Michael Beschloss Breaks Down Lessons Learned From The Afghanistan War 1

Michael Beschloss Breaks Down Lessons Learned From The Afghanistan War


NBC News’ Presidential Historian reacts to the official ending of the US war in Afghanistan, saying that the US came in the country “with noble motives” and realized that is “a lot harder to end a war than to get into one”

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  1. I’m Dutch, we lost many soldiers in Afghanistan too. I did see a well organized withdrawal operation. Don’t listen to your fascist party and don’t listen to your armchair generals from the press. This time the US Army and the Biden Administration did a great job! Like my French colleagues in Brussels used to say: “Chapeau”.

    1. @Bert Nijhof The difference between ignorance and stupidity is… Ignorance can be fixed by accepting the truth… YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

  2. Biden closed the money spigot.
    That’s why military establishment people are upset. Their current careers and potential careers depend on a never ending supply of cash from the government.

    1. the u.s. is the only bastion of democracy in that part of the world.mind you thus those war ventures were not a waste.

  3. I wish I could say my actual thoughts and have constructive conversation…… too bad fox has comments turned off so it’ll all be trolls because they don’t know where else to go

  4. The “standing army” or the “military industrial complex” that former presidents warned of us needs to be reformed.

    1. I knew that. It’s interesting that military men sounded the warnings. Thanks for responding. Have a nice night.

    2. you’re talking of harry truman ,without that military industiral complex we could have been overrun by the communist and now by the islamist not to mention drug cartels and other criminal enterprises ming you ha.

    3. Yes. The military understand. Or at least they used to. When the military is abused for political ends a lot of their people end up dead.

  5. Thank you Professor Beschloss and thank you President Biden. The Afghan War is over. It was not pretty, but it was done as well as it could have been. Thank you for the 120,000 people we got out. That was an amazing accomplishment.

    1. I agree. I think both Biden and Trump deserve credit. It is sad so many people are using the fallen troops as political pawns. I voted against Trump twice. I will vote against him in 2024 if runs again. But he was right to negotiate an end to the war. Biden was correct to stick to the plan. Sad, instead of remembering the 2,000+ troops killed, people wanted to play politics. Disgusting actually.

    2. Nothing but a second Vietnam, I remember when that war ended. Don’t start or enter conflicts, then we don’t have to worry about the HORROR! Of ending them .

  6. Not a challenging end. Just sad. Many regrets, mostly that we went in and then stayed. That made it a war instead of an “expedition” to eliminate Al-Queda

    1. so the tRoll can’t read. If objective was to deny Afghanistan to be a base for Al-queda, why stay if that is accomplished? Move in, stomp around, move out. Locals will not have targets and will likely decide that they don’t want to pay that cost again.

    1. You Google it. I don’t remember Viet Nam being a declared war either. However, it seems they declared it a Police Action.

    2. Congress never declares war any more. Congress is intimidated by presidents to agree to resolutions allowing the president to do anything he deems necessary, to, in this case, prevent terrorism. One person, or a succession of single persons, the presidents, get to deploy the US military and any other assets based on his own determination that somewhere or other in the world there is a threat. Individual governors issue executive orders mandating masks and vaccines or banning them — person making decisions for 20, 30, 40 million people with no accountability. Does this sound like a system of representative democracy or like a monarchy or dictatorship. Unfortunately, as long as the people can play parlor games with their partisan opponents, with the suspense of shifting fortunes giving the media a narrative that, just like a scripted drama, sells commercial time, this is going to continue, since everyone gets something they want from the status quo: money, self-satisfaction (owning the other side), entertainment. Some see the long-term deleterious effects of these trends, just like some saw the long-term effects of climate change, but there either aren’t enough who do or the temptation to maintain the benefits of the status quo are too strong, and they decide not to upset the apple cart, but go along and hope for the best.

  7. “Lessons learned” the world governments attempts to break America’s will… will never work.

  8. Biden is being criticized by national security “figures”. In other words, criticized by all the people who have been wrong, and lying about their failures, for the last 20 yrs.

    Why are we giving those people credibility?

    And why doesn’t the media disclose the financial conflict of interests (In the way of corporate jobs, stocks, etc.) of these national security “figures”?

    1. Because then they would have to expose [all members of congress] and their own [every cable news network trying to sell a story] financial conflicts of interest as well.

  9. Our motives weren’t noble and we never truly wanted or gave them tools to be independent. We wanted them to be convenient for us.

    1. Exactly. This blather from Bechloss is shameful. Appalling. He needs to go back to school and study the history of Afghanistan. What sickening spin from a supposed historian.

  10. The most important lesson to be learned is ” don’t invade Afghanistan “, England learned this a century ago.

    1. Every country can be invaded it depends what you want to do to the people there. If you play by the Geneva convention then you’ll lose if you go the Carthage model then it’s very easy to conquer anyone.

    2. “Don’t invade Afghanistan.” … That’s a good lesson. The Soviet Union learned it too. Sad that George Bush could not learn it.

    3. @Stan Leeger A good war always gets a popularity boost for the first stting American President who starts it. Then when the reality that war isn’t like a Rambo movie starts to sink in, yanks all get tired of it and look for someone to blame for starting it – except themselves of course.

    4. @Stan Leeger We, the British, tried three times and failed every time. We could’ve told the USA from the beginning that it was a fools errand.
      The thing is we looked at history and thought “No Way!”. The USA thought, with the military-industrial complex whispering in its ear, “Oh Why Not!”

  11. “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
    – JFK, 1/20/61

    Fast forward to 2021.

    “Screw that.”
    – 69% of Americans polled

  12. I believe President Biden has done the right thing with Afghanistan,twenty years is a generation in humans lives.
    Taliban are now totally in power in Afghanistan and we left in total disgust.
    We don’t need to import our own beliefs on others for ,2.2 trillion dollars,twenty years of green zones and men and women of America dying in a civil war most people here America didn’t even understand.

  13. We all need to re-watch the movie “Charlie Wilson’s war.” Sadly there are no lessons learned from any of this. Two trillion spent for nothing, yet the republicans are balking at spending two trillion on our own infrastructure.

  14. Afghanistan has been at war for centuries. — the Russians learned this years ago. They laugh at us as they knew we were in a mess – a 20 year mass.

  15. If afghans don’t want to fight for their country it was good decision to get out no matter whatever Republicans say.

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