Miami-Dade Co. Commissioner: I’m Encouraging People To Remain Hopeful 1

Miami-Dade Co. Commissioner: I’m Encouraging People To Remain Hopeful


Sally Heyman, Miami-Dade County Commissioner, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the collapse of the Champlain Towers in Surfside. She says that 51 people are unaccounted for, but she is encouraging the public to remain hopeful as these residents could still be found and first responders are working at the scene. Heyman says that the source of the incident has yet to be determined.
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  1. Encouraging has to be the least effective word used during this pandemic. Rest in peace those that lost their lives last night

    1. @Tamasyn Dosher question? Do 2-year-old trolls even have intelligence because it’s very important to my sociological survey that is always ongoing

    2. @Tamasyn Dosher Word was ENCOURAGING during pandemic was getting old. Think u misunderstood his words. My auto correct hates my words, doesn’t even come close. SRS have been hit hard, I lost 9 to covid, so wasn’t encouraged either.

    3. @Tamasyn Dosher even if you’re going to attempt to abbreviate then you would use the term yor. How dumb can you be

  2. Who is responsible for this tragic collapse? Porous soil? Faulty Construction? Engineering? Bad Building materials? The investigation should expose who is responsible at it’s conclusion.

  3. Kids & pets could still be alive, in crevices. Infrastructure Pres Biden has been asking for, pls y’all, our structures need TLC.

  4. That reminds me of the Oklahoma City bombing. How awful!! Prayers for all of the residences!!

  5. A true accident. I could only believe this was a situation where there are multiple issues that made this tragedy.
    Prayers and condolences for our entire country . First responders from all over.

  6. One can believe that when that complex was built; the contractor used substandard materials in some areas of construction when it was built!!!

  7. Remember when we use only used to see buildings collapse in other countries like India Pakistan stuff like that. Wellllll welcome to Third World America.. Hope they get to the bottom of it because a forty-year-old concrete building shouldn’t fall down..

  8. Whoever approved the plans has a whole lot of explaining to do, one wonders how many other residential buildings also build and approved to the same standards and wether they should also be vacated until they are thoroughly inspected, there must be a lot of very nervous people/residents at the moment.

  9. My heart and my prayers are with all of the people in the building and to the rescuers and Firemen who put their lives on the line!!!

  10. 51 people
    The name of the building is suspicious in itself for this to happen. How well are the records still of the actual people of who they are ? I wonder if some are geton the list for a money scam as well as whatever else is going on there.

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