Michael Cohen On Trump: ‘I Think Donald Trump Is Going To Flip On All Of Them' 1

Michael Cohen On Trump: ‘I Think Donald Trump Is Going To Flip On All Of Them’


Today we learned that the NY Attorney General’s office is pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization in New York, in addition to the civil investigation and the criminal probe led by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Former personal Attorney to Donald Trump Michael Cohen joined Joy to discuss.

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    1. Yea, pure jealousy does that to people who have destroyed their own lives by their own actions!

    2. @BEYONDTHE ARCACADEMY Cohen doesn’t have to lift a finger for what you call revenge. SDNY and the NYAG will be taking care of it and it’s called Justice.

    3. @tesladrive1 really? Is MSM your Bible for research? If it is …. you are in for a truth jolt soon! I suggest you take some initiative and research dummy

    1. @CrashBandit Did it Trump bombed Syria and you said nothing.
      Pipeline was going to screw a lot of native Americans. Joe’s infrastructure bill is about you, not the billionaires.

    1. *Trump wiLL SeLL OUT, Ivanka!!! ME??? I wouLd BLow my Brains Out First!!!!*
      *& YES!!! I BeLieve in JeHoVah GOD, but I BeLieve that GOD wouLd Agree!!*

    2. No he doesn’t. He should be in prison. He was wearing the same gleeful smile and dog eyes while he was working for Trump. He is no better than the cause he served. He did not choose to repent, he just reacted to rejection.

  1. Hahah Cohen looks 10 years younger rn.

    Edit: He must be reading YT comments, people have been saying Don the Con will turn on everyone for a long time

    1. Donald’s biggest problem is DA’s usually aren’t keen on letting people turn on their underlings and letting the head of the snake go free.

    2. @Victoria Williams Or perhaps cause he’s no longer in federal prison? Heard being a free man for about 12 months can causes some revitalization in the skin.

    1. *Trump wiLL SeLL OUT, Ivanka!!! ME??? I wouLd BLow my Brains Out First!!!!*
      *& YES!!! I BeLieve in JeHoVah GOD, but I BeLieve that GOD wouLd Agree!!*

    1. Be careful on who you step on, on the way up. You’ll see those same people on the way down.

    2. Who stabbed who? Oh, you meant Cohen stabbing all those victims of his lifelong career of crimes as an Attorney!

  2. Michael Cohen is almost a Shakespearean character. He’s been so many people, from an enforcer to a broken guy to this happy guy who just might have been the most powerful witness in this story

    1. @Mitch Willey huh havent seen Biden impeached twice, insight an insurection
      And now may be indicted for tax fraud. Maga salty tears are oh so sweet

    2. There is nothing Shakespearian about Cohen. It lacks the tragic element and the substance. He has not been many people. He is nothing but a parody. He filled the role of an enforcer as proxy to a rich man and a corrupted society that prostitutes itself in the face of money. Anybody could do this job and succeed or fail as much as Cohen did. When faced with consequences, he was no more broken than ever, he just lacked the backing and had to face reality personally, that’s all. Neither is he happy now, that’s glee and vengeance at best. He is not a powerful witness, because he lacks the standing. If what he testifies is true but lacks evidence to substantiate his claims, his statements are worth nothing. That’s not power.

      Cohen is no more than a decorative filling for a suit, a meat bag with cheap academic credentials and he was never anything more than that.

    1. @Turbo Nerd dont u feel like comic relief in some insane comedy sometimes?
      no matter what u say they want to hate trump so bad they are trusting criminals and making them rich

    2. @Fred Sonic no cohen has a “book deal” and millions of dollars to get to spending
      thanks to u and and ur friends at msnbc

    3. *Trump wiLL SeLL OUT, MeLania!!! ME??? I wouLd BLow my Brains Out First!!!!*
      *& YES!!! I BeLieve in JeHoVah GOD, but I BeLieve that GOD wouLd Agree!!*

    1. Well yea, think about it, hes a proven habitual liar, and a habitually lying wannabe news network, thats 100% propaganda, has been duped by this dweeb, of course hes happy!

    1. Agreed! I just wrote how good he looks and how much fun he seems to be getting to sing now. I had no idea so many others were seenin the same.

    2. @Hershel Yeley & the worst ‘lawyer’ ever. And then there’s the taxi medallion investment. And the Book he hoped to make Trump $$ on. As #45 would say: ‘Sad’

    1. @Vampire Hunter D hunter already did that with the laptop he dropped off at the computer repair store that has his verified signature on the receipt. With all the indiscretionary photos and emails to foreign ccp government officials

    2. @Vampire Hunter D Trump’s attorney who took $600,000 in bribery funds from an AT&T exec months after inauguration and the said exec quoted as “hiring Michael Cohen as a political consultant was a big mistake.” You mean that attorney? Yeah, he sounds very trustworthy.
      Keep getting played by this grifter as your crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome declines further despite Trump no longer being in office…

  3. i just adore the big smile of freedom that Michael Cohen has on his face every time he is asked about trump

    1. i kno right hes a vindictive lil schoolgirl juss like u….no 1 is going to jail tho i hate to break it to u…political prosecutions lol gj america

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