1. This is so sad. May their families and friends find the strength to continue. RIP. 🕊

  2. It’s sooooo dangerous to chase tornadoes….but no one could imagine that it wasn’t the tornado that took them….it was another vehicle on the road. My prayers and thoughts are with the family of the three college students.

    1. @KUK WHISPERER we can help by thumbing down all the videos made by there storm chasers

    2. @lesmo whomever angry much……calm down…..you commented to me……you asked me where I got my information……then you told me that I didn’t know what you knew…you need to stop sending me comments if you can’t be civil.

  3. Im so sorry for all those who lost their family members and friends i hope some time in the future when grief isnt tearing your hearts and souls apart you will find happy moments of your memories of your lost freinds and families member and you can find peace and love in those memories… americans are extremely thankful that there are people such as your loved ones who run toward dangers to give scientific evidence of storms to help fellow citizens of usa stay informed and safe, know that we are praying a blessing on our rosary for your loved ones and their courage of helping others….💙🌪🙏✌🕊🦋✝️🛐

  4. They looked like a fun group of guys too. I feel so sad for their families and friends.

  5. This is going to sound crass, but so be it. There is one word followed by an intentional misstatement in this report that gets my attention — hydroplaned. Followed by “and then was hit by a semi-truck.” How about following hydroplaned with “uncontrollably into a semi-truck.” Yes, it is sad. It is unfortunate that these young men lost their lives but shifting the suggestion that they innocently were struck by a truck driven by a person that had their vehicle under control is disingenuous.

    1. I absolutely agree. If anything they were endangering others by chasing the tornado and this was proof.

    2. @Donn Mckee often its because of stormchasers that towns are able to have better warning of upcoming severe storms. Storm chasers save lives.

      What the full report says it they hydroplaned off the interstate and then came to a stop on the inside lane where they were then struck by the semi. Even professional and veteran storm chasers have died in the line of work.

  6. So sad to hear of these young lives lost and the loss to meteorology community. May the families and loved ones find comfort in the enthusiasm and inspiration they brought to others.

  7. Three beautiful lives lost much too young! This is terribly sad & heartbreaking news! To their families, friends, & Oklahoma University students, educators & administrators, may you all find peace and comfort in your recollection of the amazing lives lived by these fine young men!

  8. Love and light to their families at this time. These young people died doing something they loved which is cold comfort to those left behind. 👵🕊️🕯️💗💗

  9. Prayers to their families and friends🙏🏼✝️🤍🤍🤍. This is truly heartbreaking💔 I pray that God brings you comfort and peace✝️✝️✝️

  10. Love and comfort to the families that are grieving for their young family members. Prayers to all.

  11. This is really unfortunate, to lose your life in the pursuit of knowledge through investigation. May they rest in peace.

  12. Just heartbreaking to see this. My condolences to their families. I can’t begin to imagine the pain to lose their bright young men.

  13. So sad. A news article said it took the first responders 5-1/2 hours to get them out of the car. It couldn’t have been worse. 🙏

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