Mexico elections preceded by spike in political killings 1

Mexico elections preceded by spike in political killings


Mexico heads to the polls in elections marred by violence in which 88 politicians and candidates have been killed between September 2020 and May 25, according to one Mexican consulting firm. CNN's Matt Rivers reports.
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  1. So they’re killing off people they don’t want in office in Mexico? That is utterly insane.

    1. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 look up operation Fast and Furious America has been have in their hand in all of this

    2. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 Obama’s Fast and Furious Legacy lives on I wonder how many guns they still have because of him

    3. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 – from The Grayzone

      In an interview aired on Mexico’s Telemundo network in May 2019, a former CJNG soldier described his experience at a training camp and claimed that the cartel employed U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) to train their recruits.

      According to the former sicario (assassin), there was “a group of elite Marines, there were [members] of the United States Navy, there were Delta Forces, there was everything there.”

      Mexico’s Los Zetas cartel trained by U.S. military forces
      The most well-known example of U.S. training disseminating into the wrong hands has been Los Zetas.

      The Zetas were enforcers for the Gulf cartel, which recruited deserters from Mexico’s Airborne Special Forces Group (GAFE). Formed in 1986 as an elite quick reaction force specializing in counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare, the GAFEs received their first combat experience in the brutal fight with the leftist Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) in Chiapas, when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect in 1994.

      According to reporting by Mexican journalist Carlos Marin, the army deployed the GAFEs in Chiapas to create paramilitaries and displace the population in order to disrupt the support of the people in the area for the EZLN – a counterinsurgency approach which would later be used against organized crime.

    4. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 – you’re right to an extent but it does have something to do with our government and yes, even under Obama.

    5. @OrionXZ
      I’ll say it to your face, demon baby in front of all your peers and then fight you all at the same time…
      I got nothing better to do and you’re stained from the blood of every innocent child destroyed by evil since the beginning of time straight into the eternal furnace

    1. The CIA controls the cartels in Mexico and are using the cartels to do their dirty work in Mexico. In return the cartels get a chunk of the profits and the drug market

    1. As a Mexican Yes this is cartel. No president can speak against a the cartel when it’s stronger than the government

  2. That guy was a friggin hero!! We need a million more like him, America needs even one like him.

    1. Those killed candidates are murdered by US Cartels, not just Mexican cartels, didn’t you know? we all know that. CNN reporter is ban to say that.

      US Cartels provide weapons via NRA, NRA is well know to be involved in 34 Cartels around the world not just in Mexico.
      The problem is in the USA, where 78% of drog addicts are.
      As simple as that.
      CNN reports as it were Mexican issues alone. CNN (CON NEWS NETWORK)

    2. That’s why Republicans are NRA’s slaves, and some Democrats as well.
      That’s why is hard to beat the NRA, Wich is the Biggest World “legal” Cartel .
      Neither Colombian nor Peruvian, not even Mexican cartels are the real problem since all of them have their headquarters at FAIRFAX Virginia USA.

    3. @DANTE van Der Spaans No they don’t they blame America for most the world’s problems maybe pull your head outta Trump’s arse for a few minutes and you would see that.

    4. So… OK. When you have a male dog and you get it fixed, you don’t refer to that dog as a female… Why on earth would you try to force human beings into referring to other male humans as a female for getting the exact same thing done?

    5. @DANTE van Der Spaans – I hadn’t heard anything about the NRA being involved in something like that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. But it’s not just the Republicans. Followers of *both* “parties” find themselves wrapped up in these PACs that are doing *nothing* little or that they claim to be doing. I don’t need an organization to back my rights or tell me what my rights are. Everybody wants big daddy government and its bedfellows to tell them what they can and can’t do.

  3. Oh c’mon, can we PLEASE STOP MURDERING people for like two seconds? Hello, where are your manners… the ALIENS ARE WATCHING!

  4. Mexico is such a god damn beautiful country, that’s infested with a virus worse than covid. America really damaged that wonderful place beyond repair.

    1. @Nabor Sabor the Obama administration helped build the Wuhan lab in the early 2010s while fauci was saying if there’s a pandemic in the future it’s worth it because of disease research. You people are lost in touch with reality

    2. Look up operation Fast and Furious definitely corrupt politicians have had their hand in Mexico drugs and money

    3. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! Really? the south western US is technically Mexico. It’s so ugly that your ancestors stole it?

  5. And the saddest part, guess from where all the weapons are coming. Such a beautiful country dominated by crimes and corruption.

    1. Saddest part 3 Attorneys/Politicians made it all happen, they created wars to make Power and Money. If their were no Attorneys making laws and than profiting off of the laws that they created, there would be .

    2. The CIA controls the cartels in Mexico and are using the cartels to do their dirty work in Mexico. In return the cartels get a chunk of the profits and the drug market

  6. The way things are in Mexico I am sorry to say it but it’s like we need another Porfirio Diaz in power… #MakeMexicoaPorfiriatoAgain

  7. Looking at the statistics politicians getting Target by crimes seems like they take their politics they’re very seriously almost a little too drastic though

  8. That’s how you know he stood for something. They cut him down. You need protection 24/7 when you speak like that

    1. The CIA controls the cartels in Mexico and are using the cartels to do their dirty work in Mexico. In return the cartels get a chunk of the profits and the drug market

    2. @Trip Building that is why people have the right to bear arms in America. You need people with values and guns, you can’t get change in a country if you don’t protect the people with your values.

    1. The CIA controls the cartels in Mexico and are using the cartels to do their dirty work in Mexico. In return the cartels get a chunk of the profits and the drug market

    1. @F Youtube said the Fox viewer who prefers his brain being dumbed-down by America’s version Pravda News.

  9. That’s exactly what happens when you don’t use your governments military to take out the cartels

    1. Most of the government and military Are the cartels. The cartels control people from the highest ranking military officials to the town drunk. It is a gigantic web.

    2. Agree . well México , lefty pro israel obrador thinks ,huggs will solve the drug and violence sounds like AOC

  10. This is beyond sad. This a huge signal to the world and Mexico’s people that things will NOT get better anytime soon. Those politicians died as heros and they knew what they were risking.

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