Michael Cohen On Trump Org CFO: 'Weisselberg Has To Understand. He's By Himself' 1

Michael Cohen On Trump Org CFO: ‘Weisselberg Has To Understand. He’s By Himself’

The Trump Organization, and its longtime money man, Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, have been formally indicted. Former attorney to Donald Trump Michael Cohen joins Joy Reid with his analysis, sharing what he views as his experience as parallel to Weisselberg's.
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    1. We want abbot impeached down here in Texas. he is into Trump big lie. He’s a loser and we want a real leader

  1. Trump: “You hang in there Big AL. Be brave. And don’t tell the feds ANYTHING. Don’t you worry, I’ll pardon you just as soon as I’m reinstated, which should be any day now. Many people are saying this. Believe me.”

    1. @Sid Sridhar “the Donald” the guy (can’t even get myself to say “man”, so I will use guy), does not deserve this much respect. He gave Americans none. He killed over 500,000 people with Covid and another 6 in the insurrection.

    2. @Alison Byers Yes sir. I’ve long said that he even meets the definition of a Serial Killer.

    1. @blluedragonfly well I promise you Trump and/or his kids are going to try to flee to Russia before they are arrested

  2. Trump: Al? Never heard of him. Was he the guy who told me how great my hair was? It’s real hair, but the fake news says otherwise. No one has better hair than me, believe me.

    1. My military aide is like “Sir! Your hair!” But look at the shoulders on that guy. We like shoulders, don’t we folks? Like that astronaut from here, what was his name?

    1. @Toni Sumblin That is what I think also. He can perhaps buy his way out of jail time, but he’ll have to sell of most of his properties. And that just might be the best punishment for the old con artist.

    2. He has fall guys taking the bullet for him. The Mafia and other big Gangs use the same tactic and its been effective. Its not going to end well for any of them, but he didn’t say Donald Trump. The gamble is that Allen will turn on Trump, I wouldn’t bet on it.

    3. @Pop Corn Really? The man can’t get a loan from a US Bank. Has a former nude model as a wife. Can’t go out in public without getting jeered. Doesn’t own a dog. Has no friends. All but banned from his home of NYC. Has the indignity of the only president impeached twice. And has legal problems coming from every direction. Right. He has a charmed life.

  3. I’m 70 years old. I’ve never cheated on my taxes and I’ve never made more than 45k a year in my life (one time.) I have no wish to shield these criminals from the consequences of their actions.

    1. I’m with you all the way on this. I’m 65, been single most of my life and paid my taxes every year since I was 12 years of age. I don’t care if it’s Dump or any other millionaire/billionaire, pay your taxes.

  4. That’s what I say he’s like “Shaggy’ It Wasn’t Me” song . it’s never him

    1. @Qahir Makhani there is one with Shaggy and James Corden about trumps first impeachment. Right here on youtube

    2. But it wasn’t him. Trump may be tough on the outside but he is an honest pious man when it comes to business dealings. Many of his employees have good to say about him

    3. @Race car you are mistaken trump has never been an honest man . He’s criminal and con man . He ripped off college students. Lied about covid calling it a hoax and millions of people died and held rallies spreading disease . He cares only about himself . Denies all his wrong doings. He will throw anyone under the bus to save himself .

    1. Fact is President Trump was not indicted because the documents/tax returns don’t contain evidence of wrong doing.

  5. We want to see the orange clown do the ‘perp walk’ – the vast majority of Americans.

    1. @13bustah it’s factless not fact less. And it’s accusations not accusation. Learn to speak and maybe people will take you serious. I doubt it but you never know!

    2. @Dog faced Pony Soldier
      Sorry to disappoint you trumpites, but your maga God is going down one way or the other, and if anyone gets in the way of justice, we’ll crucify him/her too.

    1. Americans have enough good news to celebrate July 4. The prosecutors are saving the big fish for Labor day or Thanksgiving.

  6. It’s the feeling of being used! Let see which side he choose. Trump is a user and care about no one but himself!

    1. @Lee Valley We can tell you have Allah in your life. You talk just like them marxists commies.

    2. Republicans don’t have feelings, never met one that had any. Sorry.
      Need those to “feel used”.

  7. “The more people say it the more it will become a reality” = trump’s entire life including his presidency

    1. Itś well known that The Orange One was deeply affected as a young man when he read The Power Of Positive Thinking. Itś a book that basically teaches magical thinking as a pathway to actual success. He has practised its precepts since his twenties and since he has failed upward at every crucial junction of his life, this concept is cemented in his mind as irrefutably valid.

  8. I see the headlines now “Don the Con” gets indicted. Sorry about the collateral damage but if you swim with a shark expect to get eaten.

    1. Fact is President Trump was NOT indicted because the documents/tax returns do not contain evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump.

  9. Cohen is like Ray Romano
    I love how much he enjoys this!
    He’s popping more popcorn and watching this circus play out more than anyone I bet

    1. Lol. Yup. He has found his freedom now, making up for past mistakes and getting caught up in it all. Now he can laugh at crooks that will never change their ways

  10. Michael Cohen has told people, who Trump is. Some did not listen, now people in his circle are scared

    1. @MajesG MG…just me…Weiselberg did not have any bail set but was considered a serious flight risk so they confiscated his passport

    2. @ScytheNoire The devil always hides in plain sight…that is part of his cunning charm. When the devil tells you he is the devil, folks laugh it off because they think the devil would never tell anyone he was the devil

    3. Scaramucci, Amaroso , Cohen , Stone , Manafort all had no dirt to go after Trump.
      How desperate could you be to talk to Joy and be on msnbc . Joy is the fastest kid at the special Olympics

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