Michael Cohen Released, Retaliatory Sentencing Reversed | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Ohhh Shots fired guys. Everyone has written books about the POSOTUS. LOL. Him and his cult are losers.

    1. @Crypto /Hydra Now where have I seen all caps, nonsensical drivel before?
      Can you memorise this – “Person, woman, man, camera, TV?” I’ll find it amazing if you do…

    2. Trump and Barr are 0 and 3 when going to court over Freedom of Speech cases. He’s heard those 3 words so often he used them to defend the losers who want to wave the Confederate Flag.

    1. Backpfeifengesicht – A German term for someone that needs to be slapped or punched.
      Literal translation: “A FACE BADLY IN NEED OF A FIST.”

    2. @Crypto /Hydra Who are you talking to? O.J. is an adult man who made his choices and paid his consequences. He doesn’t belong to anyone.

    3. @Pashak de Scilly Trump is the Law and Order President. His friends break the LAW and he ORDERS them free. His enemies, not so much.

  2. People should be concerned, the president and AG having the power for retaliatory prison sentencing going on in America.

    1. @Billy Bloggs I hope you didn’t expend too much of your obviously limited intellectual ability to compose your silly comment.

    2. @Purple Majesty Stone was convicted and supposed to report to prison to begin serving his time. He was set free by Trump and Barr.

    1. @TCL Tcl
      I wonder if trump and bar will do a Epstein on each other in Jail?
      Or will tRump demand that that bar do a Putin on him Uh UH Uh Uh!

    2. @TCL Tcl Is Trump building Trump Jail Tower for high prisoners? Good sheets and no Trump Virus. Rich Lives Matter!

    3. msDNC for the TDS affected
      Joe Message does not like your Biden.
      Durham awaits. Thats the real deal

    4. @Billy Bloggs
      DTS or in long text tRumps Delusional Psychopath Describes morons like you perfectly!

    1. Elephant lion giraffe….no wait is that a donkey or elephant I can’t tell the difference says trump..duh?

  3. Cohen and Manafort are being released from jail because of the coronavirus and we are told Stone is too vulnerable to go to jail, but send teachers some elderly and children some vulnerable back to in person school?

    1. Apparently even their racist “All Lives Matter’ slogan is yet another lie.
      Black Lives Matter, Biden 2020!!!

    2. He’s not sending his kid to school. The private school will not open up because of the increased surge of cases and deaths and the concern for the health of their students and teachers. How about that?!

    3. @Warren Shiflett If the pharmaceutical industry can make profit from it there will be loads of vaccine. But most probably so expensive that they can be sure that no Latinos or Afro-Americans can afford it. Monsters! Vote them out!

    4. @Jutta Soliman Good point! Based on what we have witnessed so far with how the pandemic has been handled here in the US, I expect there will be some sort of issue relating to the vaccine. Affordability could certainly be it.

  4. Crooked Rogers stone can talk to the press, can write a book, can show the world how crazy he is: but Cohen can’t 🤔

    1. @Dolores Reynolds did you notice that Trump didn’t pardon Stone? This way Trump can still hold a jail sentence over Stone if Stone ever decided to testify against Trump.

    2. @Stephen Werner Actually, it was so Stone could continue to refuse to answer questions about his involvement with the treasonous orange clown’s various schemes. Had stone been pardoned, then he could no longer refuse to answer questions about those events and could have been charged with obstruction of an investigation, tried again on those new charges, and been sent back to prison on conviction.

    3. Solange Page… Trump only allow people to write good lies about him… this is dictatorship with the senates approval 😡

    1. Yes j swift, Cohen was individually attacked and threatened and intimidated by the DOJ which prison system is “under”..they individually sought out to punish and keep Cohen’s mouth shut..and barr is behind this big time..so sue away Cohen it is your right.

    2. @Paul Wilson Ha. Look, country boy–Bunker Biatch isn’t going to let you get in his shorts, no matter how badly you want it.

      Here are two suggestions to help keep your mind off your active phanta-c life:

      1. Lose some weight.
      2. STFU.

      Be sure to keep us posted on the weight loss, Tubby. Hope it works out. Keep injecting the Lysol! 😄😄😄🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Are you trying to say ‘good people everywhere please remember that President Trump is a Russian asset and secretly works for the KGB’ ?


    1. As veterans let us convert our rage into effective political action that demands 100% justice for *every single crime these traitors have perpetrated* . I want to see every person involved from the clerk who cut the orders up to the orange sh*t demon send to prison for this gross violation of our Constitution.

    1. He aint safe yet. Cohen needs to watch his back..at least until his book is on the shelves. Barr and Trump are RUTHLESS.

    2. Amen. So far! I do not believe he is really safe…. the trump has his secret police in several Dem Cities. The trump america is not safe for anybody….he breaks laws and then the Moscow Mitch and GOP Senate Minions refuse to see or hear.

    3. @Insignificant360
      But But Trump has a lot of experience with 5G!
      He spends Many hours every day Smelling those 5 G Strings he stole from Stormy!

    1. @Paul Wilson He was lying for Trump! And was his “FIXER” for a decade! TRUMP LIED, PEOPLE DIED!!!

    2. I doubt it, although I wish you’re right. Nothing sticks to Teflon Don because there are too many arrogant and ignorant people in this country. If Bolton and Mary Trump’s books didn’t hurt him, another book by Michael Cohen is not going to do it either. We just need to vote the SOB out of office in November.

    3. @psyndor exactly, however, cohen isnt going to indict himself just to talke about trump. the crimes and shady deals will never be heard. unless he gets complete immunity on the condition he tells everything. that would be awesome, but still wouldnt make much difference.

  6. They are sending Secret (SS) Police like in NAZI German to cities to lock up anyone who doesn’t agree with Trump. YES YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED!!

    1. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel hope you don’t get a kneel on your neck for 9.2 minutes. …mmmm try it out fool my be on your family ….with a stop watch before they go unconscious

    2. @psyndor I agree with you. Did he send troops to arrest the thugs who stormed a federal building some months ago in Michigan with guns? Those were all loud, proud, Trump supporters. Not only were they not arrested, he praised them.

      Obviously you arent saying the feds are am snatching up ” everyone” who disagrees with him. (Talk about hyperbole!) But the people who are being taken are protestors who obviously disagree with him, or they wouldn’t be protesting. It’s not that complicated!

    3. When I heard this evening on MSNBC…. Trump was stating that they have to be invited in ……… sounds like we are being overcome by vampires… what a dense simple brain Trump has…. who is the other President in the Oval Office….. this is like the “Bob Barker” game show already…..without the cheers and clapping……this is what we call America now…. a side show ….😢

    4. The fact he is going in without asking state or city officials to do so is even more terrifying. They are Trump’s brown shirts.

  7. We all choose a certain path to follow in this life and Trump chose lying, cheating, debauchery and being vengeful . That’s how he will go down in history.

    1. Anita Bruton I would love to see Trump on trial and be found guilty. He will definitely get the viewing figures he always wants.

    2. This is how you know liberals are truly re-tarded. It was Mueller who prosecuted Cohen. How is this retaliatory from Trump??

    3. When Trump is defeated in the election and then prosecuted for offences; we will probably see a conversion from a chicken hawk to a song bird.

      Would his testimony be useful?
      Who would believe anything he had to say?

    4. @American Pie well…I’m not American for a start. And you’re just talking a lot of mixed up gibberish now. Jumping around subjects and not really making any coherent points or sense. And being from political families doesn’t in any way mean you know anything about domestic or global politics. I say again, you can’t be a Democrat, a Marxist, a blm supporter and a racist at the same time. It’s simply an impossibility. And if you knew anything about political science, you would know that. Having said that, I agree with you that it’s crazy not to social distance and wear face masks. But you must remember, it’s Trump that was supporting the non-wearing of masks and the lack of social distancing. He took the attitude of ‘there’s nothing to see here’ when it came to the virus. He has said that the US is doing better than any country in the world re the virus when the whole world knows that the US has the worst stats in the world for deaths per capita. Your country is not far from a Dictatorship at the moment. And the whole world can see it.


    2. @Roy Singh Moronic retort. But not unexpected form the uneducated who have no viable rebuttal. next

    3. @Roy Singh Moronic retort, but not unexpected form the uneducated who have no viable rebuttal….

  8. What a dangerous man that runs our country. He acts more like a ruler than a president. If he’s re-elected, we’ll lose so many of our rights. He’s a very scary man.

    1. @Denise Andrews This is dumb nonsense distinction-without-a-differencd blathering.
      Hate and decry Trump and his ghouls all you like, but don’t make ill-defined points about gender identity.

    2. Joshua- Your opinion is neither requested or required! Don’t like what’s said in an open forum? Hit the thumbs down button and move on.

    3. @Denise Andrews Trump is a BOY, not a man. He’s a classic case of arrested development. he never grew up, because he never had to grow up. Now he’s getting his lesson.

  9. Its the attorney general Barr and the so called president that should be in jail they are the real criminals

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