Michael Steele Condemns GOP For Supporting Rep. Greene | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Wade S That sounds a lot better than burning major cities because of a dead fentanyl junkie that resisted arrest lmao

    2. @Betyde blogs.cdc.gov/publichealthmatters/2017/11/opioids
      Nov 28, 2017 · In general, people who live in rural areas of the United States tend to be older, poorer, and sicker than those living in urban areas. Differences in socio-economic factors, health behaviors, and access to health care services contribute to these differences. From 1999 to 2015, the opioid death rates in rural areas have quadrupled among those 18-25 years old and tripled for females. Preventing Overdose Deaths in Rural America. Overdose deaths can be prevented through improved public health …

    1. @Pam Hughes Ever hear the Bible saying” only those with no sins are allowed to cast stones” Gaslighting- ” forcing a person to question their thoughts…” What about “forgiveness and reconciliation” blablabla.

  1. Trump took a dump on the constitution long ago so why not follow the leader? Remember the time he got of the plane with toilet paper stuck on his shoe? Well at least he used toilet paper. Rudi claims he can ‘smell crime” poor dude most have suffered terribly over the last four years 😂😂😂😂

  2. For any of you condemning Greene’s ousting on the grounds of “democracy” being subverted, understand that the USA is not a democracy, but a democratic republic. We elect representatives. But when the people elect morons, the constitution allows the other non-moron representatives to get rid of such people because never does a dem-republic put full trust in “the people.” This newest episode is the perfect example why.

  3. Who is surprised by this after Trump insinuated in 2016 that if Clinton “stole” the election from him, that he would get “the 2nd Amendment People” to go after her?

    1. If Douchenald Trump won Election 2020, then Hillary Clinton definately won Election 2016 which make Douchenald, the only GOP who ILLEGALLY occupied the WH for four years.

  4. The American People did in fact force a change Of leadership on November 3rd 2020. Welcome to the real world to those who boasted that Joe Biden would never be inaugurated. Told you so!

  5. This shouldn’t be about them deciding whether MTG should be on committees, they should be voting her out of congress.

    1. She was duly elected, are you guys suggesting that we can remove an elected official for being nutty?
      Plenty of nuts are democrats don’t forget

    2. @Sheila Boston what about waters, inciting harassment on Republicans?
      What about Sanders inciting violence on Republicans and rand paul got shot?

  6. Last week the FBI arrested a Pennsylvania woman for threatening to shoot Pelosi. Why is the same not happening for Greene’s threats?

  7. IMO, people are glad she is off the committes but I think most people don’t understand why she is still has a job at all and why she is not in jail !?!?

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