1. Once again, Putin is visibly upset. He sorely misses the feeling of orange makeup sliding down his inner thighs.

    1. @С С Or, it could be there’s several personalities kicking around in your old noggin’. Get checked out to be safe.

    2. Расстроен только Брендон, наверное по этому упал с велосипеда ✊🏼

  2. Of course they are running out of steam. Putin didn’t ask for Iran’s help because of the brotherly bond they share. Putin is acting just like Stalin did when he attacked Finland.

    1. And several huge differences: Ukraine has eight times the population that Finland had when the Soviet Union attacked, and no-one helped the Finns. Ukraine has the backing of most of the world.

    2. Uh-huh, only before that, in the 20s, Finland attacked Russia twice… oh, I forgot how your American state Department says … <>)))

  3. I hope so, running out of steam. Russia! Good reporting job CNN from Aspen, Colorado. 🇺🇸🎏🌧

  4. Why does it seem like so many opinions are turning to facts🤔what could someone gain from something like that🤔

  5. When you are a dictator, and Stalin is your model, you can define failure as success and your nation will have to believe it.

    1. Tim O’Brien
      how was Stalin a failure never lost power and united majority of Europa and helped to defeat Germany, fall of soviet union was not before the 90 by other leaders foolishness to abandon the greatest thing ever

    2. @CG The union fell and he lost. What history are you smoking? Your smoking something spectacular! 😆 Enjoy.

  6. UAF have destroyed over 30 ammo dump and command centers. Russian main advantage in Donbass region was a 10 to 1 advantage in artillery.. and Russian offensive is constrained by limited man power.. So M16 chief assessment that ‘they run of steam’..

    1. FSB is more your thing – amirite! I wonder does it actually say FSB anywhere on your paycheck when you get it?

  7. Make no mistake about Russia already having “won” whatever that means .They are toying with Ukraine,systematically picking apart the country.The Western alliance is starting to crack and is unsustainable.Another Vietnam going on here,without US boots on the ground.These feel good stories just don’t sound genuine to me.Poor Ukraine and the suffering that’s come upon them.

    1. @Chris Parker good afternoon, agent parker, it probably would, if I was a russian citizen

    2. @Andrew Tingle Firstly, it’s borders and not boarders.
      Secondly, which borders would that be?

      By the way, it’s noted how your default response is kiddy fiddling. The subject must be foremost in your mind, something you want to tell us?

    3. @Сергей Самойлов Sure, tovarisch. Did this month’s salary potato arrive? No? Oh dear, no potato.

    4. @Chris Parkerdude, it’s another currency outside Idaho state but I like that local humor of yours

  8. The color commentary is humorous.
    Putin succeeded in getting the entire world to breathlessly watch his every move and speculate about him, relentlessly.
    That’s Putin’s purpose.
    What’s confusing?

  9. Though the help has been appreciated, I think the West has epic fails in terms of its support of Ukraine with statements of what wont be provided, and delays and limited weapons. Better provision of these with less restriction is what is necessary. It is the inadequate provision and cowardice of Western leaders that has allowed the continuation of the war so long with all the fallouts. Also, the under appreciation of the global relevance of Ukraine to the world’s food supplies etc.
    The Russian people unless directly affected by deaths are not really suffering from damage to their infrastructure lives etc. whereas Russia is allowed to do this with impunity. Mass killing and destruction is easy, it is the targeted approach which is difficult. I am not clear on what the point of having conventional strength is, if you are to cowardly to use it. Putin does not care about Russians resident in Ukraine. This is about land and “status”. Well his status as a mass-murdering NAzi will not be forgotten, nor the West’s shame. Maybe targeted infrastructure attacks in Russia should be acceptable.

    1. How true Andrew the US in this case is too scared to fight it’s own battle but is willing to let the last Ukrainian die for them.

    2. @simon mackie nah not the last, their women are still needed for what they do best… pole / brothels

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