MI AG Drops The Hammer On Conservative Activists Over Election Robocalls | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

MI AG Drops The Hammer On Conservative Activists Over Election Robocalls | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel talks with Rachel Maddow about filing felony charges against conservative activists Jack Burkman and David Wohl for allegedly sending thousands of intimidating robocalls with the intention of discouraging voters in a state Donald Trump won in 2016 by only 10,000 votes. Aired on 10/01/2020.
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MI AG Drops The Hammer On Conservative Activists Over Election Robocalls | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

74 Comments on "MI AG Drops The Hammer On Conservative Activists Over Election Robocalls | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Today the Republican Party is a criminal political cult obssessed with power and greed, and to achieve their two priorities, they will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING..

    Since 2016, we have witnessed a test of the depths to which the Republican Party will sink. How much corruption, how much collusion with foreign powers and betrayal of the national interest will that party’s elected representatives stand for?  Well the results of that test are abundantly clear, shocking, and horrifying: There is no bottom.

    The GOP is now a thoroughly corrupt party. Trump is a symptom, not the disease, and our democracy will remain under threat even if and when he’s gone.

    The corruption we see in the Republican party today can be defined as institutional depravity. It isn’t an occasional failure to uphold norms, but a consistent repudiation of them. It isn’t about dirty money so much as the pursuit and abuse of power—power as an end in itself, justifying almost any means.

    The modern GOP as a whole, is overwhelmingly corrupt, and dominated by fanaticals and extremists.  Anyone imagining that Trump being defeated in November will lead to a moral awakening, or that republicans will return to democratic political norms once Trump is gone, is living in a fantasy world.

    Republicans have chosen suppression and authoritarianism, because unlike the Dems, their party isn’t a coalition of interests in search of a majority. The Republican party isn’t interested in what the majority of Americans want. The Republican party doesn’t even hide it’s contempt for the American people.

    The big question is whether America as we know it can long endure when one of its two major parties has effectively rejected the principles on which our nation was built.

    • Rune - Thorne | October 2, 2020 at 8:26 PM | Reply

      @Buff Straw exactly

    • @Edgardo Galvez Projecting much? It would be much more accurate if you change Republican to Democrats (Party of the KKK).

    • @Steven r “Not absentee voting but universal voting. Do you even know the difference? There is no verification for universal voting.” Steven, I’ve volunteered 5 times to work the polls. EVERYTHING is verified. I’ve seen the process up close. You have not, I’ll wager. How many times have you worked the polls? Judging by your ignorant condemnation and dismissal of a process you don’t understand, my guess is ZERO. Get back to me after you’ve had some experience.

    • @Steven r “When you vote absentee, you request the ballot,. When you universally vote by mail, the ballots are sent out in mass without being requested.”
      That’s how we do it here in Democratic California. It works fine. It’s also how they do it in Republican Utah. It works fine there as well. 0.000004 percent voter fraud. Not enough to make a mosquito-sized dent in the results.

    • William Casey you make us impoverished already. How many people can’t afford their homes in places where I live in N.J. because the property tax is almost as high as the mortgage. I guess you aren’t familiar with tax Liens on property that very well end up as ownership of the deed going to the democrat run government on someone’s personal property. That’s just property tax. How about you add up all the sales taxes, payroll taxes and taxes on services? How much is left for the man who actually earned the money? How many times do you tax the same money? It’s way out of control and it’s just a scheme to take the fruits of a mans labor and give it to another man who didn’t earn it. 2/3 of our national budget goes to entitlements. So you want to bet paychecks? You already steal half, now you want what is left? Of course you do.

  2. Who is surprised? Trump Covid-19, Melania, “We don’t care, do U “

    • Adrienne King | October 2, 2020 at 6:13 AM | Reply

      @Grim Reefer In fairness I did write SOME people.

    • @NoSkillzDad You and me both. And every other decent patriotic American too. I’ve never felt so optimistic.

    • Elliott Bethea | October 2, 2020 at 6:47 AM | Reply


    • Honestly I don’t really buy it ,he has to have something up his sleeve or his last card! Sociopaths are willing to do anything just so they can try to get off…..they want ppl to feel sorry for them in the mean while their busy trying to hide all the truth that is flowing on the media……his personal doctor has not even given any details and the last one he had lol he paid to say wat Trump was as healthy as a horse or cow lol. I don’t buy into his scheam!

    • Wonder if she’s wearing her Green Jacket. The one that says I don’t care do you. She’s right we don’t care we hope you’re on ventilator soon. We don’t care. You showed us you don’t care so why would you think we do. That’s a message to Donald and Melania. Remember Melania be best. Whatever the f*** that means.

  3. Yay..I hate those robocalls…!!! We Know you can track them, I’m glad that you can catch them.

  4. trump is done…he is done…all of them under this administration…

    • @Michael Riley I know what you are saying. My mom prays all the time. I question God sometimes but I do believe he has helped me during my 60 years. I believe in treating others as you would like to be treated.

    • Jim Battersbee | October 2, 2020 at 4:15 PM | Reply

      It’s worse than that, America is done.

    • Michael Timely | October 2, 2020 at 5:52 PM | Reply

      @Michael Riley You idiots invented a god that hates humanity as much as you do. You are the greatest threat to our survival in human history. Your doomsday cult may be ancient but for all that time it would have taken something like an asteroid or super volcano to make your evil dreams come true but in the modern world we have the wherewithal to do it ourselves. Fifty years from now no one will be waiting for your demon to destroy the world anymore, they will know it was people like you all along.

    • Michael Riley Now, that’s an interesting take on the whole bible prediction stuff I hadn’t heard before. Normally people citing verses or bible passages are only people somehow believing Trump is the second coming of Christ himself 😂.
      I’m must say I’m intrigued now..maybe I should find a bible somewhere and read it up. More in scientific than believer mode, but nevertheless. Tx

    • Michael Timely Well, the humanity-hating god is more Old Testament. Very different with the New Testament and Jesus. That’s all about love, forgiveness, inclusion, not condemning someone for what he’s done or what he is…
      The problem is that the religious right doesn’t live by these principles and is totally perverted. Same goes for the long, bloody, corrupt history of the institution of the church. If everyone would live by the core ideas of the New Testament, believer or not (and I’m not!), the world would be a better place.
      Don’t attack Michael, he hasn’t pushed anything unto you, and he hasn’t done anything to you. He apparently just has made some profound experiences that let him to believe there must be a higher power of some sort. Leave him alone. Or you’re no better than what you’re trying to attack.

  5. Andy Schatynski | October 2, 2020 at 3:44 AM | Reply

    Trumps has COVID-19 how convenient.

  6. Andy Schatynski | October 2, 2020 at 3:47 AM | Reply

    Trump saying he has COVID-19 works for him on so many levels (con artist that he is).

    • I think hes faking it, Hes going to come out of it just fine and then tell Americans that its not a big deal. Hes using it to play down the virus because thats where he is doing bad in the polls.

    • Yeah we all feel sorry for him now…not

    • They are now talking about the election being suspended on Fox ‘news.’ Trump is doing EVERYTHING to stay in OUR white house. He needs an eviction notice *NOW!*

    • Helen Lindsay | October 2, 2020 at 8:26 AM | Reply

      @Sir That’s my thoughts exactly.I made the very same comments on another news channel.trups always has an ulterior motive for ANYTHING he does.

  7. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Vote like your life depends on it, “Because it does.”VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency and bring back empathy, decency, leadership, and patriotism. Vote no matter what. If you receive a mail ballot fill out, sign, seal, add postage if needed, and mail the next day (If you are in Pennsylvania don’t forget your privacy envelope or North Carolina a witness signature) or take to a secure lock box or to an elections office. WHATEVER HAPPEN THIS YEAR VOTE! No matter what happens ignore Trump’s propaganda and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! vote.org or (your state).gov or votinginfoproject.org all these sites are tools to help you vote in your state in this up coming election.

  8. *Vote early don’t be intimidated by Trump’s false Ballot claims don’t be intimidated by the traitor and liar vote him out save America*

    • Fletcher Christian | October 2, 2020 at 8:18 AM | Reply

      @Colin Head Colin it’s a Russian Paid troll…I would bet Trump’s life on it.

    • Fletcher Christian | October 2, 2020 at 8:18 AM | Reply

      @Ron It reeks of Russian paid troll.

    • Don’t be fooled by those documents which are being withheld until after election …They would release them in a flash if they had dirt on trump but that’s just my opinion

    • @Robin Smith Is any father to be held accountable for his adult child’s crimes or misdeeds (unless he is complicit)? There are millions of sorrowful parents whose adult children are criminals, addicts, and so on. Must we castigate these parents or do we show them compassion? Should we conflate the child’s actions with those of the parent, or still see each as individuals, responsible for their own actions alone?

      Similarly, can any adult child be held accountable for the misdeeds of a parent if they do not willingly collaborate? Doesn’t Ivanka deliberately benefit from her father’s wealth and presidency – not only by using him as a stepping stone to her own powerful political position, but also in her business dealings to obtain lucrative trademark contracts? These benefits have been handed directly to Ivanka by her father. There is nothing to suggest that Joe Biden aided and abetted his son, is there? Whatever Joe Biden’s son might have done, did not require Joe Biden’s knowledge or participation.

    • Humble sapiens | October 2, 2020 at 4:23 PM | Reply

      @Robin Smith Hunter may be Joe’s son, but does that mean that if Donald Jr. was corrupt that you wouldn’t vote for Trump? That looks an awful lot like hypocracy. Why not just look at the two candidates on thier own merits and then exercise your vote.

  9. Duncan Mathope | October 2, 2020 at 3:57 AM | Reply

    Thanks Dana,AG of Michigan for bringing charges against Jack Burkman and company,these are the people associated with White Supremacist

  10. Stupid is what stupid do.
    – Forrest

  11. Lock them up and I am sure someone who looks orange is behind this tactic. No surprise!

  12. I honestly wouldnt put it past him of faking this all so he can tell people that the virus isnt as bad as the media makes it out to be. Watch hes going to come out in a couple weeks and say im fine no symptoms over played virus then more will believe him and vote for him. He knows that he is 60% of Americans are scared of this virus and think hes not handling it well

    • I too agree. I’m often wrong, but when he’s so protected with tests daily with friends [criminals] around him how could he possibly get it? Yet another lie – you bet.

  13. If anyone is found guilty of voting suppression should have their right to vote taken away permanently!!!!

    • @Jem Thirtysix umm I thought if you were convicted of a felony you lose your right to vote not sure if you were in jail you lose the right??????

    • Edgardo Galvez | October 2, 2020 at 6:31 AM | Reply


    • Hendrik Alspeer | October 2, 2020 at 8:27 AM | Reply

      I agreed

    • @Edgardo Galvez dude, are you really a voting American? Or another Russian troll inciting us to violence against each other? People in the US have rights. Like the right to vote, but also the right not to be immediately executed!

    • Sean Richey tell that to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

  14. Johan Degraeve | October 2, 2020 at 4:38 AM | Reply

    He is NOT tested positive. HE announced it and always lies. He lost the debate, he does a hoax, he will come out of it saying: “See, just a little flue, I was right, I am ALWAYS right”.

    • WRONG. I got $50,000 in cash that says it’s very real. AND another 500,000 that says the MF will be dead before the election,…….whether by c-19, suicide, assassination, or hit by a meteorite or lightening, heart attack. etc.etc. My baby, Karma will NOT let me down. .

    • @Baby Teano no. boris johnson got a hUGE positive bump when he contracted covid (JUST when he was severely failing).
      trump having covid AND “mild” symptoms (milder than hope hicks atp) would:
      1. make him him align with “young and healthy” (by ‘surviving’ a virus he doesn’t have)
      2. allow him to lean into “no big deal”
      (among other advantages, including getting him out of future debates)

    • Wayne Kay I hope you’re right🙌

    • Jim Battersbee | October 2, 2020 at 4:21 PM | Reply

      You can believe he has it only when it kills him. What is also disgusting though is Pelosi “praying for him”. The hypocrisy is eye-watering.

    • sympathy votes. All other leaders who came up positive got a boost in their popularity.

  15. The election doesn’t count the people’s vote to choose the president! It counts just over 500 electors who are picked by the people already in charge!!

    trump lost by over 2 million last time and yet where is the leader that the people chose??

    The ONLY upside to this is that REAL positive change happens at the precipice. Here’s hoping for sweeping change to protect the people’s voice and equality for ALL not just the rich and corrupt

    Ask everyone one simple choice and I guarantee I know what most would pick

    Do you want to pick your leader


    I can have this person over here that you don’t know pick someone for you to lead you. Don’t worry about his views, I picked him.

    ::Edit:: still vote blue in 2020 if only to show the winner exactly what america thinks of this racist failure of a “business man”

    • You’re absolutely right. The electoral college can be rigged, and that’s why republicans love it. I challenge anyone to show me another democracy in the world, where the person with the fewest votes wins. There isn’t a business in the world that would pick their CEO using this system. This system defies common sense. And to think that Hillary was almost three million times more popular than Trump.

    • @Cort It made perfect sense 200 years ago, It lets you get votes for your states population. It was no good letting the people vote for president if youre a state where you dont let all the people vote, so your state can have votes for all those slaves that cant vote. All this crap about it means smaller states are listened to and count not just the big cities? sorry no…its just another relic of slavery.

  16. Robert Lavelle | October 2, 2020 at 4:57 AM | Reply

    Concerned governors should post National Guard at every polling place. Especially to ease the fears of the elderly voters.

    • Elaine Burnett | October 2, 2020 at 6:29 AM | Reply

      I am sure that for some folks posting the National Guard at every polling place would have the opposite effect of “comfort” But people should keep their cell phone charged and call the local authorities, like the Elections Office, or the police-if they have good relations with them, and report any attempt to harass, bully or intimidate with words, blocking entrances, or other ways to scare folks from voting….which by the way is a Federal Crime which any 6th grader knows.


  18. The timing of Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis just keeps getting more & more convenient…

  19. *Ttump* _”I have the CoViD and therefore can’t attend the debates.”_

    *Ttump 2 weeks later* _”I took the untested and rushed vaccine and now I’m better than ever! Buy it! BUY IT!”_

  20. Trump and Republicans are frightened of the power of your vote. Do not let them win. Vote 🌊in numbers never seen before and in numbers to big to rig.

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