Michael Steele Isn’t Rushing To Buy Bolton’s Book | Deadline | MSNBC

John Bolton’s new memoir paints a picture of a president who is erratic and ill-informed, but leaves many wondering why he waited until now to divulge these details. Aired on 6/18/2020.
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Michael Steele Isn’t Rushing To Buy Bolton’s Book | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Trump claims both that Bolton is lying AND it’s classified. So it’s both imaginary, AND it happened?

    *Which one is it bunker boy?*

    1. @Barry Ulrich – America’s Best and Brightest have Performed Brilliantly for President Trump,

      while Liberals do what they always do, complain about Successful Americans, and Demand the Democrats Confiscate their Money and give it to them for FREE

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 lol? See told you u ain’t american.
      Forgetting the farmer bailout the stolen wall money the latest stimulus money
      Increased unemployment benefits
      Lmao russbot

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Go back to your Flintstone cartoons, The best and the brightest you speak of can be found there.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera
      This was June 2016
      Shouldn’t we be vetting our presidential candidates better than this?

    5. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 do they now? ? Well I’m a republican and I say…my party has lost my vote this year..

  2. Bolton is no angel, and it’s traitorous that he didn’t say anything sooner, especially such democracy-shaking claims. But I believe _every single one._

    Better late than never that we learned of this, and as shocking as it is, it’s not surprising.

    1. @Rod Trump’s a traitor and you believe him. That makes you a traitor for supporting the biggest traitor of all.

    2. @Leonie Romanes because most supporters still wouldn’t believe it and I am not saying he was right just trying to understand. Have a good day

    3. Don’t forget about Mitch, Susan, Lisa, and others who didn’t even want to hear this so they are to blame too .

    4. Good timing I say. Bolton must have waited for this moment to kick him down the slope while things were already sliding south. It just dawned on me…the Republicans were so desperate. They really don’t have currently any great candidates. Even now.

  3. A reminder that the Republican held Senate refused to have Bolton testify and then acquitted Trump in the impeachment trial, giving Trump free reign to run roughshod over the constitution with his criminal, crony administration.

    1. McConnelll and his Republican cohorts knew exactly what they were doing when they refused to hear witnesses during the impeachment “trial.” But my guess is that even if Bolton had testified the results would have been the same.

    2. @David Connolly remember how the left got shocked in a landslide over in england a few months back. Get ready for an even bigger landslide in the usa in november.

    3. @Donna Smith last paragraph page 14 of the mueller report.
      We found no evidence that any US citizen colluded with russia.

    4. @Anne Smith thats great!
      you can look at that * and smile even though it does not change a thing over here in reality.

    5. Trump is getting the Deep State to surface as he drains the Swamp. It’s fascinating to watch. The effort to destroy cities and bring in the UN exposes the NWO effort. @MSNBC is doing nothing but expose the Deep State Communist at this point. Carry ON!

  4. Moscow Mitch is non-fiction person, he is a real person. Republic Senators are Traitors to the American by supporting Traitor Don the Con. These Republican senators knowingly, do not care and they are domestic enemy for American. Traitor Bunker Toddler, His Administration and Republican Senators are clear and present danger to American.

    1. Biao Long trump deserves to be bashed he belongs in jail not the Whitehouse and all it comes down to the truth;.all fox do is throw cover for trump . I refuse to watch fox cause that’s all they do it doesn’t matter what trump does fox will back him everytime .I watch CNN and u I can say what ever u want but most of the time they will tell the truth and that’s all I’m interested in

    2. @Greg Wilcox CNN doesn’t tell the truth, they never have never will, neither does Fox News I’d overwhelmingly say you should trust online news considering 98% of the American Public doesn’t trust the media, also what crimes has Trump done? You screamed Russian collision but then Miller says they found nothing. And also withdrawing aid from Ukraine when no real verifiable sources exist, but turn the other cheek when Biden was found donating 1 Billion of the US tax dollars to Ukraine.

    3. Biao Long God when are you going to stop binge watching Sean Hannity. We already have Jerry Springer why do we need two of them?

  5. What we’ve learned so far from Bolton’s book is that obstruction of justice is not the exception in Trump’s White House, it’s the #1 rule. And apparently, it only gets worse from there. Asking countries like Russia, China and Ukraine for quid pro quos to help him get reelected seems to be the #2 rule.

    Trump unwittingly admitted to obstruction of justice in his May 2017 interview with Lester Holt. In the interview, Trump said he fired James Comey because he wouldn’t shutdown the Russia investigation. I say unwittingly because Trump doesn’t believe he obstructed justice, because he doesn’t actually believe in justice to begin with. And he certainly doesn’t believe in law & order.

    1. April the Cat Esquire , your reply is how stupid people reply when they cannot prove someone wrong

    2. Saynoto Socialists ….Sorry, if you haven’t been paying attention, the story is way too long to write here. You obviously haven’t read any official government documents or personal accounts of those who have worked for Mr. Trump. And I am not doing your homework!

    3. @SPZ Aruba And there was a base charge! Not against Trump, but against Flynn. You know a person can obstruct investigations into other persons too. And it’s also a crime. And that is what Trump did. And what he admitted to: He fired Comey so Flynn wouldn’t be investigated. So just stop the nonsense. Either you are just plainly stupid and haven’t realized this, or it is extremely week rhetorical approach that makes it easy to se what your agenda is. Neither does the fact that Trump is stupid—possibly not knowing it was obstruction of justice to fire Comey—exonerate him. Especially when he had/has tons of advisers that could, and did, advised him not to.

      When Barr now also obeys Trump and drops charges into Flynn—that has already been proven with evidence and admitted to by Flynn—is most likely also obstruction of justice. Because as a prosecutor you just don’t drop charges into clear cut cases. We’ll se when there is an honest person in charge of the DoJ.

  6. Bolton should be ashamed of not shouting his allegations from the rooftops. Our world surely needs a new way of governing societies than trusting it to people such as America has. Trump, Barr, Pence, Bolton and others should be investigated fully and held criminally accountable. And great care taken with who is doing the bloody investigating.

    1. @Rod He didn’t go outside the chain of command. More than one of his superiors testified to that. But it’s ok for Trump to sell out our country? That’s like blaming a 911 caller for reporting a crime.

    2. @Rod He was summoned to court. That is what you do when you have been served by the courts to appear and to testify. His loyalty is to his country not Trump.

    3. @Rod Bolton’s loyalty is to the Constitution, NOT to the president, as in taking the oath…”I promise to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic..” and most Americans don’t need a book to know that Trump was and still is DOMESTIC ENEMY #1.

  7. No “oversight” on the last 7 trillion dollar Aid package because trump fired them! Now, the new Aid package is being withheld by Moscow Mitch. Mnuchin wants to add in Aid for Industries in America like the hotel industry. Anybody taking tabs?

    1. How on earth would aid to the Hotel Lobby benefit anybody in the White House?
      — oh . . . . right

      _See what I did there?_
      The Hotel _Lobby_ ??
      😄 😎 😕

  8. No one in this Administration has lived up to their Oaths. They are not Patriots they are greedy crooks riding the crooked Commander n Chiefs coattails.
    Maybe one day We Can Make America Great Again…after Donald Trump and All the sycophants are removed.
    I agree Bolton is no better than Trump..he failed our Country to make a buck.

    1. Amusing. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions from the Russians. The Bidens took millions out of Ukraine, but this administration is crooked???? I can’t stop laughing at your TDS.

    2. @Rodyes this administration is crooked..
      The Clintons took money from Russia (where’s the proof?)
      Russia Helped trump win the election. Russia interfered in the election to help trump..Russia hacked into the DNC…Trump has MULTIPLE members of his campaign IN JAIL NOW for HELPING Russia.interfere in the election .
      Biden has BUSINESS in Ukraine of course he’s getting paid by ukraine. .his business isn’t ILLEGAL…. (do you hAve proof of otherwise?)
      Trump WITHHELD aid to an ally country (Ukraine)unless they investigated the bidens…which ended up finding out that there WAS NO ILLEGAL activities on Biden’s end…

      What point were you trying to make again?

  9. Yet even with this additional knowledge Republicans will not think twice about nominating Trump for a second term.

    1. @ryvr madduck here’s the thing….the Russia Investigation DID PROVE Russia interfered in the election…and MULTIPLE ppl from TRUMPS CAMPAIGN are in jail FOR HELPING Russia interfere…Trump got off because Moscow Mitch BLOCKED ALL TESTIMONIES
      STATEMENTS AND WITNESSES from the ppl involved. That said TRUMP told them to do it.. …
      I swear trump supporters live in a parallel reality

    2. @ryvr madduck the Ukraine issue and Russia issue are separate. ..Trump DID ASK the Ukrainian president to investigate biden and he DID say it was quid pro quo…look up the definition of QPQ…Then read the trial transcript that is readily available on the FBI.gov website

    3. @Rod I agree as well…YOU’RE ON msnbc…bashing someone ELSE for watching it..that’s pretty stupid if you ask me

    1. @LAW AND ORDER you don’t even believe trump will win again…and vote as much as you will NONE of trump supporters votes will be enough to keep him in office

    2. Thé karma of american elite IS comming. Biden IS guilty. Between two Bad people, who do you choose

    3. @Ariki Royal, I choose Biden. Trump, Barr, his administration, his sycophants, cowardly Republicans who just want to stay in power, the elite, greedy and crooks, all of whom Trump knows so well, have to be destroyed and swept out from the W.H. Biden is for a later date-at least I trust him not to explode and divide our country.

    1. @rationalguy ha, what matter you didn’t know Sony already was hacked by North Korea. Your a day late a dollar short.😷😁🤧😆😄😷

  10. Somebody needs to tell the Republican run senate, about there oath to the constitution!!!!

    Republicans “ONLY” know their loyalty to the party & their party leader; TRUMP!!!

  11. Trump has always wanted to feel powerful..he’s always been a meek wannabe inept insecure man. This should be a lesson to everyone of what to never forget….Or never to Repeat!

    1. dropped D “Give him an enema, and he could be buried in a matchbox.” (Christopher Hitchens, about Jerry Falwell, but it applies to Trump and his supporters)

    1. Yes, they didn’t want to even hear from this man and they covered up his crimes even Bill Barr, Fred Flintstone looking self .

    2. They’re coconspirators to his crimes. It’s exactly why they refused all evidence at their shame “trail.” The GOP is nothing more than a criminal syndicate.

  12. If he should steal this election we will impeach him AGAIN on day one of his term. This time with the Dems controlling it all in the Senate and Bolton as the star witness.

  13. Mitch MCconnell and the Republican Senators already had decided to let Evil trump off the hook no matter what

    1. But why would they? Would never understand that! Is it about money or the policies they wanted to put in place.

    1. Tear up that memo. As you stated, it’s NOT law. It’s a memo written on a scrap of paper.

    2. There’s no precedence for charging or not charging a sitting president. tRump has given us every reason to test that presumption, and force him to be held personally accountable for his crimes

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