 2 sides to every story!

    3. David J —why can’t the governor called in the state national guard to safeguard the state citizens from trump thugs?

      trump doesn’t responds to letters, verbal requests or court orders. He is a bully and bully response to FORCE.

      Have citizens turned out in massive numbers guarded by the national guard to protest the invasion and the POS will back down!

  3. That’s what they said in Germany, ” This won’t continue”. Our nation is in denial about this president. We have been in anguish that the other branches of government have been stalled out. We can sleep a tiny bit better tonight, thank you Jeff Merkley !!!!

    1. You know what else happened in Germany? People were thrown in prison, camps, and executed for speaking about the government and its leaders the way you Lefties talk about Trump and America. But you’ll keep living in your brainwashed delusion because you’re told to.

    2. @skyesfury
      Masked “police” beating up a navy veteran who was simply wanting to talk.
      I saw that. It was no delusion. The USA is sick.

  4. I have a bad feeling that we are too late, our only option might be to fight them ourself. This is looking more and more like a civil war. 😢

    1. Inde nmc I do know what happened to traitors last time. They need another dose of reality. Grow a pair, buddy. This country is worth it.

    2. Daniel Burns No, he will not be re-elected, that’s why he’s doing this, to stop the election. (Or maybe a phony election, where only people who will vote for him can vote) whatever he does, democracy is dead.

    3. Horatio Gorganzola that we have a civil war,? no, you do not want that, it will be the end of America

    1. @Sparky McSpark If Durham has any brains, he will never show his face in a public place. Unless it is to denounce tRump’s clumsy attempts at fabricating false evidence.
      Durham might not wanna end up in the same jail as Bill Barr.

    2. @YouTube Moderator never heard of antifa before until Trump said it do you know anybody in the antifa do me a favor you can keep drinking some Kool-Aid don’t give any to your family

  5. It’s time to disband homeland security. It has turned onto jackboot thugs attacking their own citizens.

    1. @Bud Fudlacker All I want is legal law enforcement. I have no problem with Constitutional law & order. No gestapos.

    2. @northerniltree Don’t even pretend you are about anything, if they were so bad they would messed those fools up! You are just another moron waiting for the crime to affect you! KAG

    3. I remember when this thing was formed in 2001-2002 and always suspected it’d get used like this.

  6. I thought Trump supporters were anti-establishment and all in for freedom. “Drain the swamp” was a slogan, if I remember correctly. It looks like the swamp is bursting, the “establishment” is having an Russian-style authoritarian syndrom, and freedom is only for the chosen ones. It´s all thanks to Trump. Just imagine the horror of 4 more years!!!

    1. @Steve B Wait a minute. You’re the one saying “that people” in your own comment, and now you say “Depends on who you ask?” Man, you gotta be more careful.

    2. @steve tucker Where are all of the videos showing this? I am not saying it never happens but all I seem to see is police attacking peaceful people with examples such as the navy veteran, he did nothing to warrant that treatment.
      Or how about the group of mothers in Portland who were pepper sprayed while standing peacefully in a line, or the senior citizens who have been violently thrown to the ground, or the kid in portland who caught a less lethal to the face and fractured his skull his crime was standing stationary with a boom box, or the videos showing protesters calling out and chasing off agitators which contradicts your other point.
      And what are your thoughts on multiple instances of right wingers instigating violence at protests?

  7. If obama did this, trump be foaming at the mouth, but trump can’t end this pandemic. OPPS, that’s out of his league

    1. @Blue Toile “As it is, decent people(anyone not under Trump’s control) are on their own.”
      Says the puppet who has the backing of the Media, several terrorist groups, and numerous corporations…. You’re so totally on your own…

    2. Romerryll – we all know he wouldn’t. Not his style. I said IF he did this, trump be foaming at da mouth. Remember, the key word, IF, not saying he did it

  8. This is disgusting. Every American citizen should be horrified by “Operation Legend.”
    If you value your freedom or the Constitution, please familiarize yourself with Germany’s “Enabling Act” of 1933 or, “The Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State of 28. February 1933”
    I’m sure Stephen Miller knows it by heart.

    1. @Xela somar they know the window for them to maintain dominance is closing. They only have a short time left, and they’re desperate. But they are massively outnumbered, thank God.

    2. Leonie Romanes correct…do not let them forget it and do not relent.

      Biden 2020

    3. Germany celebrated a 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler’s life a few days ago .
      Trump might get his holiday!
      Look at Mussolini while you’re at it! 👁AVANT!i👁

  9. Don’t forget his love of the confederate flag, the swatstika and thugs like Capone and epstein and mall=wellVOTE VOTE VOTE dump-stir out of the Oval Office. Merkley makes perfect sense

    1. @GreenIdLady 1 In 3 months there will be a Republican Senate, Republican House, Republican President and when Ginsburg dies a Republican Supreme Court. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

    2. @YouTube Moderator LOL!! “sick burn” bro. The way you used your Super Sekrit Psychic Skills to crush me with the painful truth has inspired awwww in all who witnessed your RAW DISPLAY OF POWER. Hehehe! Don’t let your memes just be dreams! U KIN DEW EEET! Remember, your life matters. To everybody.

    3. @Leo “No more GOP 🚽 PARTY in our government .”
      Because Democrat run cities that are being burned to ground is what you want for all of America? No thanks.

    4. @Norma Hernandez “Trump the Tyrant…..we know who you really are!!! Get Out if the White House!!!”
      You know what actual tyrants do to people who bash them and call for their removal from office? They execute those people. And yet, literally no one has been executed for bashing and insulting Trump.

    5. @Joseph Whisnant Obviously you’re the one who’s been smoking something stronger than cigarettes.

    1. @Rocco Lore …supposing that is true – it could as well be the boogaloo boys – you are okay with what is happening in Portland ? You honestly want to defend this authoritarian behavior ?

    2. @michael bergeron “..Massive…” And Where were ‘they’ While he hid behind his Daddy to avoid Military Service? Trump is a Weak Coward and a Bully (that is REDUNDANT because COWARDS are always Weak And Bullies). You do know that your comment is: Beta Manish, Right?

    3. @Rocco Lore Hope you have nt ingested any Lysol or Bleach like your Magafool leader recommends, cause you appear to be stupid …

    4. michael bergeron 😂🤣😂 You must be the voice of experience. Did you enjoy them? 😂🤣😂

  10. These so-called officers need to be reminded that “I was just obeying orders,” didn’t work for the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials and it mustn’t work for them.

    1. That begs the question, who, out there in the rest of the world do you think is going to come rescue you and put them on trial?

  11. Why is everyone acting so surprised now? Anyone with two functioning brain cells has been able to see Trump’s authoritarian tendencies on display for 3 and a half years. The man has been a threat to democracy since day one.

    1. You are on point Jay. Adolph Trump made it crystal clear that his allegiance is to putin. NOT AMERICA. So what did we think was gonna happen?

    2. @Bruce Seifert I see you’ve been reading up on your history. Well done. Trump has tried to keep that a secret, but at long last the truth is out. Well done, patriot. Now which why to the Egress?

    3. @andrathomas97 Don’t be too tough on the handicapped. Skyesfury insists on eating out of the kitty litter box, perpetuating the delusions. It is also scaring the cat and spoiling his dinner, and mama told him to stop. Maybe it’s time to increase the dosage.

    4. @skyesfury Let us put you to the test.
      Do you think that (no matter if Democrat or Republican) a business owner should be president of a country, given the principles of running a business being practised?
      In addition to that, do you think that a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar should ever be in any position of power over people?
      I am really interested in seeing honest answers to those two questions.

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