MI Secretary Of State: 2020 Election Was ‘As Secure As It’s Ever Been’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

MI Secretary Of State: 2020 Election Was ‘As Secure As It’s Ever Been’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. Trump is right, in a third world country the third world leaders allow and promote any goons “defending” the supreme leaders agenda, in a first world country, a real leader would condemn behavior like this immediately.

    1. @Sharlene Jones Please have some common sense and compassion, and not politicize the suffering of the Jewish people under Nazi rule to fear monger and push your insane agenda

  2. “The fraudulent election results are rejected with objective evidence … smile and push the COVID…”
    “Roger, COVID pushed”

    1. Wow, I can hear the loser sobs😭😭😭😭😭 cross country! Geez . No fraud happened 80+ million Americans were fed up with the 🍊🤡. Republicans & Democrats! Get over it or crawl back into your cave.

    2. @Alicia Espinosa hope you have extra Kleenex ready on inauguration day when ORANGE MAN RAD smoothly transitions into his 2nd term 😉

    1. Yeah people who see conspiracies whenever things don’t go their way really are blind. Can’t wait to see trump pout his way out of the white house!

  3. Like bots.. Funny how almost every video Msnbc does it’s always 50 50 ratio, but yet comments don’t support it. And don’t says it’s because the left doesn’t post things lol

    1. Yes fruad has happened in elections.. Its mainly been at local and state levels.. It has never happened on a scale that has tipped the outcome of a presidential election.. So?

    1. In a place where they count votes, they moved a container (a.k.a. “a suitcase”) containing material (quite possibly ballots but almost certainly material relevant to the election) from one part of this room-for-counting-votes to another; and somehow, from this sliver of footage, you see “fraud”. You’re insane. Get help.

    2. @redponii Insanity is turning a blind eye to possible fraud and avoiding a thorough investigation because of hatred for one man.

    3. @Rich These claims are being examined by the courts and they toss them out. Who else is supposed to be investigating? The public based on Trumps rantings and some YouTube videos? While our legal system is not perfect, it is far more trustworthy than Trump. He is selling you a fantasy so that he can A. swindle you out of money in case he can’t maintain power and B. Use your cultish belief to obfuscate truth with alternate reality narrative and, if he can swing it, move you to violence so that he can maintain power. You are being fooled and you look like a fool.

    4. @redponii Perhaps you can explain why they sent all the Republican observers home, and then continued counting. Fraud.

    1. They are waiting for all the Small Buisness’s & Mom & Pop shops to be Totally broke !
      According to Deepstate Fauci
      Deepstate Media’s
      The Deepstater’s in public office’s .
      The Homeless should all have died from the China Flue 🇨🇳 !
      Regular Flue kills more Annually !
      Their Tests showed a fruit
      & a Animal had China 🇨🇳 Flue !

  4. I’m older than I ever was, doesn’t mean I’m old…. as secure as it’s ever been doesn’t mean it was secure…interesting choice of words

    1. You are reading too much into her choice of words. Trump lost, even if he was cheated, so what? He’s cheated so many times in his life its about time he got a taste of his own medicine. And his supporters deserve to know what the people who supported Hillary in 2016 went through, his supporters deserve to suffer. They don’t deserve to know comfort or safety, especially if they are going to threaten people who don’t go along with their coup attempt.

  5. Did you notice?…

    they’re no longer talking about the Russians stealing the election…

    what changed? 🤔

  6. Please everyone, ignore the last four years of media screaming fraudulent elections and donald trump trying to steal the election. The results are 100% accurate and as pure as the driven snow

    1. Because once they confirmed that there was interference, there was infrastructure put into place. Trump-appointed officials were put in charge of making sure we had the best cybersecurity we ever could, and they (specifically Chris Krebs, former head of CISA) confirmed that they did their job and shut down any attempts of interference.

      The experts in place, placed there by Trump himself, have no reason to lie. But by telling the truth (that the election was secure), they’re being removed.

      Imagine being the head security guard at a bank, and you establish a good team and structure to ensure there are no robberies or other breaches of security. This is what you were trained for and you know for a fact things go well.

      Now imagine being that security guard and getting fired because the heads of the bank THINK that money may have been stolen. No evidence of break-in on video, no evidence of forced entry into any vaults or anything, and review of the ledgers all show that the current amounts stored all line up perfectly.

      Yet you still get fired.

      (Also, Shantae doesn’t appreciate you standing up for power-hungry, money-grubbing tyrants.)

    1. Yeah cause they’re all terrorizing her and her kids. Oh wait that’s the left.

      If history repeats itself, the left terrorists and harrasses. The right takes it time and again. Up to a breaking point

  7. Around 7 million United States citizens have confirmed Hillary Clinton’s observation that Trump supporters are deplorable. Not only are they deplorable they are unconscionable deplorables

    1. My post should have read 70 million unconscionable deplorables instead of 7 million unconscionable deplorables.

  8. The hardest part about these overgrown babies, is that it makes it hard to tell children to “behave like an adult” when they act-up. They will just reply: “I am acting just like those adults.”

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