Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and author of ‘Disloyal,’ joins Ali Velshi to discuss the Trump administration’s final days and what Trump could do next. Says Cohen, “he’s going to continue to blow the dog whistle, he’s going to continue to speak in code, he’s going to continue to rile up his 26-27% base of this country that he has that’s willing to do crazy things, including storm the Capitol.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. Trump is most disloyal person, everyone who helps or admires him gets sold out, you would think his following would take that on board before they ruin their lives for him

    1. He should have accepted defeat with grace and dignity. That would have made him a true leader. Instead he showed how unstable he trurly is.

    2. Any and everyone who associates with Donald Trump goes to jail and. He threw the people who voted for him under the bus. I heard him say lock them up and. He is always saying lock someone up. I hope he goes to jail.

    1. money solves all problems . my god did they not meet with russian’s to get stolen emails from the server the sec. of states server she was using from her home .. they are not going to jail . if it was you or me how long would it take for charges to be filed . state and fed

    1. If it where back in the day of George Washington and the Continental Army, he would have been hung as a citizen traitor. if he where in the Army he would have been shot . and Washington wouldn’t of hesitated for a second, to give the order to take aim and fire.

    1. The producers of South Park would have thrown that storyline in the faces of the writers and then call the nearest psychiatric ward.

    2. Even the crazy religious nuts are desperately trying to unhitch their wagon as he thunders over the cliff… Its fantastic entertainment.

  2. michael cohen os a rehabilitated man. you can tell huge weight lifted off his shoulders. he even looks happier.

    1. At least he took his punishment and stood before the country and told his truth to power. Not like the coward Trump sad to think we elected a Draft dodging coward. .

    1. @Nicole Marsh No, I don’t think it’s that far out there. They just brought back execution by firing squad before Barr left. Hmmm….

    2. @bert larsen If you actually enjoy free thinking so much, may be you should try it instead of swallowing the regurgitated lies only the truly feeble minded could believe. You won’t find any of the free thinking people inside the trump cult, that’s for certain. They are to free thinking what impeached impeached president ol bone spurs is to truth.

  3. Trump wants a presidential library (library, now thats a contradiction given trump doesn’t know what books are) paid for by donor funding. The next grift? Obviously!

    1. @Sheila Boston I can’t sleep so I’m watching this (and annoying my hubby;) and YOU made me burst out a loud lol. Thank you for cheering me up

    2. @Alan Walker I’ll have to double check but iF the Senate actually convicts this treasonous, would be dictator. I think that would disqualify him for any post presidency “perks.” and if not, the Congress should make it so.
      Or wait! Maybe if he gets one he can build it next to the muliti million dollar Noah’s Ark in Mitch McConell home state of Kentucky! Lol

    1. @bert larsen I don’t support Politicians.

      We get into wars that have nothing to do with us, because of Politicans.

      We have drugs in communities,because of politicians.

      We have poor health care because of politicans,catering to big pharmaceutical companies.

      Billionaires are part of the 1%,the elite,the bankers,corporate.

      Billionaires don’t care about the other 99%.

    2. @bert larsen You are really a mini-me trumpie, telling me my voice doesn’t count? You know whose voice doesn’t count in America? TRAITORS, any ANTI-American who worships a Habitual Liar, Racist, Sexist, Wannabe Dictator, like Twice Impeached Trump. That’s you, Bert.

  4. Of all the people who were betrayed by Trump, the only one I think really woke up and is honest is Cohen.

    1. @Rhonda Bailey Maybe he is. Maybe he’s not. Let’s wait a while and see before we start canonizing him. I suggest we wait for 10 years after he has finished his sentence.

    2. @don of the hut – If he had kept doing Trump’s bidding he certainly would have been obsequious. A brown noser, compliant kind of guy.
      A sycophant, trying to please
      Trump with the hope of gaining personal advantage.
      Instead he had the guts to step up to the plate not only for himself but for his family. Unlike Trump he didn’t want to take his family down with him. He’s paying the price for what he did.

    1. IKTR!! Heck I thought this day would never come I was for sure he was going to get a 2nd term. I’m glad myself & others that normally doesn’t vote did!

  5. You can see it happening already. This guy knows Trump very well so I would not take lightly his words of warning.

    1. Now, you will agree that impeaching him twice was necessary, although he has a few more days remaining in office.

    1. @TheTatteredSpireBiden? NO do not ignore that. Dont ignore those facts at all. Speaking of facts, Trump? Dont compare one evil with another percieve evil to justify your side as the evil thats okay. by talking about something irrelevant to current events he just cause alot of pain and you say that as if your making sense Its Sad

    1. @I.M. Greg And many serial killers are found to be married with children of their own they care for, does that justify their murdering?

    2. That’s very nice Michael Cohen want to warn us about Donald Trump. Some people r not to listen to him nor will they believe him. On several occasions my mother. Told me that this and that was going. To happen and i did not believe her and. She was right. I had a feeling four years ago. That something bad was going to happen and. I am not a Fortune Teller.

    3. @Jim Christiansen Donald Trump is very mad with Michael Cohen. For talking about him and telling all of Donald Trump secrets.

    1. he knew too much. the problem of being an ex Trump’s teammate is how can he sell the truth to the audiences. and if the truth really matters to politicians.

    2. @Vanessa Flynn America has been living a nightmare for 4 years. I hope the FBI monitors Trump’s every words and I hope Cohen is called in by federal prosecuters to testify against Trump and bring him down once and for all.

    1. What criminal Acts?? Are you going to hold Biden accountable for selling out his county…All the bribes his son collected for him in Ukraine…Russia….China…..

    1. If it’s true that money or favours exchanged for a pardon, it’s a crime. If proven he will be prosecuted.

    2. No one…I mean No One is more hypocritical than a Liberal-Democrat. If Trump is corrupt,,,Biden’s corruption is on steroids….Ukraine….Moscow….China…..Biden Sold out his county…wake up you idiots…

  6. Michael’s podcast “Mrs Culpa” is really worth a listen. He really knows Trump & it’s pretty funny too

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