Merrick Garland Delivers Remarks As Biden's Nominee For Attorney General | MSNBC 1

Merrick Garland Delivers Remarks As Biden’s Nominee For Attorney General | MSNBC


President-elect Biden's nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland, discussed the importance of the role he may fill and vowed that the rule of law is "very foundation of our democracy." Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Merrick Garland Delivers Remarks As Biden's Nominee For Attorney General | MSNBC


    1. Yes!!! Welcome to Democratic rule.. it’s not happened yet but already they are restoring sanity, integrity and peace… I bet we get 8 years… Can’t wait for these 13 days to pass..

    1. Yes. I look at him and see the stolen seat. Justice is finally being served for Democrats (hopefully gaining seats in the supreme Court as well)

    1. @Dawn Green Hi, I wish you well. You are a brave and honourable woman, that is plain from your text. You have done the right thing for America. Sending you best wishes from England.

    2. @Dawn Green I too am surrounded by the TRUMPERS in Southern Mo. I’m too stubborn to let them scare me off although I have been nervous and did not put out signs this year BECAUSE of their VIOLENT Attitudes. I still stood

  1. They did him very wrong. He can redeem justice by letting American Justice play out the way it should. Let Justice sniff out every crime committed since 2005.

    1. @Devo why do you think Clinton and Gates need to be locked up? Be careful how you answer that question, because you already sound like QAnon Qrazy!

    2. @Devo let me ask you an easy question. Your answer will tell me if I should take you serious or if I should keep disrespecting you.

      Who won the U.S. 2020 Presidential election?

    3. @SCOTUS says BidenWon well Clinton and Andrew seems to be set in stone. Videos, pictures, flight data, names, witnesses that can confirm. Why they are still free is beyond me, the only reason is “elite”.

      As for all the other like i said only time will tell. Why you call someone Qanon just to weasel out of a discussion is beyond me. What i said is not a conspiracy, it’s public knowledge.

    4. @SCOTUS says BidenWon Biden and if the did a full on audit it would be set in stone, so no one can complain. It’s a simple question that for some reason gets denied. The gab is to big to change it. But there are still people that made voter fraud and they should not go free out.

      And im not as atupid as to say “there is no fraud” cause there is, just nod big enough.

      Well atleast i know with people like your mind set we wont stop the divide. If a simple vote investigation already stops you from believing.

    5. @Devo you still did not say what Clinton did nor present evidence. I don’t know Andrew. It is not my job to find evidence for your Claim. Public knowledge excuse is a cop out. Jokes are also public knowledge.

      There is no way to show everyone 150 million votes. That is not how it works. You can be a ballot counter. You will learn the experience of how it work. You promote doubt is a system that America has been using for 250 years, he first democracy since the Rome ended their democracy by placing doubt in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

      I can tell that you don’t know how to do reach. You cannot make a firm claim against Clinton if you cannot do the research that allows you to present evidence and sources to support your claim. Knowing how to do research also means you know how to verify information I give you.

      So I know that how ever you got your information about Clinton, is information you never verified. I only imply that people are stupid if I suspect them of being a Trump Supporter. I make republican politicians and professors look stupid if they defend Trump. I got into an argument with a republican lawyer congressman from Florida, and I clowned him.

    1. @jeck jeck I agree with you. Trump’s Republicans that have been so proud to be part of Trump’s Coup, should be held accountable!! IMO.

    2. Democrats need to be labeled Domestic Terrorist, they are Traitors to America!
      The criminal corrupt Biden family just wants a new Chimerca Utopia! And the corrupt criminal dems help them!
      Dems have been killing Americans, Burning down cities for months!

  2. I am disappointed that it’s not Glenn Kirshner but I am not disappointed that Joe Biden chose Merrick Garland. He is a good man. The right choice.

    1. Yes Glen! But I’m sure his purpose to team justice will be still far reaching as it has been. I love Mr. Kirshner

    2. I agree completely!!!

      This is justice coming home.

      I wanted Glenn also, but this is still PERFECT!!!

  3. Hunt down and arrest everyone who stormed the Capitol. Try them, prosecute those who deserve it and send them to jail where they belong.

    1. … including the six elected officials from the GOP that were in on the coup attempt, if not leading it.

  4. Already better than Bill Barr. I’m sure he will do so much better than Trumps personal attorney.

    1. Democrats need to be labeled Domestic Terrorist, they are Traitors to America!
      The criminal corrupt Biden family just wants a new Chimerca Utopia! And the corrupt criminal dems help them!
      Dems have been killing Americans, Burning down cities for months!

    2. @john lerner your as far from being an american as chalk is from cheese buddy,get a life and grow some more brain cells so you can understand just how utterly stupid you are.

  5. ARREST trump for inciting an insurrection…. or he will keep causing CHAOS for the rest of his day in office and in life…

    1. true, you know that lying comes naturally to him, he could romp through a lie detector test, he calls black, white. this pathetic evil monster
      And his dumb BIMBO of a wife thinks it’s ok to teach her son, that, lying is ok

  6. Thank you very much, nominee Attorney General Merrick Garland.
    This country needs some accountability for a change.

    1. @Santy Clause Good, principled man. Now just compare him to gnome Sessions and Billy Barr … Mr Garland will be a wonderful AG 🙂

  7. it feels like an eternity since we have had a real ag! it took a while but we are going to be ok now! this is a day for the history books!

    1. @lexa harpell correct. He always has the ambition for presidency. In 90s he even tried to run for president. 2016 was risky for him because of strong anti-incumbency sentiment against President Obama. 2020 and T**** was perfect for him

    2. @hells bells As VP she will have nothing to do with it. Also, Joe has already stated that he will leave everything to the AG – the three branches of government must remain separate. However, I will miss her questioning of reprobates!

  8. Endearing that he called out his immigrant grandparents with emotion in his voice. Empathy has been in short supply the last 4 years.

  9. And so now we know why he was not elevated to the SCOTUS – he was meant for this job. And we NEED him for this job.

    1. True at the AG is where daily business is booming. He is needed there for quick sanitization after Bill Bar’s pollution.

  10. Merrick Garland should have been confirmed as a justice of SCOTUS.

    However, he will be a great Attorney General.

    1. it will be so much sweeter for this man of integrity to start the process of empowering our country again by bringing justice to the many vile and unjust we have seen in the last four years run rampant. and how sweet will it be if our new attorney general prosecutes our old attorney general for his illegal shennanigans.

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