Michael Steele: ‘Let’s See How The RNC Paid’ For Trump Supporters To Come To DC On January 6 | MSNBC

Michael Steele: 'Let's See How The RNC Paid' For Trump Supporters To Come To DC On January 6 | MSNBC 1


    1. In order to impeach Trump and hold him accountable 2/3 of the Senate need to agree and half of the Senate is still controlled by republicans. 17 republicans need to agree to impeach Trump and hold him accountable. Unfortunately republicans will not hold themselves accountable and by showing evidence that the RNC colluded with Trump to hold the rally will just put their backs up. I agree, the RNC needs to be held accountable but not right now, I say try to get some republicans to change their mind and then we can go for the really corrupt ones.

    2. @Crispy Chaos No, only 2/3 of the senate voting are needed. So, if all 51 Dems voted for conviction, 26 Republicians voted against, and the rest abstained, trump would be convicted.

    3. @user name – No. You need all 50 Democrat senators and 17 GOP senators because 2/3 of the senate is 67. In an impeachment trial, the VP, Kamala Harris, isn’t allowed to vote as a nuclear vote, that’s only for passing bills.

    4. All the personnel shifts performed in December and early January, at key positions in the Pentagon and his cabinet was the tip off that the fix was in. The fact that @45 called for a rally, in DC, on January for the 6th was the other. After a whole term of promoting divisive actions, and ignoring COVID 19’s spread – even after he caught it; what occurred at his dog whistled event is also no surprise.

      The man can not take that he was soundly trashed during the election. His poor Ego could not taken it. He had to lash out. He had to sure us that he was still in charge—by fermenting an Insurrection like no other since the War of 1812.

      In spite of the evidence presented, I still hang on to my fearless prediction: @45 WILL NOT BE FOUND GUILTY.

      That is how screwed up our current Congress is: The House which represent all American, the Senate full of men over 70 and with attitudes formed during their stone-aged, non-black and Native American and other immigrants whose contributions to the our country’s stature. People, unless we get new faces, younger faces in Congress – and some women and people of color as well; nothing will change. The GOP is the QGOP/Right Wing Party. They have no balls and now courage to do the fight them. I am not a Bot, and I vote. I am out.

    1. “Follow the money” interestingly enough comes from the film “All the President’s Men” about Watergate.

    1. @Jason Milton You do that. 11 of her won’t be able to do diddly against the other 89. Splitting the Repukes will only guarantee liberal government control for decades. That’s why most countries don’t subscribe to a two party system.

    1. @Jason Milton sedition and treason, maga was stolen from Ronald Reagan, when was Trump cheated, lost fair and square, the Qonfederacy is over Karen

  1. 68 years and a relatively comfortable life. Not to say early on I did not have to work two jobs to make ends meet. But, to listen to these hearings and REALLY realize how close we came to losing our freedom. To almost having our country turn into a NAZI regime. I had tears in my eyes and still do.
    Unforgivable and Unacceptable that this (THING) that was a President in our United Sates should EVER be allowed to EVER be a part of our Republic EVER again is inconceivable> GOP had better grow balls and NOW! CONVICT!!!!!

    1. @Marty Baldwin We Patriots Love this Country and was trying to keep it away from you Antifa Terrorist that Hates President Trump!! Pres. Trump our Leader was trying to keep America Great but you Commies Cheated and rigged the elections so you can turn America into a Socialist Hellhole like in Europe or Cuba!!

    2. @G. Moeller The election was rigged, many PA ballots dumped into the Deleware River!! The deep state Courts rigged it to make Biden win. Patriot MTG tried to speak out and fight the corruption but the Deep State Establishment of your Commie Empress Pelosi and Socialist Princess AOC Cancels and Censored Marjorie T. Greene for now. So we all in the MAGA Movement are going start a New Partiort Party and elected 10 more MTG’s and Trump-likes. We Can’t-Wait!!!

    3. @Jason Milton your account is only 3 mo old, so you’re either a troll or a bot or maybe they’re the same thing, I don’t know, but either way you should just keep your ignorant opinions to yourself! Karma can be a real booger to trolls like you!

    1. @SPUG Rich
      Your MAGA 💩 is out of office now so go sit in the corner and drink your poisonous koolaid in silence. YOU are the one who has been brainwashed.

    2. When his sycophants were beging and pleading for pardons what did their Master do? He turned his back on them.

      When he changed the law to reflect you’ll get 10 years for harming any federal building, what did he do he sent his sycophants to go harm a federal building knowing it would get them 10 years and a felony record and also listed as a no-fly domestic terrorist stigma

      This is the modern day Jim Jones giving Kool-Aid even though we know it’s all poisonous his sycophant will drink it..

      how many invitations do you think he sent out to come visit him at mar-a-laga. Not a one because his supporters are beneath him all they represent is a purse for him to keep reaching in for whenever he needs money.

      Oddly enough he never once gave them a dime offered shelter or even gave them shot against the virus.

      Yet they still come back for more abuse not shocking just sad

    1. @John truth I don’t recall offering you anything or trying to sell you anything either. I have my truth and you have yours. Most of the people in the United States agrees with me, in spite of what you might think. We got rid of trump, didn’t we?

    1. @H P I’m with you. He is a lunatic. Don’t wast your time on empty cans like him as he is not worth your valuable knowledge. These folks are delusional!

    2. @Jason Milton “Socialist Hellhole like Europe” You do realize Europe is a continent and not a country right? You clearly didn’t finish middle school.

    3. It’s time the American voters to tell the elected officials that they were elected to serve them and not the corrupted & coward old trump! If they don’t; vote them out!

  2. Some of the Republicans at the impeachment trial still stand with their Dear Leader because they were complicit, paid for and bought!!! Inside job, follow the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Supreme Court justices hold their positions for life, so Trump had no leverage over them. A smarter wannabe dictator would have realized that.

  3. The eyes of history are watching. We should uncover everything while the trail is still fresh. History demands it.

  4. It’s becoming so evident how much worse this day could have been.Shame on the 44 Repugs who have not convicted.

  5. I know howley is sitting back with a stupid look on his face, ” I am not going to mess up my career so I am going to lie all the way, as long as I can”, well buddy you are sooooo over, you little side kick, YEP

  6. It is surely no accidental timing, that the Capitol was breached precisely amidst the electoral vote certification process.

  7. Don’t forget chief Justice Clarence Thomas wife paid for buses to come too the capital. Thomas must resign

    1. I haven’t heard of that. But if true, she needs to be called out, and C Thomas needs to be GONE! ( I can’t stand him anyway )

  8. Every felony trump committed he involved multiple members of the Republican party which is why they will never convict him of anything, they would be convicting themselves

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