Mexican candidate killed while handing out campaign flyers 1

Mexican candidate killed while handing out campaign flyers


Mexico is witnessing a wave of killings in the run up to the hotly contested midterm elections in early June. At least 87 people seeking office have been killed in recent months, according to a Mexican consulting firm, and hundreds of others targeted. CNN's Matt Rivers reports. #CNN #News


  1. Shows what an immensely big economy narcotics are, when the cartels are the de facto rulers in Mexico.

    1. @The Devil All The Time What happened in Australia when they passed gun control laws? Look it up! Keep up the ignorance! Statistics don’t lie, people do!

    2. @Charles Bartlett What about it dumb dumb? How they disarmed their population while killing their own people? Yeah they killed the guy crocodile Dundee was based off of disarming him, what a civilized country .

    3. @The Devil All The Time you literally cannot buy guns in mexico there is no fun stores like the United States, walmart doesnt have shotguns in mexico

    4. @AC visuals ASMR There’s one gun store in Mexico for law abiding citizens actually.

    5. @AC visuals ASMR man ignorant people could at least look it up before you spew nonsense.

  2. So, if you want to win, you say “hurrah for the drug cartels. I promise that NO cartel member will be jailed if I am elected.” And then 1) Get the gold. 2) Win the election. 3) Live.

    1. yep. it’s basically like Trump, only instead of drug cartels its Putin and big oil

    2. replace cartels with corporations, and there is no other difference from all other “democracies”, especially ours in the US. Shout out citizens united ruling by SCOTUS.

  3. That is so fucking insane, I can’t even wrap my head around how anyone even has the balls to run at this point!

    It’s a shame there isn’t anything we could do to help them without it looking like we’re taking over their elections, but maybe if our funding for the DEA could stop raiding legal dispensaries for weed in the U.S. and could be diverted to helping Mexico fight the cartels, that would be money well spent. Until Mexico gets them under control they have no chance at having real democracy.

    1. How about we recognize that the War on Drugs only finances crime. We should have learned our lesson with Prohibition, a hundred years ago. Vice crimes cannot be stopped by legislation, and have no victims, get rid of vice laws. Do as many states have done with cannabis. Legalize all drugs and sell them in state run stores that tax them. This will both reduce crime, which would help reduce our prison population, and bring in revenue. It also would take away drug cartels’ profits. Also, legalize prostitution so that sex workers are protected from disease and violent customers. That would also reduce revenue to mobs.

    2. It’s starting to happen here… how many republicans keep citing fear when they go back home as a reason for the way they vote on many issues? AOC continually voices her concerns and fear… they tried to hang the VP and other members of congress on Jan6. You think Mexico just turned into this over night? Wake up! We are marching down the same path, and people arguing over phucking masks and “socialism”. WTF?!

    3. @Deborah Freedman totally agree! When you you bring these things out of the dark you minimize the their impact on society & reduce harm. Laws force things into the shadows with no regulation. It creates more problems. I believe the government should not regulate what I put in or do with my body as long as it doesn’t hurt others freedom. Autonomy, that’s liberty!

  4. Illicit drug users, underground arms dealers and the US politicians who enable the drug trade to the US and Canada must also be held accountable. Legalize drugs!

  5. Big business rakes in the profits while people are dying on both sides of the border. Its time to ask what exactly is the role and relationship of our government and corporations. No one wants this except the ones who are profiting from carnage.

  6. May he rest in peace. He was a hero! It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

  7. Imagine how many people trump would have killed just to stay in office another 4 yrs

    1. He would kill us all if he could, he tried with the pandemic. He tried, but the American people came together and voted him out.

  8. Kudos to CNN for broadcasting this when others are not… but this tragedy took place May 13th and it took 2 weeks for this story to be reported.

    1. Fox won’t touch it… it hits too close to home for the conservative bunch

    2. There are those in US that are taking aggressive cues from this type of Narco State. But 88 killings that’s real fkd up

  9. Kind of amazing that America, the richest nation on earth, has done so little to lift up its neighbours. Imagine if they had invested in central and South America over the last 100 years. Instead of trying to hold them down and steal their wealth. Shame.

    1. The massive drug addiction problem in the U.S. encourages drug cartels in Mexico to act with ruthless violence. This is why consumption of illegal drugs should be seen from the perspective of a public health crisis with plans to reduce demand for illegal drugs and rehabilitation for those that need it.

    2. America, is the continent, the United States , the nation it lifts up the neighbours threw illegal economy, biggest drugs consumers, if you create the demands, there will always be new suppliers .

    3. Hello friend, sorry for intruding into your privacy, but I wish to write to you. How are you ?

  10. The internet is a blessing and curse. These comments make me concerned for the rest of humanity

    1. If you’re just becoming concerned for humanity then you really haven’t been paying attention. At the best of times, people will just eat each other and not give af. Even Jesus didn’t get a pass on that.

    1. I truly believe sometimes you need Chinese style governance in some countries to run the country. Democracy is a fairy tale not for everyone.

  11. This is what Dump’s vision of elections in the US are.
    It starts with Trumpists trying to run Biden campaign off the road, and ends up like Mexico.

  12. It makes you question anyone who made it in politics in Mexico. At this rate, if you do achieve office… it’s easy to assume you’re backing the cartels.

    1. The cartels lost billions when Trump was in office and now the borders are wide open that should tell you everything you need to know about Joe Biden and who’s pocket he is in.

    2. Your elections were stolen, its going to come here next. You’ll never get another election again.

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