1. @Polar Opposite or we can blame that ineffectual, greasy, trump bootlicking de Santis and other Republican governing choices that failed to take any kind of action. If you open your state, you are saying you are open for business. Besides most repubs think covid is a hoax anyways

    2. @Polar Opposite that prob why there are calls for Newsom’s recall. But de Santis is way worse and I am still waiting for any kind of remedial action towards him

    3. @Kelli Smith …..Quiz of the day:
      What is the word “ illegitimate “ reminds you of ?!

    4. These young people are the typical Florida/Miami MAGA idiots. They all voted for De Santis because he lets them do this.

    1. @mikesCO right leaning candidates are all corrupt sucks these days tho. So less capable imo.

    2. @Kirstin Frosheiser Engaging in corporate media fear mongering is what’s Darwin Award worthy.

    3. @ocean buoy do you mean 2,000,000 CASES? Do you know what that actually means? do you know how and why there are so many CASES all over the world? Do you know how many of those 32,000 dead were OF ”covid” or WITH ”covid” , do you know how many people each year die of respiratory infections, do you know how many people have died of cancer, suicide …death by medical ”’professionals” each and every year? I thought not. Wake up wake up wake up.

  1. Florida spring breakers will leave, settle throughout the country and create another Covid wave. Here we go again

    1. @Aaron Bonita The redshirts are actually doing more damage. I wish they would take trump and move to another country.

    2. @Lee Holt If you are going to post, at least try to use correct grammar. You are just proving how uneducated you are.

    3. @Jane Herman you obviously haven’t noticed the actions of your hero Biden. He is the true comi

    1. @Ken Nielsen Yes, the rates have certainly gone down but that is not a reason for people to be irresponsible, to which there are people behaving as if it has blown over. People have to get it into their heads how we are all interconnected, just as the partial word of pandemic implies. People travel around.

    2. @Viva La Raza! Your attempt at equating the deliberate murder of the unborn to citizens of the USA exercising their right to go about their normal daily lives has failed.

    3. @Sonia Galindo I agree with you, but to say WeHo is a problem, it’s not. I believe you just cited a bad example. My Republican family has somehow politicalized a virus! They live 30 miles away and my brother got it from a restaurant/bar operating against the law. Gave it to his wife and kids. Another brother’s wife got it a week ago from a 1 hour plane ride! I’m the only one in a large family who will be vaccinated with second dose this Tuesday! Two brothers in law have been vaccinated, one with 2 doses, the other with 2nd dose in 2 weeks. My 6 siblings, nope!

    4. https://noqreport.com/2021/03/22/leaked-images-from-inside-migrant-centers-reveal-conditions-that-are-as-bad-as-we-thought/ How about reporting on this state of emergency? Project Veritas released images they obtained from the recently built migrant “housing” facility in Donna, Texas. They are utterly horrifying as children are crammed inside holding bins with “space blankets” covering them, often from head to toe. These are not the types of living conditions the Biden administration wants people to see, which is why until today we’ve never seen them..

    5. @Brian Nave you realize that more than one thing can happen at once, right? We can pay attention to both the crisis at the border and the utter incompetence of republicans at the same time.

    1. @David Hale well you’re crying about how normal everyday things are too liberal. Sorry that not everyone is an extremist.

    2. @circle A if they were wearing MAGA hats. You people would be losing your minds. Making all these wild accusations of super spreaders. They are killing everyone look at the MAGA lunatics. They are denying science . Blah blah blah.
      But it’s a liberals. Not MAGA.

    3. @David Hale liberals are still calling it a super spreader without them wearing maga hats. You’re reaching for that victim hood.

  2. Now they’re all “Florida Man”. Quarantine all the young idiots for two weeks before allowing them to go home.

    1. @Nuno Dias life and death? From a virus that over 99% of those infected recover from. Yea let’s shut down the world

  3. Miami mayor: Our city has become a tinder, and we cannot have a policy of hoping it’s not lit.
    Everyone under 30: it’s liiiiiittttt

    1. White supremacy strikes again!
      These marginalized college students came to Miami for a well deserved break and the racist Miami mayor wants to shut it down. SMH

    2. Yeah, I’d like to see it all burn down. Humanity is a Scourge on this Earth. Hope all of our cities burn down, and we go back to caveman living. It’ll happen, I pray.

    3. @It Its you do realize we’re in the middle of a pandemic.. Miami has never had a problem with urban week before


  5. Yea! Let’s go to FL for Spring break so I can shake my booty and then go visit Grandma at the old peoples home.

  6. “Too many people are coming here right now, too many are coming with bad intentions”?
    I am not convinced he’s talking about covid?

    1. @Honeybunch same ??? Maybe due to covid, the tourists walked into a what was basically a ghost town and sort of took over… Partying in the mostly empty streets etc. For example, if every where they go, tne partying tourists assume everyone they meet is also a partier tourist makes for some weird new social dynamics… The whole world is just a club environment in that case??

    2. So, I found the ful quote from the video. It explains a few things.

      “It feels in some ways like our city is a tinder right now,” Gelber said. “It’s not just about not wearing masks and physical distancing. It’s also some of the folks coming are coming with bad intentions, so there’s been brawls and even gunplay.” He goes on to say the crowds are just too large.

      I wonder if so many venues are closed due to Covid that people would normally be inside all the venues, where there are rules, security, etc, instead are just all over the place in these packs

    3. Obviously he is not talking about covid! He does NOT care about citizens health. This is all about Big $ pressure and bribery for economic and power advantages of special interests.
      This has nothing to do with the public’s health and safety!

      That said, criminal activity during all these waves of shut downs and lock downs has not gone well for many areas. Add protests derailed by trained crowd instigators into riots…
      This country is being destroyed by special interests using the pandemic as an excuse to further interests of power and $.

      Nothing new going on. All of recent human history since the dawn of capitalism.
      Follow the money.

  7. At 1:56 in some chick turns around and one of her boobs is sagging all the way out…not cute, people.

    1. No, they don’t remember. They can’t remember the lie Fox News told them 30 minutes ago, so forget about last Summer.

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