1. this is what we the people have to face, shame and disgrace, when we have to go abroad, thank u MIA

    1. Zara Lux How you know how to respond to Mr. Crandon’s comment when I can’t even understand what he was saying ?

  2. Mia, you are a Trojan Horse in promoting democracy in the Caribbean. Thank you and keep on promoting Democracy. Thank you and God you.

  3. At The Time of Distress, Lawlessness and the Breakdown of Law ,,,I will manifest myself to protect my People,,, We still have good people around,, Good Shall Overcome EVIL,,

  4. Caricom must do somthing for guyanese ,lets get rid of these stubborn politicians Apnu afc. They must ACCEPT theirs defeats.

  5. Lie 🤥 the devil is a lier since when them care but we, where she was when we were balling and cry 😭 😭 for betterment. Steeeeeeewp all them use to treat us like dogs. We curt law is law and it is final like Guyanese forget how Barbados 🇧🇧 used to deport us and put us in cold room and treat us like dogs since when they care steeeeeeewp.

  6. Is the “government” of Guyana accusing GECOM of counting invalid votes? Granger can’t be doing this unless he is still supported by the Army and the police which have pledge their allegiance to him because of race. They may also have a means that ensure the protection of these traitors of democracy Claudette Singh, Lowenfield and Mingo. See how Mingo got off easily with fraud trying to thwart the will of the people?
    This matter only went to the the court of appeal because the judges there are APNU supporters and will act accordingly to the will of the party and their interest.

    However, I like the way Jagdeo is handling the situation calling for his supporters to be calm and to have patience. He knows as an experience politician that if it comes to a civil unrest the army will take over and a state of emergency declared. A civil unrest could be initiated by Granger private goons anytime he already has in place. They are only going through a peaceful process as a show to international observers.
    We may have to wait for the army to put in an interm government which of course will not be the PPP. So, the APNU can hold on to power and which may subsequently call for a fresh election after many years.

    Claudette Singh could have easily have Lowenfield arrested and replaced for incompetence to perform his duty, and delegate the responsibility to someone else. She had betrayed the trust of her people and her profession for I would guess the promise of some of the oil money.

    However, it a shame and a damn disgrace to see that the legal system of Guyana had to be dragged into this dirty episode. And lawyers, attorneys and judges have been made a laughing stock and fools by fraudsters and criminals who were put in positions of responsibility and were hell bent on stealing an entire democratic process. It proves that the law is only there to prosecute the ordinary people for petty crimes but when put in a situation like this they are impotent and dumb-founded. Democracy has been brought to court to challenge the will of the majority, in the eyes of the world, shame on Guyana judicial system.

    This matter MUST go to the CCJ as Guyana is a legal member where there is no APNU members as judges and allow GECOM to make a declaration.

  7. Mia we the Guyanese people thank you for speaking the truth. I really don’t believe these people who wants to rig the election in front of the world. No shame.

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