Miami Mayor: DeSantis 'Decided He Was Going To Politicize' Pandemic 1

Miami Mayor: DeSantis ‘Decided He Was Going To Politicize’ Pandemic


Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what his city is doing to tackle the spread of Covid-19 after Florida broke a previous record for current hospitalizations set before vaccines were available. He criticizes Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for doing an "about-face" in his handling of the pandemic.

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Miami Mayor: DeSantis 'Decided He Was Going To Politicize' Pandemic


  1. The federal government needs to bring charges to these republican governors who are actively killing their constituents. This is criminal behavior.

    1. @InfinityEight everything was new then.. learning curve, now it all well known they should have known better.

    2. @DK Starzyk
      Isn’t it the law that Mayors decide for their cities? It’s the kind of overreach that RepubliKKKans have always objected to. And I would think that DeSatinic can be tried for civil rights violations and a form of bigotry because he made it illegal for protesters to impede highway traffic, but it turns out that he did NOT mean people who are protesting the situation in Cuba. He wouldn’t want to be prejudiced about certain groups and show preferential treatment to others, except, of course, when the group is pretty much guaranteed to be people who will vote for him. Why Floridians on the right as well as the left don’t demand his head on a platter for that alone. But it seems that Republicans aren’t smart enough to figure out that allowing a precedent to be set by tolerating authoritarian rule, social injustice, etc just paved the way for the same to be visited upon them in the future. Honestly, the ignorance of supporting tRump and DeSatinic is mind boggling. Stupidity blinds their supporters so they cannot see that what they enable and condone they also invite upon themselves. So called “patriots” doing the very thing that the founding fathers feared most. After signing the Constitution Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government do we have? “A Republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.” Mr Franklin saw tRump and DeSatinic coming.

  2. The hardest lessons will come for people who were priveldged with the power and opportunity to assist others but who chose instead to harm others and only help themselves. Karma

    1. @Starbird14 You guys are just dumb. Derp, he isn’t doing what we want, that must be illegal.

      Get a clue.

    1. Lol. False. Utterly stupid post. How are are Democrats bro blame for Republicans becoming fascists?

    1. If by the entire system, you mean trump and his cronies in congress and the media, then yea, you’re correct.

    2. @adobe doug No, he obviously also means the democrats. Of course, to people like you democrats have never done anything wrong ever and anyone who criticized the Left should be deplatf ormed because they’re Russians, right?

    3. Wrong. Republicans are the ones who are politicizing this and have been doing so since the beginning.

    1. @thejunginator1 Don’t have to be a saint to not wish violence and death on people. Just a conservative I guess. But what we expect from the party of BLM and ANTIFA.

    2. @Stuffstuffington Stuff yes, no one in cases and people in the hospital and deaths. Great job at least you are no one at something.

  3. Funny how DeSantis thinks it’s not government over reach when he institutes a ban on masks mandates in school.

    1. Dr. Fauci: Masks don’t work.We don’t need people walking around with masks on.

      Also Dr. Fauci: Masks do work,wear two.

    2. @Bob Stone liberalism is a total mental illness that leads to meth addiction and tweaking out pooping on public sidewalks.

    3. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways Well then I guess that Abraham Lincoln was a mental case, right? You DO realize that is WHY he was assassinated, yes?

    4. @Bob Stone Lincoln was assassinated cause he Restored the union and ended slavery. That didn’t fall into plans of the crown, Rothschild s or central bank. If you knew real history you would know that less 1% of southerners owned slaves but 100% of every demonrat politician owned slaves. Did you also know that there were more black plantation slave owners than white slave owners in south? Or how bout American Indians owned more slaves per person than anybody in America at time of slavery. Bet you didn’t know Rothschild s started kkk. History repeats itself same players doing same thing today

  4. De santis is ok with spreading covid19 and killing his constituents. Voters will remember this, hopefully.

    1. @TyrannyWatch Cuomo’s sexual allegations are a smokescreen, he sent thousands of covid patients into nursing homes to spread it deliberately, so did Whitmer. They don’t deny it, just say it was an accident. So the media covers for it by diverting attention bringing up sexual misconduct. And with trump the Steele dossier was proven fake and stormy daniels’ lawyer is in prison, nothing was ever anywhere near proven and if there was any truth to it he would have gone down, every billionaire and elite known hate him even the Koch brothers, and love your side, which should give you a clue about what’s really going on. Trumps not perfect but he at least didn’t want to lock everyone up and outlaw going to granny’s and shut down everywhere there is to work or go door to door taking temperatures and contact tracinghauling kids off if they have a fever. Look what’s happening in Australia right now, just Google Australia ew restrictions, then look at their covid numbers, they live under total fascism now and the virus is basically fine. None of this is or ever has been about your health and will never go away unless you stand up to it

    2. According to the CDC 382 people have died in the entire US in the last 30 days but sure continue pushing your fear propaganda! According to Statisca Florida is smack dab right in the middle ranked at 28 for covid deaths in the US.. With all of those old people you’d think it would be higher! Go right ahead and believe what you are told like a good sheep!

    3. @Daniel Glover Thank you. Some reality and independent research, good info. The avg age of death for covid is about equal to the avg life expectancy and has been all along.

    1. Your narrative is so off reality I feel bad for our country. He won’t become president because of this narrative. But covid numbers are still 0.02% death rate. If you’re scared of the virus then YOU stay home, YOU wear a full suit. Don’t force others to do something they don’t want over a 0.02% chance you might die. Otherwise never drive a car again, nor swim on the beach. You got more chances of a coconut killing you than dying from covid.

    1. @Lefty Loser The vaccines that were developed while Trump was out playing golf and selling political favors at Mar a Lago?

    2. @Lefty Loser Probably after his staff threated to quit in mass were he to follow his own political instincts. Do nothing and LIE his way out of a crisis.

  5. DeSantis will water the tree of liberty with the blood of as many Floridians as it takes to put him in the White House.

    1. @louis Chaves
      One-third of COVID-19 cases nationwide last week occurred in Florida and Texas, according to the White House’s COVID-19 response coordinator.

    2. @jkanclark Because if we leave up to choice, then morons will continue to spread the virus and make everything worse for everyone.

    3. @No Name
      This is similar to telling all drivers that it’s their choice whether they speed or not. So, you end up on a road where some people are flying down the road, while others are driving at a safe speed. In a short time, people will be killed.

    4. @Kicky These are also the same people that were against seat belts, well the ones that didn’t become meat pies when their body smashed through the windshields and their corpse smeared across the pavement.

  6. Is the governor vaccinated with the’let my people die, or be sick for the seat of their life’ Vaccination? If so , he should have been the first to receive it!

    1. @art kesh thankyou, I thought all dumpers though we did not have any rights except what dumpy wanted.

  7. The cruise industry should bypass Florida, the teachers should refuse to teach and the rest of us should boycott all things Florida

    1. Already partially happening.
      “For cruises departing from all U.S. ports (except Florida ports), Royal Caribbean requires all guests 16 years of age and older to be fully vaccinated”

      I say partially as Florida isn’t truly being avoided, but some other cruise lines like Norwegian are avoiding Florida and suing it.

    2. We should give the Terrorist Organization known as the Republican Party what they want ….

  8. DeSantis is trying to get the Biden administration to bring in stringent rules so he can use it as a leverage against Democrats when he runs for office

  9. Republicans politized the pandemic. The Democrats were all fair and just, and never ever broke their own rules.

  10. Private businesses can demand masks and vaccine proof if they want to. DeSantis’ order is unconstitutional

  11. When they wanted to mandate masks, they said it should be up to each locality. Now a statewide mandate denying each locality from making their own rules is perfectly fine

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