Miami-Dade Mayor: Operations Paused Due To 'Structural Concerns' 1

Miami-Dade Mayor: Operations Paused Due To ‘Structural Concerns’

One week after the Surfside partial building collapse, first responders were forced to halt their search and rescue operations due to "structural concerns" about the part of the building that is still standing. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava emphasized that crews will resume "as soon as it is safe to do so."

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Miami-Dade Mayor: Operations Paused Due To 'Structural Concerns'


  1. Desantis is in a corner. He’s got to tap dance with Biden over condo collapse and possible future hurricane relief. He can’t afford to have the same thing happen to him as Chris Christy in 2016. Republicans turned on Christy because he didn’t put politics before people after 2012 hurricane

    1. @UC32ftL1kR6AFV7FQCS27W9A and did what exactly ? Did he jump in on the effort to recover anyone trapped in the rubble, or just make a speech ?

  2. Absolutely , the concern needs to be for search and rescue . The fact is that they are all in danger as the rest could collapse at any moment .

  3. Who needs regulations like Republicans love to say. Just let the free market regulate itself, do what it wants. Whoop there is as they say down in Florida.

    1. Regulation mean spending money.
      Republicans would rather we die for their profits.

  4. Don’t be foolish, the only news that’s going to come out of that rubble is that everyone missing is under it dead.

  5. Knock it off. It’s been seven and a half days. All possibility of rescue was several days in our past. Quit torturing these poor friends and family. Thank the rescue folk for their excellent efforts. Move on with DNA analysis of whatever remains you find from here on out.

  6. Sad to say after eight days they’re not going to find any survivors.
    In that case why put the first responders at risk. My heart goes out to the families. RIP

  7. Might as well quit, their just standing on the pile picking up little rocks. The workers didn’t look like they were in a hurry anyway.

    1. I it was China they would have had chains of people moving rubble these people were just Milling around not removing rubble

  8. I’d like to know what the $1 million in condo association dues per year was going towards if not making those foundation repairs?

  9. The most important thing is keeping all the helpers safe. 9 11 helpers suffered. Alot of medical issues. Cml cancer took alot of them to early. Graves. Putting all on my prayerline.

  10. This is just a tragedy, all around. Prayers to the peop-VICTIMS involved.
    May the people responsible be punished and sued to the maximum extent.

  11. Why’d you have to go and say that about the President for just to get your digs in talk about making it political you’re right on the money

  12. There was a notice for years about this building you probably should have condemned it it years ago feeling a little guilty huh

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