Michael Cohen: The SDNY Now Has A “Treasure Trove Of Information” After Raiding Giuliani’s Home 1

Michael Cohen: The SDNY Now Has A “Treasure Trove Of Information” After Raiding Giuliani’s Home


Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and author of ‘Disloyal,’ joins Ali Velshi to discuss the raid on Rudy Giuliani’s home and whether he may turn on Donald Trump as a result. Cohen says, “Do I think Rudy will flip on him? Look, Rudy has looked like he has lost his mind several times. I don't think he has gone that far that he is going to stay loyal to somebody who is going to throw him under the bus.” With all the information obtained, Cohen predicts this will go far beyond Ukraine. “This could be about a multitude of other issues that Shady Rudy has been involved with.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Michael Cohen: The SDNY Now Has A “Treasure Trove Of Information” After Raiding Giuliani’s Home


    1. “Rudy who? I don’t know him. I’m in pictures with him but I take pictures with tremendous numbers of people. Tremendous numbers. I think he may have been the coffee boy. I don’t know.”

    1. @Andiamo66 Andiamo Hmm? Back under the bridge with you little fella. You’re punching above your head here.

    1. @Madmacs FPV ,What goes around comes around,payback time Michael,you went to jail because of that scum bag his turn now,bring it on Michael all of it

  1. I’m getting fat from all the popcorn I’m eating these days, but the show is just getting too good

    1. Right?? I mean Jeeeesh!! I’ve personally ditched the popcorn n switched to pretzels though….

      I started to get fat from watching CNN MSNBC n eating all this popcorn the past 5 years just waaaaiiiiiiting for the conclusion we all wanna see in this saga…..which is for Trump to be in Prison for life for offending our feelings so badly right?

    2. @Stu Primakov oh NY prosecutors have millions of tax documents on Trump businesses and you think not one if them shows any evidence if tax fraud lol better get those maga tissues ready

    1. I’m betting that Rudy turns on Trump, if he’s offered a sweetheart deal by the prosecution.

    1. Charles A Looks to be moving fast. Just be patient and tune in daily. To see who’s next.

    1. Lacey Face2020 Only if you think 500,000+ unnecessary deaths is great. Or alienating all our allies. Or bending the knee to Xi, Putin, and Kim Jong Un. Or golfing at his own properties, where he could charge the government 2 to 3 times the going rate for rooms for all the secret service agents accompanying him.

    2. @Sophie Robinson
      And : constantly defining Democrats as “do nothing “.. or worse on a daily basis,

    3. @Brock Roberts he’s he was . And he was Trump’s lawyer. Soooo bitdsof a feather. Takes one to know one. This man knows Trump

  2. “Illegal raid” eh? It’s called “investigation” in the real world. It’s a legal & reasonable way to discover criminal behavior as anyone with a brain knows.

    1. @Bob The iceland volcano The country is not going broke because of the GOP bud. 600k per citizen? We have one of the laziest workforces in the world. It has gotten worse and worse, and that’s something many politicians hadn’t anticipated. The only way to make sure the dollar doesn’t devalue is to keep it moving. When the dollar stays still it can’t grow. The Clinton years also destroyed us. I remember manufacturing literally disappeared. Every good brand I remember was just starting to be made in China.

    2. @You Tube sorry, I heard him say it, too. Filed it away in my memory banks, because it was such an obvious threat.

    3. You Tube What who did to your orange god? He did everything to himself. Schmoozing around with Putin in private, against all the rules. Bending over backwards to appease both Putin and Kim Jong Un.

  3. Rudy butt dialed a reporter , he went to the apple store cuz he forgot his password! This tech wizard is so screwed. Love it!

    1. @imaychat yes, he did. Anyone who understands English, and has a brain, knows what he said. Note: Clorox is a name brand of bleach. Only one of many brands of bleach. If you ever develop a brain, and learn discernment, you will understand. Nawww…won’t happen. The brain dead are mentally defunct. We can only hope you are not, and never will be, in the gene pool.

    2. @imaychat close enough! Look up the words. He thought since cleaner kills viruses, we should look into using it internally! Same thing!

    1. Tom Two Are you missing you daily dose of hatred your orange god fed you every day? In his loud, self-aggrandizing rants? Looks like it.

  4. I’ve been waiting to see Giuliani’s insurance policy ever since he mentioned it – this is great content.

  5. I hope they let Michael stay at home after this is all over. His interviews are so entertaining.

    1. ​@Robert Brookes I’m not a US citizen and have so dog in the race but Mea Culpa is one of my favourite podcasts, I’d take it over Joe Rogan any day.

    2. He’s a bit of a scum bag but I have so much respect for him for speaking out. He also does it with humor. Also he’s always freaking right

    3. @Linz K agree. It’s hard to believe everything he’s saying given his past, but either way still funny lol. Dude just roasts them lol

    1. @Connie Johnson Cohen isn’t the Justice Department. Cohen didn’t conduct the search. Doesn’t matter if YOU believe him or not.

    2. @lesmo whomever Funny how I never mentioned President Trump at all, yet you did. But you watch MSNBC and believe them….

  6. “Bad boys, bad boys ! Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you !” Next up the “Big cheese.” ” Book ’em Danno !”

  7. As an Italian American; and united states citizen, I’m not nor have ever been a Rudy Fan,

    1. As an American wearing a left shoe and loves ice cream, I’m not nor have ever been a Rudy fan.

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